Car Nav Head Unit for Universal

Universal car DVD player is one head unit which is designed to work on most vehicles.So the biggest advantage of this car DVD player is that it can fit many cars.Just because of this feature,many owners have chosen such car DVD players.Then the question comes:What’s the difference between Universal and in-dash(special) car DVD player?The answer is quite simple.On one hand,universal car radio can be installed on many car models while the special car DVD can just be installed on one car model which can match with it.On the other hand,more simply,the in-dash car nav head unit can be connected with the right car perfectly while the universal can’t.Then there is another question:Why do I buy one car DVD machine if it can’t connect with my car dashboard perfectly?Don’t worry about that.A frame can solve this problem with ease.Car Nav Head Unit for Universal is really a convenient one.The installation is more simple and maybe you can use it on different car models if you need.

homepage of the universal car nav head unit
homepage of the universal car nav head unit

When we have a frame,we don’t need worry too much about the size and shape.So we can see that the shape and size of this universal car DVD is regular.Comparing with the car dvd players I have referred to before,the construction is much more simple.

GPS navigation function of the universal car dvd player
GPS navigation function of the universal car dvd player

The in-dash car radio GPS looks indeed more comfortable for us.Some car models like Mercedes-Benz,BMW and Audi are a little complicated in car dashboard and the installation of the car DVD player is not plug and play.So many people will choose the special car DVD to match with their cars.About these functions contained in the car DVD player,universal ones have none difference with the in-dash ones.Some people want to buy a special car nav head unit just because that they don’t like the frame attach to the car accessory.We can understand this anyway.We all want a perfect thing appear not a part of it.But if you are a person who won’t care much about the appearance,the universal one is the right choice.The practical use is more important for you.With more simple installation,you can spend less money to have the professional on it.You can review the website later and you can find that the information about the features is in the same.By the way,today is a great festival for you and I will take this page as a present to send to you!At the same time,you can take one car DVD player as a present for your family or friends on our website as well.Last but not least,Merry Christmas!

Best Car Nav of 2014:Which Car Navigation is right for you

It seems that 3D flash graphics accelerator,3D Navigation HD touch screen and so on are not so cool in monbile equipment than before.In modern times,the speed of updating information is much faster than a woman’s clothes.Unbelievable?Let’s take the car DVD Player as an example.If you are reading this article as an owner or  a prospective owner,congratulations!you are not so out of date at present.At least,you have been conscious of your bad dashboard radio system.But I won’t despise you like that last year.Many people don’t know the aftermarket car navigation head unit at that time.While now I will tell you the best Car Nav of 2014:Which Car Navigation is right for you.Just one year later,the car radio GPS navigation are popular all around the world.In the past,we only have a radio in our car.Even we don’t have the navigation system.Then the Car GPS Navigation system appeared and we don’t need worry about going to a strange place.But this is far from enough.The entertainment the radio brings can’t meet our demand any more.The navigation function which is shown by a small screen is just a tool to survive.What should we do?Yes,the car DVD Player comes out naturally.What is car DVD player?It has high definition touch screen with bigger and bigger size from 6.0 inch to 10 inch.The functions are much more than before with better effect.Like radio,navigation,bluetooth,ipod and so on.From radio to video,wince system to android system,we should be proud of our wisdom.But it is far from enough.The best car nav machine is always being researching next step.

radio function of the best car nav head unit
radio function of the best car nav head unit

In 2014,you can make your best choice for your car.Not the best car DVD but the most suitable one.There is a customer who has reviewed as follows:The screen is 6.2 inch, which I thought would be too small but the image is clear. I can see all information in the screen clearly from the driver’s seat. The rearview camera works well. It shifts to the back camera video as I reverse my car. And, the back of my car is clear. Once I found it didn’t show the rearview picture, I checked the wires and reconnected them, and the problem was solved. I love it, and the price is good.This is the review to this product on the left.It is the smallest screen on our website.If you want to look for bigger one,you can visit our website seicane.Or you can view the photo of the dashboard below to choose the right car DVD player.

the comparison photo of before installation and after installation
the comparison photo of before installation and after installation

Unlike the clothes or other products,choosing a right car radio navigation is not so simple than the former.A pretty appearance is not the key point for you.Usually,most of the car DVD player is specialized for one car model.So your car model and year is the first key information.But there are so many products which can be installed on your car.You must choose again.At this moment,in fact,you just need ask seller for help.A good seller will help you find the indeed right one.After choosing it,you can watch the video like below to know about its functions and other parameters.

Notice: You had better have the professional install it unless you have rich experience for it.The installation is not so easy as other electronic product.The cost will not be too much.Many times,some owners will ask our post sales engineer for help even they have someone install the car nav.So you don’t need worry too much about the installation.Only if you have bought the right audio head unit,we will be sure that you can use it normally.What is the best thing you buy a product online?It’s the great experience when you use it and you feel that it is worth your cost.I promise that you will fall in love with your car DVD player because the entertainment it brings is so wonderful.The convenient operation interface with touch screen,the light button changeable with day/night etc.The DVR function will records the whole driving and you will find the powerful evidence once there is accident happening.Wanting to relax yourself after a long journey?You can copy a quantity of videos from your DVD,iPhone,iPhone etc.Just click the website and you will obtain a really great experience of shopping online!

The Optional Functions of Car Nav

When seeing the title of this page,you will probably feel strange to it.The reason is that most of the sellers don’t have the part of”optional functions”.But we do.We insist on that this part will bring much convenience to our customers.The optional functions make your choice flexible when buying a car DVD player.As we all know,the rising electronic product car DVD has so many intelligent functions that you don’t know how to take full advantage of it.Besides,maybe some functions will not be what you want.Or some functions you really very want the car radio didn’t be equipped.Come here and we will provide enough options for you.Such as Digital TV,TMC,SD card,rearview camera and so on.I will introduce the Optional Functions of Car Nav briefly.Digital TV is a quite strong function in the car DVD player product.Different with analog TV which has been built-in the machine,the digital TV is more attractive to us.It will make your driving journey interesting and alive.Your passengers will like this function more than you.Now nearly all of the bus has installed digital TV.You can know about the news happened all around the world during the way to work.Some funny TV programs will make you have a good mood before starting the dried working day.

The car nav with DVD player
The car nav with DVD player

TMC is short of Traffic Message Channel.Traffic message is a very important information when you are driving to somewhere especially you are in a hurry.While at present,the TMC function can’t be used at everywhere.

The effect picture after installing the car DVD player
The effect picture after installing the car DVD player

The special head unit will connect with your car perfectly no matter the color or the shape and size.After installing the machine,you must be excited to experience its multi-functions.Watching the video below:

SD card is a necessary tool to use GPS navigation system.Navigation is the most important function among all of the ones. The map card is the supporter of sat nav function.Car nav DVD player will take you go to anywhere you want to.By the way,many owners don’t know how to upgrade the map version.You just need contact with us by email or online chat then we will give you the website of upgraded version or the installation package.Rear view camera is used to back your car.Sometimes,the space may be not big enough and your technology is not so good.Then the rear view function will help you get rid of the awkward situation.As is shown in the video above,you can find the accurate position according to the frames displayed in the car DVD touch screen.But if you are confident with your technology,you needn’t such a camera absolutely.All of the optional functions have their reasons to be a optional one.May be you just need a part of its functions.Even you have bought one before and you just need upgrade it.Then some of functions is not what you need.If you are interested in such optional functions or the car DVD player we sell,you can click our mouse lightly.The big surprise will make it worth to have view this article.

The Rapidly Installation of Audio transmitter for Specialized Car DVD

Maybe we all know how to install the cables we need to achieve those powerful functions the car DVD Player possess such as power cable,CAN BUS BOX,iPod cable and so on.The installation manual will also show a detailed instruction for us.Even on the website,there are installation guide to help you make it step by step.If you don’t believe me,you can click the link on the page.But the Rapidly Installation of Audio transmitter for Specialized car DVD doesn’t be shown in anyway and anywhere.Thus many owners don’t know how to deal with it.So it is very necessary to write down this article to provide some information for you in spite of the simple installation steps.Removing the CD Player decoration panel and the cigarette lighter are a little hard thing to many people.Not because they have bad operational ability,in general,they will be afraid that the dashboard will be damaged to some degree.Anyway,these can’t be any resistance for owners to get so great driving experience the car nav brings.Come up to the chalk,we will absolutely know how to install the Audio transmitter after reading the context below.

In the following picture(picture 1), the cables numbered 11(RL OUT) and 12(RR OUT) are the audio cables to be connected to the wires of the same color of the FM audio transmitter.(red to red and white to white)

Car DVD Cables to achieve all of the functions
car DVD Cables to achieve all of the functions

Remove the baffle-plate under the assistant driver seat, and you will find your original car’s ACC wire which should be connected as the following picture illustrated.

The detailed cable connection way for audio transmitter
The detailed cable connection way for audio transmitter

After connecting all of the cables and every thing is ready,we will turn on the amazing Car radio head unit.All main functions will be shown in the video:

I believe that you must have known how to install the Audio transmitter after reading the page seriously.Car DVD machine in our car is just like our computer in the office  or the cellphone in our hands.That means it will become the indispensable life partner.The importance of the car DVD player’s role will never less than the PC and cellphone.Certainly it just works to people who have car.At present,the quantity of owners is not so big as the cellphone owners.But we should have a long-term view to our world.With the rapidly development of our science technology,our society,our life is improving at speed of light.In the future,most of us will possess a personal car and all of cars will equip with one car DVD player.The car DVD market is much more potential than other electronic products.Move is the best way to make your word!Just click the link and you will enjoy a different driving life!

The use of the small speaker and AUX for Car Nav head unit

You must have seen that there is a small speaker in the package box.And you must have been asked that whether your car has AUX or not?If you have installed the car DVD player you will know the answer and know about the use of  the small speaker.Or you may have been  puzzled by the AUX.Because it closely connects with the sound of the head unit .Just in a word:You can’t make the car DVD Sat Navi  make a sound without the AUX.At the same time,the small speaker is for the sound of the GPS and Bluetooth of our unit.So they are a team and they can’t work normally even the absence of anyone.Now you have known about some of the use of the small speaker and AUX for Car Nav head unit,haven’t you?In most occasions, the unit will use your original car’s speakers.In general,you just need install the car radio unit correctly step by step.The problem is that many people usually don’t know how to operate them.Especially to those who have just got a car.They are freshmen to the popular and advanced car DVD machine.

The unique nav machine for car
The unique nav machine for car

The effect of the car DVD player is really great.

The special car DVD player installation effect photo
The special car DVD player installation effect photo

Now I will teach you how to confirm whether your car has AUX.Please go to the menu “entertainment” of your original CD’s screen,and then click “entertainment” to check if there is AUX there.Also you can check if your car have AUX port which there is a sign of “AUX” button.The position of the sign is different according to the car model.If you don’t have get a car radio head unit like this and you are curious about it,you can click the video bellow.The big surprise will make you happy all day.

We have had a detailed understanding to AUX.Then I will say something about the small speaker.As I said above,The Car Nav machine will use the original car’s speaker.Only under the condition that you are using the GPS or Bluetooth of our unit and  the radio or CD function of your original car in the background, the sound of the GPS will come from the small speaker and the sound of the radio will come from your original car’s speaker. If you don’t want the sound of the GPS to come from the small speaker while using your original car’s function in the background, you can switch to our interface completely and then all the sound will come from your original car’s speakers. So, the audio from GPS, phone call, audio will still come from your original car’s speakers.If the page have solved your puzzle or problem,I will feel happy to have help you.But if not,don’t worry,you can contact with us at any time and any where. Seicane will help you as soon as possible.

Saying something about return policy of Car DVD head unit

Return policy is a question which is a little sensitive for buyer and seller when shopping online.The source is that we can’t know quite much information about what we buy.So we will often meet the situation that we really don’t the product we have bought when post home.To seller,they will hope that all buyers will not ask for a return.The sense is obviously plain.For this,I will say something about return policy of car DVD head unit to dispel doubts for this DVD player is a electronic product which is a little complex and particular.Before buying one Car nav with DVD GPS head unit,you must make sure that whether this DVD player model fit your car.If not,you can never install the product in your car.And you aren’t able to enjoy the entertainment it brings.The car model,year and size of the car DVD player are the main standard to judge which one is suitable for your car.But we still need confirm it through the dashboard picture you send to us.The complicated buying process determines that it is very necessary for you to know about the return policy in detail.

Car DVD Player with GPS head unit
car DVD Player with GPS head unit

I will take several main questions as examples:

1.I have received a product with quality problem, what next?

answer:1)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned for a refund or replacement within 7 days.

2)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned within 30 days for a replacement.

3)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned within 365 days for repairs.

Please note:We only allow a complete refund for items with shipping damage or factory defects.Any defects not caused by Seicane will not warrant a full fund.

The car DVD photo in dashboard after installation
The car DVD photo in dashboard after installation

2.I have received a product with Incomplete Shipments, what next?

answer:We only offer a return service for those items which are factory defective or incorrectly included in your shipment. Please read our Return Policy before placing your order.

3.If I receive a wrong item, can I return it for a refund?

answer:In the event you receive the wrong item, please notify our customer service immediately.You will be asked to ship the item back to us, in which case we will refund your shipping cost. You may then request a refund or have us replace your erroneously shipped item with the correct one.

4.What the customer need to pay for repair?

answer:1)Custom duty and any cost by the custom in the customer’s country.

2)Spare part material cost if the customer buy less than 100 pcs but need the spare parts for repair.If the customer buy 100 pcs,1% spare parts is supplied as free support.

3)Shipping for the spare parts if the customer haven’t new order to ship the spare part together but the customer need the spare part alone.

4)The shipping for the defective units returned to China if the customer need to send it back to China for test and repair.

One video about how to use the Car radio GPS navigation system will make you know much about the great enjoyment it brings.

5.What the Seicane will pay for repair?

answer:1)The repair cost of the defective units returned to China( no matter how much it is),we will charge it for the customer if the customer send it back for repair.

2)The shipping for the returned unit  back to the customers from China( no mater how much it will be),we charge it for our customer who need to send it back for test and repair.

3)The custom tax and duty if the customer send back the units to China for repair,but please inform us and follow our return method before return the defective unit,we just respond for the units which returned to us after confirm and follow our method.If the customer send back the unit without advance notice,we will ignore it without notice,the customer will be responsible for any tax or charge and problem if cause by the returned package.After reading the page,if you know all of the return policy about car DVD multimedia player of Seicane?Maybe you didn’t get one machine from us.You can still refer to it if you have met some problems on returning.Or you can ask us by email or phone directly.We will solve your problems as soon as possible.You can trust us because we have stable and rounded system to deal with these problems.And if you are a owner who have not bought one car DVD player,you are lucky to have read this article.If you have some interest for the head unit,it is worth for you to move your mouse.

Car DVD with Steering Wheel Control

When you are driving a car,what you want to get is not only the high speed but also the great experience it brings.How to obtain the great experience?We can achieve it through several ways.Today,I will say something about the convenience the car DVD with Steering Wheel Control brings.We all know that we shouldn’t drive to distraction no matter where we are.Especially on the highway,once there is something wrong we probably have no time to react while the accident has happened immediately.The steering wheel control function is necessary for us.So all of the car DVD players can support the original car’s steering wheel control.But so many people worry about that the installation of the head unit may destroy the function.They hesitate and  are entangled with this.In fact,I can tell you for sure that there will not be any question for this function when installed the car nav radio player.

Car DVD with radio function
car DVD with radio function

I will take one car model as an example.The hummer car radio player is a little different with other car models.The steering wheel control of hummer is not controlled by the can-bus.We can still use this function normally without the can-bus.But in general,other car models must run a can-bus wire to achieve the function.So after installing the car DVD player we can use it directly.We don’t need cut any wires.

Car DVD after installation
Car DVD after installation

Maybe you will be interested in the video about how to use the popular machine.

Our can-bus software can connect with our host machine software perfectly.At present,many manufacturers can’t do this absolutely.As a result,their machines are much easier than ours.This is a great advantage for us.The difficulty lies in the compatibility between our car DVD and owner’s original car system.Our can-bus software can completely keep the original car’s system and reserve many information in original car.Using this production is not so easy a thing.Because the functions it built-in are too powerful.You nearly can do anything you want by using it.As you know,the installation is not so simple as other accessories.But I will tell you that you are worth it despite the complicated installation process.

The Common Malfunctions While Installing the Car Nav Autoradio System

car DVD Player is a head unit which will causing many disputes all the time.Why?At first,it is a newer car accessory than the others.People will need a process to accept the new things.The most important is that it is so young that there will exist many problems from production to installation.But these are not the questions.They can never  prevent us from pursuing the better goods which are advantageous to us persons.The trend is changing faster and faster.We will never know what will happen next second.As a result,the problems come with us.Today,I will make a simple conclusion for the Common Malfunctions While Installing the Car Nav Autoradio System.If your question is not in here,you can contact us directly from the link below.We have a team to solve such problems and free of charge during this period.The original car’s CD or DVD is one of the most important reference for finding out the reason of malfunctions.

The original car's CD photo
The original car’s CD photo
The original car's DVD photo
The original car’s DVD photo

So sending the dashboard photo to us is necessary while seeking the solutions.We can watch a video about the use of a normal machine.Most of the functions it possesses are shown in it:

Now I will put several common problems in this article.If you have met one of these malfunctions,I will feel sorry about that.But I also say that you are lucky to have read this page.

1.The Touchscreen is invalid.Did you tear up the protective film of this unit before checking up other parts?If you didn’t,please tear up it,and have a try.If you have already tear up it,please try to recalibrate this unit according to the file “Screen Calibration instructions.doc” attached.If you have any other question you can keep in touch with the customer services at working hours.

2.Can not start up.Please find out your original car’s ACC wire, and then connect your original car’s ACC wire to our power cable’s separate ACC wire. About this separate ACC wire, you can find it on our power cable. It is one wire separate and it is marked “ACC”. Then this unit will power on.If you don’t  know where to connect it in the car,you can see that the ACC wire is located behind your car’s air-conditioner panel.ACC wire is 12V. ACC is your car’s power supply.Please press this button signing “VOL”.

3.The car nav for steering wheel control does not work.Did you adjust the CANBUS box? Please make sure that the canbus box is in right state.If it doesn’t work as before,please find out the 6m long cable we have send to you.There are five connectors on the cable.Please connect these cables and see if steering wheel control will work.All of these problems will not become the resource for giving up such great head unit in your car.Because the functions it builts in are colorful and amazing.You will experience one quite different driving life.You passengers also will feel so cool for sitting in your car!


In-Dash Car DVD:Don’t need to rewire the entire system

Different with the universal units,the in-dash car DVD players is special for cars.Thus,the installation is not so easy comparing with the former.Usually,the universal units are all plug and play.But they need to buy one extra kit to match the shape of the original car’s CD or DVD.The in-dash head unit don’t need the kit.It’s seamless integration with your car.You can see it through the photo below.Just because the special characteristic,there are too many problems come out during the installation process.We have found that the most concerned question is the effect to the original car’s functions.I will tell you for certain:In-Dash car DVD:Don’t need to rewire the entire system.At present,only in Asia countries producing the car nav system.And the amount is not too much.The mainly countries are China and Japan.China is the most successful country in producing the car DVD.The experience and technology is much richer than other countries.About the installation,they have the absolute speak right.In fact,most of the car radio navigation systems will not effect the original car’s function in addition to the new added functions in the machine.

In-Dash Car DVD:matching the original car perfectly
In-Dash Car DVD:matching the original car perfectly

The car DVD player is in the center of the car’s dashboard.You can look at the picture of the single unit.

The single car DVD player
The single car DVD player

It will be nested in the dashboard through the four corners.After installing it successfully,you can use all of the functions such as radio,GPS,Bluetooth,Bluetooth music,Ipod and so on.The video will help you know about them quickly.

Nearly every function has matched one cable to achieve it.What you need do is to wire them.However,different car model has its unique wiring harnesses.Sometimes,even the same car model has different wiring harnesses.Because every car has its unique accessories according to owner needs.For example,we will often ask the customer if there is optic fiber AMP in his car if the car model is Mercedes-Benz.We will ask the DSP when meeting the BMW owners.In addition,the AUX is the high frequency question we will refer to.By the way,the AUX is the bridge between the unit sound and the original car speaker.So its necessary for the use of the car DVD with GPS.Once the AUX is broken,the head unit will not have any sound.That means most of the functions in the car DVD player can’t be used any more.Many people worry about that the car radio will damage the original car’s function.Its a misunderstanding to car nav.You needn’t rewire the entire system at all.What you should do is to remove the original car’s CD and put the new DVD player back.Then connecting the wiring harness exactly.The best way is to have the professional install it.If you like do something challenged,you can have a try.We will provide after-sale service freely.

Car Nav Fitting & Installation

When determining buying a car nav DVD player,you are probable to meet the problem of fitting and installation.But don’t worry,most persons will meet them like you.The solution is perfect.Almost any car model can find its partner:car radio.Next,we will talk about the two most important aspects detailedly: Car Nav Fitting & Installation.We can confirm whether it fits or not from several aspects:1.The shape.Every car model has its unique shape on the dashboard.Expect for individual specific ones.You just need observe the shape of the head unit which may fit your car.Then comparing with your original car’s CD or DVD on the dashboard.If you are not confident with yourself,you can ask the online seller for help.As professional sellers,they will ask you to send a dashboard photo of your car to them in general.Then they will confirm which car DVD player can fit your car in several minutes even tens of seconds.The high speed comes from the experience and skills in the past.So if you have met someone who don’t ask any question to you and ship the car DVD with GPS to you directly,you will be likely to get a very very bad shopping online experience.Because most of the head units is special for cars.It is a necessary step before buying a car radio with GPS navigation.

car DVD player with Bluetooth function
car DVD player with Bluetooth function

2.The car model and year also can be used as a reference.But they are not the only standard to confirm the matching.There are some differences between two cars even in the same model and year from different countries.You can look at the two dashboard pictures which are in the same model and year.

Two dfferent dashboard photos from the same car model
Two dfferent dashboard photos from the same car model

By the way,you can know about the use of the car DVD player through the video:

3.The most accurate method is to measure the size.Once the size is right,there will be no doubt that your car can install this head unit perfectly.But there are exceptions.Some cars’shapes of the dashboard are irregular.You are not able to measure the size.If you have met the problem,the best way is still to ask the seller for help.They have the professoinal to solve the problems.About the car nav installation,the most simple way is to have professional install it.They will charge you according to the difficulty level.The cost will not be too much.If you yourself want to have a try,you must be careful.There will be some different questions while installing.And We will try our best to help you.You had better know more information about the car DVD you have bought.