How to choose a right car dvd player

dvd player with a lot of functions
dvd player with a lot of functions

Do you have a DVD player like the above picture shows? Nowadays the CD player is gradually replaced by DVD player because the latter has some functions which are more convenient and entertaining.But how to choose a right car DVD player? Next there will be some advices for you.

There are mainly two types of car DVD players: DVD players with built-in monitor and those that require external monitors. You can always hook up additional monitors throughout the car even if your DVD head unit includes a built-in monitor.In addition, using your built-in monitor with a rearview backup camera will allow you to see  the behind you when you are backing in reverse or parallel parking.

1. DOUBLE DIN application

If you want to choose a right DVD player for your car, first of all, you must make it clear if the stereo will fit your car. Most in-dash DVD receivers are DIN-sized models, which will fit in regular DIN dash slots. However, certain are specifically designed as DOUBLE DIN models, they will fit in cars with DOUBLE DIN dash holes. Thus  you should check our DOUBLE DIN application to know your car’s dash slot size at first.

2. Security feature

Most DVD players have convenient playlist control for touchscreen. For example, if you use the screen to scan your favorite music, the screen will display the song and artist information. Some DVD players have motorized screens that you only need to press a button. This is a great security feature that you can pay attention to when you are buying the DVD player.

3.Important functions

Besides playing CDs, MP3s, and DVDs, some receivers also have Bluetooth compatibility, iPod controls, and are possible for Sirius or XM satellite radio. Certain DVD players also offer GPS navigation function, which is very convenient especially for people who are busy when he is driving.So choosing a dvd player of the car with gps nav system is a wise choice.On-screens maps and a computer generated voice will give you directions clearly.

4.Accounts about other passengers

Actually it’s according to your own interests about the various functions. When choosing a DVD player, you can look for great features such as dual-zone capability, built-in wireless FM modulators and so on.Dual-zone systems enable front seat passengers to listen to their music or station while the rear passengers watch a movie or listen to an alternative music. Built-in FM modulators and infrared transmitters allow your passengers to use wireless headphones, also can afford you peaceful silence on the road, you will enjoy yourself very well.

In a word,you should have a detailed look at the car dvd player to see whether it can installed in your car.And then, it’s about functions, choosing one that can make you feel satisfied is choosing the right one.


How to solve the installation problems of car dvd player for Mercedes-Benz

 Recently,we are accepting some customers’ response of the related problems about How to solve the installation problems of car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz OK,we focus those problems to give our solutions, and wishing it will be helpful to you.

Firstly, a customer put up this problem: why plugs can not be inserted?

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_1
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_1

In fact,optical fiber can be inserted, but you should additionally plus 3 meters speaker wire.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_2
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_2

  To make this unit power on,you need to connect canbus connector B2 and B3-B6.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_3
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_3

There are 3 kinds of connections:




Please try all these 3 kinds of connections, and see which one can make this unit power on. Canbus box also need to be connected to make this unit power on.


After this unit power on , you will find that there is no sound. So please use this 6 meter long cable to connect speakers, or you also can connect 4 pairs long cables separately.

1. Please use this 6 meter long cable as a speaker long cable.

  2. Please cut this 6 meter long cable’s plug 2 and plug 3.

3. Please connect the short power cable to this unit’s back.

4. Please connect this 6 meter long cable plug 2’s 4 pair speaker cables to the short power cable. Just joint the same color together.

5. Please connect this 6 meter long cable plug 3’s 4 pair speaker cables to your original car’s optic fiber amplifier plug’s 4 pair speaker cables.


Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_4
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_4

Then the speaker cables are all connected well.

Secondary, if you also have following problems, go on.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_5
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_5

According to above picture, if you don’t know how to connect lines or plugs, try to connect part 5,6 to 3.Then determine to use 5 or 6 with what can work normally.

Part 2,3,4 should connect to 1, but finally determine to use 2,3 or 4, we should observe what one can boot.

Thirdly, a customer deliver a picture to us.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_6
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_6


Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_7
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_7

His or her question is don’t know the tail box plug to connect what.



Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_8
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_8



Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_9
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_9










The part 4 should connect to power, and you should find another 8 lines to connect to original car’s speaker wire. Of course, you can cut B5 power lines for your usage.

About how to solve the installation problems of car dvd player for Mercedes-Benz,we write here.If you also have any doubt about our products,please contact with us, we will  answer for your questions warmly.


Usage and maintenance of replaced car DVD player for 2007-2011 Toyota Sequoia Tundra

The lifetime of one car DVD player is concerned by all of owners who are using it.Anything has its lifetime just like us people.Electronic products are no exception.And they will be affected by user obviously.So besides installation,usage and maintenance of replaced car DVD player for 2007-2011 Toyota Sequoia Tundra is also important and a good way to extend the lifetime of the car radio sat nav head unit.Disc is a very important function for one car nav machine.Entertainment function is the most attractive one among various of functions.Playing dirty or harmed disk,the sound would be jumping.In order to get the best sound quality effect,you should pay attention that don’t use discs with torn tag or stick paper or tape to the disc.Before playing,wipe the disc outwards from the center with soft and clean cloth.Using any solvent such as alcohol,thinner,commercially available cleaners is not a wise act when using the disc.

main menu of replaced car DVD player for 2007-2011 Toyota Sequoia Tundra
main menu of replaced car DVD player for 2007-2011 Toyota Sequoia Tundra

At first,let us know about the basic operations:When you turn the head unit on,it has been set to standard setting,you can change the detailed setting according to your favor.Operation the car DVD machine for the first time,you had better reset the unit.Press “RES” button with a pointed object to set the unit to initial pointedure,If the unit at any time malfunctions use the reset button first before troubleshooting other aspects.About radio,I will just say one point:When a station is received,searching stops and the station is played. APS: Press the “APS’ button to scan each stored station for 7 seconds respectively then press “APS” again to start playing that station.Press and hold “APS” button for more than 1 second start the automatically memory storing function,The unit will auto scan and store all the stations in current band.iPod and iPhone connection is another convenient and great function of our car DVD player.You just need note that iPod must be attached to the unit before entering iPod mode,otherwise you need to switch to other mode first and then switch back again.

replaced car DVD player for 2007-2011 Toyota Sequoia Tundra after installation
replaced car DVD player for 2007-2011 Toyota Sequoia Tundra after installation

The video below will help you in a efficient way:

PIP function is a new one for us.This Toyota car radio machine has been designed for it.Maybe there are many persons don’t know how to use it.In this car DVD player GPS navigation system,you can enter the “settings” “other settings” button,choosing “yes” to open picture-in-picture function in other settings page.PIP window will be active when you switch from DVD/USB/SD/TV mode to navigation mode.Click on the title bar of the PIP window,a tool bar will slice in from the edge.You can adjust the size and opacity of the PIP window on it.The button “exit PIP” can disable PIP function directly,that means you need to go to configure menu if you want to reenable it again.You can move the PIP window to whatever you want by dragging the title bar.Some general issues you may meet during using it will be list below to help you solve them.On power:Check and make sure whether the fuse is blown,replace with the proper value if necessary.Unable to receive stations:Check and make sure whether the antenna is connected it properly if not.No picture:The video line from main unit to the TV is not connected properly.If these tips don’t solve your problems at all,you can visit our website and ask our customer service for help.If you are planning to buy one,you also can contact us to get more information usefully no matter whether you buy one or not.

Hot Car DVD Player for 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring with a big Discount

Have you thought that your DVR can become a part of one entertainment accessory in your car someday several years ago?The answer is no to most of people.Anyway,we have done it! One car DVD player with GPS navigation system has put the DVR into its body.Next you will witness the Hot Car DVD Player for 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring with a big Discount.One special design of it is that the digital TV,TMC and DVR are all external.That is to say,you can use them at anytime you want.The operation is so easy.Just connecting them with several wires and the ports are ready for you.Some car dvd players have been builted in these functions.As a result,once you choose one of optional functions,you are not able to remove it except for a replacement by a new head unit.But we can think from another perspective.We won’t buy it if we have no need for it.4GB sd card and map is a quite big capacity among all of the car DVD machines at present.About the map,by the way,you can upgrade its version if it updates sometime.The best way is to ask the seller for help.This all-in-one Car GPS Navigation is outstanding for its practical and humanized designs.We can see some pictures for the  Chrysler Sebring autoradio stereo.

main menu of the Chrysler Sebring car dvd player
main menu of the Chrysler Sebring car dvd player

In fact,this machine can be installed not only on the car of 2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring.I have arranged them,it is special for:

2007-2010 Chrysler Sebring
2008-2010 Jeep Commander
2009-2011 Jeep Compass
2008-2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
2007-2010 Jeep Wrangler/Unlimited
2009-2011 DODGE RAM Pickup Trucks
2009-2011 DODGE RAM1500
2009-2011 DODGE RAM2500
2010-2011 DODGE RAM3500

To compare the photo below with your car:

effect photo after installation and before installation
effect photo after installation and before installation

It’s time to tell its great functions.A video is the best present for us.

Usually,we will think of its functions like sat nav,radio,bluetooth,ipod and so on.And you all know about them.So I will just say something about the DVD recording function,3-zone advanced POP technology,File management function and the external car speed DVR function(optional).Watching videos are becoming more and more popular with the arrival of mobile internet age.The colorful programs attract thousands of people.Storage is a necessary step when going on a long journey.Then,the car dvd player come out to rescue you! No matter iPod,iPhone,DVD or other storage equipment,you can copy them to your car DVD head unit.20 disk virtual CD changer and 4GB hard disk will satisfy your demand absolutely.File management will work at this moment.Your video can stay there safely.3-zone POP is the most convenient function for your use.When the GPS is guiding you and you want to change the channel of the radio,don’t worry,you can let them work at the same time without any disturbance.DVR function is the most familiar function to owners I think.Because owners have used the DVR all alone for a long time.If you have read here,you are lucky that you obtain a good knowledge of one car DVD player!

FAQs about Digital TV of Car DVD

Digital TV is a very important and great function in a car DVD player.It’s very practical and entertaining.In China,most of the buses and taxis have been installed Digital TV.Also headrest will often be seen in one taxi.With the developing of our economy,our material and mental life has an improvement in total.Entertainment has been on our schedule absolutely.Car nav head unit emerged at the right moment.Are you worried about the dry driving journey?If yes,you are going to be out.After experiencing the fun the car radio machine brings,you will fall in love with catching the wind or even a long trek.Then the question comes.Some owners will meet the problem that someone accessories doesn’t work anymore when driving on the road.Taking the Digital TV as an example.Today I will find some FAQs about Digital TV of car DVD to help you enjoy the happiness it brings for a long time.Here is just the main problems you will meet a little often.If  there are more questions you can contact with us freely.

one Sub-machine of Car DVD
one Sub-machine of car DVD

We can know about the Digital TV from its appearance.It has some models to choose:DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T.We just choose them according to the different areas we locate.The DVB-T is shown below:

Digital TV of Car DVD
Digital TV of car DVD

Some Digital TVs are built in the car DVD player while some  are external.Like the American TV,it is external.What I mark ed above is the Digital TV antenna.We must have it to achieve the function of TV.We can watch the video to know about the way to use these functions.

When installing the Digital TV,you will find two cables in the antenna.One cable is red and the other is black.Obviously,the red one has to be connected to 12V and the black is connected to the ground.The first question about how to connect the TV antenna is so easy.Then the second one.The TV antenna is totally useless from within the car.The solve solution is that you just need put the antenna out of your car.Because the car window and door will influence the signal of the antenna.The third one:TV-Problem, error message “No av or scrambled stream”.Solve solution:Please go to the settings of TV, click “Restore factory settings”, and then search channels again.If it still doesn’t work,you can follow these steps to make it work:1.Please go to AUX mode 2.Please adjust volume to 0 3.Please long press eject button 4.Please change DVB-T to CMMB 5.Click EXIT After doing these,you will solve your problem and enjoy its entertainment.In fact,most of the problems we meet are just because of the wrong set we have done before.But we didn’t notice them before.So be patient and you will get a great experience from the car DVD navigation.

The Optional Functions of Car Nav

When seeing the title of this page,you will probably feel strange to it.The reason is that most of the sellers don’t have the part of”optional functions”.But we do.We insist on that this part will bring much convenience to our customers.The optional functions make your choice flexible when buying a car DVD player.As we all know,the rising electronic product car DVD has so many intelligent functions that you don’t know how to take full advantage of it.Besides,maybe some functions will not be what you want.Or some functions you really very want the car radio didn’t be equipped.Come here and we will provide enough options for you.Such as Digital TV,TMC,SD card,rearview camera and so on.I will introduce the Optional Functions of Car Nav briefly.Digital TV is a quite strong function in the car DVD player product.Different with analog TV which has been built-in the machine,the digital TV is more attractive to us.It will make your driving journey interesting and alive.Your passengers will like this function more than you.Now nearly all of the bus has installed digital TV.You can know about the news happened all around the world during the way to work.Some funny TV programs will make you have a good mood before starting the dried working day.

The car nav with DVD player
The car nav with DVD player

TMC is short of Traffic Message Channel.Traffic message is a very important information when you are driving to somewhere especially you are in a hurry.While at present,the TMC function can’t be used at everywhere.

The effect picture after installing the car DVD player
The effect picture after installing the car DVD player

The special head unit will connect with your car perfectly no matter the color or the shape and size.After installing the machine,you must be excited to experience its multi-functions.Watching the video below:

SD card is a necessary tool to use GPS navigation system.Navigation is the most important function among all of the ones. The map card is the supporter of sat nav function.Car nav DVD player will take you go to anywhere you want to.By the way,many owners don’t know how to upgrade the map version.You just need contact with us by email or online chat then we will give you the website of upgraded version or the installation package.Rear view camera is used to back your car.Sometimes,the space may be not big enough and your technology is not so good.Then the rear view function will help you get rid of the awkward situation.As is shown in the video above,you can find the accurate position according to the frames displayed in the car DVD touch screen.But if you are confident with your technology,you needn’t such a camera absolutely.All of the optional functions have their reasons to be a optional one.May be you just need a part of its functions.Even you have bought one before and you just need upgrade it.Then some of functions is not what you need.If you are interested in such optional functions or the car DVD player we sell,you can click our mouse lightly.The big surprise will make it worth to have view this article.

Matters need attention when buying a Car DVD Player for Mercedes-Benz Series

As we all know that the car of Mercedes-Benz has so many series that we always have no idea when choosing one Mercedes-Benz.Such as the Class series,A,B,C,E,G and so on are included.But in spite of the complicated models,we all have great reverence for Benz.Its unique attracts us for a long time.Naturally,the electronic product matches him makes the same trouble to people.Take the most popular and amazing car DVD player as a example,many car DVD player models are easy to install.While you will find that it is not so easy a thing to use the car nav machine of Mercedes-Benz Series if you have bought one or are ready to get one.We will usually ask some question necessary to confirm whether the car radio head unit fit your car.So you may have been asked,”Could you please send us a picture of your car’s dashboard?Then we can help you check if it fit your car.”Unlike buying a clothes or one book online which you can complete it by yourself without any help from sales,you have to contact with the customers and ask for help before you place the order.Or you may probably have choose a wrong unit model for your beloved car.To avoid the unnecessary trouble,we will keep in touch with you during the confirming  procedure.Then I will show some matters need attention when buying a Car DVD Player for Mercedes-Benz Series to help you get one suitable and pleased car DVD head unit.

One car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz Series
One car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz Series

Besides the dashboard picture we must ask you to send to us,the optic fiber AMP is the necessary question we will ask you.We  mainly consider the influence of the car DVD player to your original car. While the head unit will keep your original car’s functions as much as possible,some changes will happen in acceptable limits.

Car DVD Player after installation picture for Mercedes-Benz Serie
Car DVD Player after installation picture for Mercedes-Benz Serie

You can view the video about how to use the car DVD navigation.

We have to pay attention to the size and shape of the machine when choosing it.Because the head unit matches with Mercedes-Benz Series is specialized for every car model.Every one is unique in the big family.But you still can’t make sure one car DVD fit your car absolutely just by the size and shape.Some details will make some differences between two similar car dvd players.And you have to confirm it according to your original car’s configuration.I believe that you will not hope that the new car dvd gps navigation you just bought don’t make any voice or even can’t be started up.If you have get one right car DVD player and installed correctly,you will enjoy the great entertainment and convenience and be proud of yourself to have get so amazing a car electronic intelligent product.The functions it includes will let you possess a colorful driving journey!Travel will have another brand new experience!

The way to connect six-meter long Radio Cable of Car DVD Player to your Car

The six-meter long Radio Cable is often used in the installation of car DVD player.But not all of car DVDs need it.If your car needn’t connect such a long cable,you will be happy to install your car radio unit simply.Don’t worry to have to connect the long radio cable.We will help you install it rapidly.In fact,it is very easy a  thing.Having too many people asked this question,I will show the detailed step information about The way to connect six-meter long Radio Cable of car DVD Player to your Car.You can master it just in several minutes.Installing a  car nav head unit is not so easy not because of the complicated construction for the car DVD player.It is because of the varieties of car models.Every car model is unique in the world.Even the same car model will be different in some aspects because they are produced in different countries.So small questions emerge in endlessly.For example,you may be worried about that if the analog TV will work without this option”Built-in Digital TV”.Obviously it will work normal without the digital TV.Many owners will worry about that the steering wheel control can’t work any more after installing the head unit.You should believe that the designer have thought about such questions. SWC is a very important function for a car.It can bring great convenience to drivers.So the car radio GPS navigator will not effect the function of the steering wheel control.There are many more problems about the car DVD player installation.Today we will learn the connection way of six-meter radio cable.

The photo of car DVD player installation
The photo of car DVD player installation
The photo of six-meter long Radio Cable
The photo of six-meter long Radio Cable

1.Please connect 1 to this unit’s back.

2.Please connect 2 to this unit’s ANT cable.You can find one sticker at the bottom of this unit.Please find this pin:TUN-ANT according to the sticker.This pin is the ANT cable.

3.Please connect 3 to your original car’s radio antenna plug which is located in your car’s trunk.Please find it out in your car’s trunk,and then connect it. It is just plug and play.After these 3 cables connected,please go to system settings to set the radio area correct.

In general,the way to connect the cables is in the same among most of car models.Especially having the same optional functions.Among all of the car models,Mercedes-Benz is nearly the most complicated model.BMW should be the second.Audi will be better that them.Some car model is plug and play with the car DVD player.It can save much trouble during the installation process.We all know that the price of the car DVD is not cheap.The cost of it is a little expensive as a result.So quality problem happens in a very little chance.While there are many problems during installation.And we will usually mistake for the quality problem at first.Through our patient guide,troubleshooting step by step,we will find that all causes are the incorrect installation way at last.So contacting with us at any time is very necessary after placing orders.

Saying something about return policy of Car DVD head unit

Return policy is a question which is a little sensitive for buyer and seller when shopping online.The source is that we can’t know quite much information about what we buy.So we will often meet the situation that we really don’t the product we have bought when post home.To seller,they will hope that all buyers will not ask for a return.The sense is obviously plain.For this,I will say something about return policy of car DVD head unit to dispel doubts for this DVD player is a electronic product which is a little complex and particular.Before buying one Car nav with DVD GPS head unit,you must make sure that whether this DVD player model fit your car.If not,you can never install the product in your car.And you aren’t able to enjoy the entertainment it brings.The car model,year and size of the car DVD player are the main standard to judge which one is suitable for your car.But we still need confirm it through the dashboard picture you send to us.The complicated buying process determines that it is very necessary for you to know about the return policy in detail.

Car DVD Player with GPS head unit
car DVD Player with GPS head unit

I will take several main questions as examples:

1.I have received a product with quality problem, what next?

answer:1)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned for a refund or replacement within 7 days.

2)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned within 30 days for a replacement.

3)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned within 365 days for repairs.

Please note:We only allow a complete refund for items with shipping damage or factory defects.Any defects not caused by Seicane will not warrant a full fund.

The car DVD photo in dashboard after installation
The car DVD photo in dashboard after installation

2.I have received a product with Incomplete Shipments, what next?

answer:We only offer a return service for those items which are factory defective or incorrectly included in your shipment. Please read our Return Policy before placing your order.

3.If I receive a wrong item, can I return it for a refund?

answer:In the event you receive the wrong item, please notify our customer service immediately.You will be asked to ship the item back to us, in which case we will refund your shipping cost. You may then request a refund or have us replace your erroneously shipped item with the correct one.

4.What the customer need to pay for repair?

answer:1)Custom duty and any cost by the custom in the customer’s country.

2)Spare part material cost if the customer buy less than 100 pcs but need the spare parts for repair.If the customer buy 100 pcs,1% spare parts is supplied as free support.

3)Shipping for the spare parts if the customer haven’t new order to ship the spare part together but the customer need the spare part alone.

4)The shipping for the defective units returned to China if the customer need to send it back to China for test and repair.

One video about how to use the Car radio GPS navigation system will make you know much about the great enjoyment it brings.

5.What the Seicane will pay for repair?

answer:1)The repair cost of the defective units returned to China( no matter how much it is),we will charge it for the customer if the customer send it back for repair.

2)The shipping for the returned unit  back to the customers from China( no mater how much it will be),we charge it for our customer who need to send it back for test and repair.

3)The custom tax and duty if the customer send back the units to China for repair,but please inform us and follow our return method before return the defective unit,we just respond for the units which returned to us after confirm and follow our method.If the customer send back the unit without advance notice,we will ignore it without notice,the customer will be responsible for any tax or charge and problem if cause by the returned package.After reading the page,if you know all of the return policy about car DVD multimedia player of Seicane?Maybe you didn’t get one machine from us.You can still refer to it if you have met some problems on returning.Or you can ask us by email or phone directly.We will solve your problems as soon as possible.You can trust us because we have stable and rounded system to deal with these problems.And if you are a owner who have not bought one car DVD player,you are lucky to have read this article.If you have some interest for the head unit,it is worth for you to move your mouse.

Car DVD Player Built-In AUX

If you are a buyer for a car DVD Player Built-In AUX,you must know that what the AUX is.And,you must have been asked that whether your car is equipped with AUX?But if not,they may be not so professional for this production.Why?Because such car DVD player have to connect with your original car’s horn through the AUX.We don’t know why it need the AUX as a bridge for our machine and your car.Just like we don’t know why we need the keyboard to complete the input operation for our computer.If your car has builted in AUX,there is nothing question for buying the equipment.If you don’t have one,we will put one in the package freely.By the way,sometimes the packaging process is a little slow just because that we need configure and check the accessories carefully.Once there is any negligence the car radio may not work normally after installing it.Then it will be so troublesome to check the problem.If we have leave something, a second post will be a waste of time.At last,you must admit that you have obtained a bad shopping online experience.

Car DVD Player Built-In Ipod
car DVD Player Built-In Ipod

The photo after installing the car DVD.

Car DVD Player after installation
Car DVD Player after installation

When you are using the car nav autoradio,you may meet with the trouble that it still can’t player with sound in spite of having installed the AUX.Don’t worry about that.It is just because that you didn’t change to your original car’s AUX function interface.The sounds of GPS navigation and Bluetooth are broadcast by the original car’s speakers.

You must notice the details I have mentioned above.This is just a little part of the car DVD player installation and use.All of the accessories and functions keep with each other closely in electronic equipment.They coordinate mutually to achieve all of the functions.Every stone will play the role of it to make a great statue.To in dash car DVD player,every car model is different with others.Our machine is specialized for every car.In order to keep your original car’s functions and information,we are trying our best to get the better car head unit to satisfy your needs.Though we have met many problems when installing the car radio player,the great entertainment and convenience it brings will make your driving life enjoyable and colorful.You are a fashion man absolutely.