Android head unit is the trend of Car DVD Player GPS Navigation system

Android is a word which is well known by most of people around the world.Our cellphones are the best products connected with android.While our step will not stop at all.The car DVD navigation is another great product related with the android.If you have a car and have installed a car DVD player with wince system  in the dashboard,I think,you can upgrade it with a car radio navigation with android system under the premise of your need.Anyway,android head unit is the trend of car DVD Player GPS Navigation system.We have to say that it is also a fashion which is worth us to catch up with.Just like the mobile phone,we will line up just for an iphone 6 or 6 plus which the length can be enough to circle around the earth.There will be 3G and WiFi dongles in the package and you can use network through the two dongles if you have bought a android car nav machine.At present,there aren’t too many service centers all around the world.Because just Asia countries are producing the car DVD player.However,almost all of the countries in the world are using the car DVD sat navi machines.We all have the demands.

Android Mercedes Benz Car DVD Player
Android Mercedes Benz Car DVD Player

The touch screen,the High Speed Dual-Core processor or the Android 4.0 operation system will make you have a pleased driving journey.It’s so cool that you can take your passengers to anywhere you want to.

The back of Android car DVD player head unit
The back of Android car DVD player head unit

Maybe a video introducing the functions of the android car radio will make you fall in love with it:

We will never stop in the science field.What I showed in the picture and the video is not the latest version.We have Android 4.2 operate system to meet with your need.It is more multifunctional and  practical than this one.Certainly,it will be more convenient for you.Such as the DVR function,the file management,the DVD recording function,the 20 disk virtual CD changer function and so on.In addition,the car DVD player is designed more humanized in the newest production.It can auto detect car light to clarify day/night and On/off for button light & screen lightness automatically.If you are interested in what I said above,you can contact with us at any time you feel good.Our customer services will solve all of your questions with high enthusiasm.

How to Upgrade Car DVD GPS Navigation Map

We can say that the GPS navigation system is the most important function in the car DVD player.As a entertainment equipment,the car DVD is not just a partner for enjoyment.It is a guide for driving more.As we all know,the Sat Navi need the GPS map as a supporter.Or it is no longer of any use.The real-time information is necessary for a GPS map.So we should upgrade the map in time to avoid unnecessary mistake while driving.But how to Upgrade car DVD GPS Navigation Map?Maybe there are many owners still don’t know how to operate it.In fact,there is a quicker method to master the update steps.You just need contact with the seller who provide you the Car GPS Navigation.They will tell you that if the version is the newest at present.If there is update information,usually they will help you upgrade your map freely.This is a service for customers.And it is just one of the after-sales Services.For example,if you meet some problems on installation,you can ask them for help.They also can provide advice and technology support freely.

one dashboard photo after installing the car dvd player
one dashboard photo after installing the car DVD player

The function it shows is the Bluetooth music.You can listen to the music through the cellphone Bluetooth connected with the head unit.You can try to confirm that whether your car fit this machine perfectly through the dashboard photo.If the shape and size is compatible with your original car’s CD or DVD,you can take it back without any question.

The car radio function about this car dvd player
The car radio function about this car DVD player

The car radio function about this DVD player.Most of the car DVD player is special for cars.So the effect after installation is quite great.The video will help you know more about this machine:

The first step you should do when want to upgrade your car DVD GPS map is that you need contact with the business you bought the head unit from.Once there is update information,they will provide the website link for you right now.When you open the link,you will find the download port.You can download the newest version of GPS map.However,the data of the map is so big that you had better choose one download tool to complete this work.We must remind you that you have to back the original files up before upgrading your navigation map.After upgrading,you had better try it before deleting the original data files.Upgrading car dvd gps navigation map is really a simple thing comparing with the installation.Certainly,if you have any problem about installation or upgrading,you can click the link above to contact with the customer service.No matter whether you want to buy one car radio navigation or not,they will solve your problems as soon as possible.

Broad application prospects of Car DVD GPS navigation

car is a  transport which is the closest friend to every person in modern civilized society.Just several developing countries have possessed thousands of cars.Therefore,car nav will become one of the largest potential market in the global satellite positioning system applications in the next twenty years.The broad application prospects of car DVD GPS navigation will attract more and more people to join in the production and sales of car DVD player.If you have insight into this initiative or you have installed one in your vehicle,you are very cool in car market.In fact,the features of entertainment and GPS location make the car DVD with GPS and radio not only apply to ordinary cars.It is also applied to the special vehicles.Such as the emergency ambulance,firetruck,welcome vehicles and so on.You should have a general understanding of the machine.

The effect photo after installing car DVD player
The effect photo after installing car DVD player

We should believe that it will bring much convenience for your driving life.The functions for this head unit are so powerful.

The single unit of car DVD with GPS
The single unit of car DVD with GPS

With the development of science technology,the real-time positioning capability and positioning accuracy are improving rapidly.In the feature,car DVD Sat navi will bring a world which can make yourself in the right position without even going there by yourself.There is a video about the DVD player functions.It will make you know the mainly functions of this head unit.

Owners must know that the car radio function is the most basic and most commonly used functions.Persons who have their own cars will use it to ease of boring driving.While the bus for example,will turn on it to receive the traffic information or make the passengers enjoy the happy journey.There is one function that the original car’s CD has never possessed.It’s the digital touch screen.Car DVD has a big screen.Having this touch screen,we can use it to do much more things.And it will make the use very convenient.The radio,Bluetooth,Ipod,GPS,video functions and so on will make you have a different experience for driving.The broad application prospects are based on the use of a large number of cars.We should have the long-term vision to find the attractive market.Then joining it to become the pioneer of car nav market.It will drive the development of associated communications technology,information technology,control technology,multimedia technology and computer application technology while developing a vehicle navigation applications.