FAQs about Digital TV of Car DVD

Digital TV is a very important and great function in a car DVD player.It’s very practical and entertaining.In China,most of the buses and taxis have been installed Digital TV.Also headrest will often be seen in one taxi.With the developing of our economy,our material and mental life has an improvement in total.Entertainment has been on our schedule absolutely.Car nav head unit emerged at the right moment.Are you worried about the dry driving journey?If yes,you are going to be out.After experiencing the fun the car radio machine brings,you will fall in love with catching the wind or even a long trek.Then the question comes.Some owners will meet the problem that someone accessories doesn’t work anymore when driving on the road.Taking the Digital TV as an example.Today I will find some FAQs about Digital TV of car DVD to help you enjoy the happiness it brings for a long time.Here is just the main problems you will meet a little often.If  there are more questions you can contact with us freely.

one Sub-machine of Car DVD
one Sub-machine of car DVD

We can know about the Digital TV from its appearance.It has some models to choose:DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T.We just choose them according to the different areas we locate.The DVB-T is shown below:

Digital TV of Car DVD
Digital TV of car DVD

Some Digital TVs are built in the car DVD player while some  are external.Like the American TV,it is external.What I mark ed above is the Digital TV antenna.We must have it to achieve the function of TV.We can watch the video to know about the way to use these functions.

When installing the Digital TV,you will find two cables in the antenna.One cable is red and the other is black.Obviously,the red one has to be connected to 12V and the black is connected to the ground.The first question about how to connect the TV antenna is so easy.Then the second one.The TV antenna is totally useless from within the car.The solve solution is that you just need put the antenna out of your car.Because the car window and door will influence the signal of the antenna.The third one:TV-Problem, error message “No av or scrambled stream”.Solve solution:Please go to the settings of TV, click “Restore factory settings”, and then search channels again.If it still doesn’t work,you can follow these steps to make it work:1.Please go to AUX mode 2.Please adjust volume to 0 3.Please long press eject button 4.Please change DVB-T to CMMB 5.Click EXIT After doing these,you will solve your problem and enjoy its entertainment.In fact,most of the problems we meet are just because of the wrong set we have done before.But we didn’t notice them before.So be patient and you will get a great experience from the car DVD navigation.

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  1. What would be some suggestions that you would give to install the TV antenna outside of the car if it is useless from within? For any car, but I do have an Audi A4. Is there a normal place you would put it for (most) cars? 🙂

    • dear,
      our unit can support TV antenna.
      Could you please send us the photo of your car’s dashboard to [email protected]?  
      And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      Then we can help you check if this unit can fit your car or not ,hope you could cooperate with us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Thank you & Best regards!

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