Installing GPS navigation for BMW X1 E84 without destroying your car’s original radio

Great cars are expected to have amazing entertainment and this is what the BMW X1 E84 has. This car model does not only assure you of a thrilling driving experience but also of an enjoyable trip for you and your loved ones.What is it?Yes,it’s the GPS navigation.This GPS navigation is special for BMW X1 E84 from year 2009 to 2013.Maybe some owners will be worried about that if it will damage the original car’s CD or DVD.Now,you needn’t think about this anymore.Because this unit don’t need to dismantle the original car’s CD and no DVD function.So it can keep your original radio CD player in the dash. Your original CD player can work as normal.Installing GPS navigation for BMW X1 E84 without destroying your car’s original radio.You will feel that it is so cool.No need to cut the original cable and just plug and play. this unit can pass the BMW Maintenance System.Because of this,your installation is very simple.

Picture for BMW X1 E84 GPS navigation.

Picture for BMW X1 E84 GPS navigation
Picture for BMW X1 E84 GPS navigation

Picture after installation.

Picture after installation
Picture after installation

This BMW E84 X1 gps navigation can combined with your original car perfectly.This top China car multimedia player can support GPS navigation,Bluetooth,TV,iPod,AUX IN.original car AUX IN,SD,USB,MP5,rearview camera,original car setting and air condition setting etc.You can listen to your favorite tunes or news updates while driving while your passengers can spend their time watching movies and videos while seating in comfort and luxury BMW cars offer.This GPS navigation can support Sanyo six disc DVD changer.And it’s optional.So you can choose if all by yourself.This video below will help you know about it  in detail.

If you have one GPS naviation for you BMW,you must notice that you cannot drive and watch a movie at the same time.It is very dangerous.But you can easily listen to the news or to music when you are using GPS.That is to say,you are enjoying your journey.It is not just driving.If you want to take one,contacting us or visiting this:  GPS navigation for BMW X1 E84 will be able to satisfy your desire to have music as you drive or to keep updated with what is happening in the world. Listen to your favorite music station or to your favorite DJ or commentator and relax while you drive.It is your loyal friends more than an unit helping you arrive at somewhere.

How to make BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright in Italy

More and more Italy people are going shopping car GPS Navigation System online now.But the difference between Italy and other countries is that in Italy car owners have car ligths always on, for this reason BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System device beleave that it is “night”.And the level of  this device’s screen is low.The luminosity of this device is not bright enough.So users want to make BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright in Italy.Most people know that they can adjust this device’s screen luminosity in settings.But you need to adjust it every time when this BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System power on.So some people will ask:

“I do not want to change settings every time, how can i solve the problem?”

There are many ways to solve this problem.One enginenr said that please switch to reversing gear,then the light will bright.If you are not quite understand how to operate,please refer to this picture about how to switch to reversing gear:

make BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright
make BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright

There are other ways to solve the problem of light.

The first one: please adjust the screen brightness in the settings.

The second one: if you want the the brightness of the device always ON,please cut the “ILL” wire of this unit.Please find the sticker at the bottom of this unit,then you will find which one is “ILL” wire.That means if you don’t connect the “ILL” wire,then the screen will always on.

Some peopel maybe don’t know how to find the ILL wire.There is a sticker at the bottom of this BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System.Please find out this sticker.There are all the wires definition on this sticker.And there is one wire which is marked “ILL” or “ILLUMI”.

The sticker on your unit is similar to this one:

How to make BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright
How to make BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright

BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System’s screen is touch screen with 8 inch 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD.The screen is bigger that your orginal car CD’s screen.So it is a good choice for you to change your BMW X1 E84 original car’s small screen to bigger BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System touch screen: Above are several ways of making BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen bright in Italy.Hope you can operate it according to these instructions and check if the BMW X1 E84 GPS Navigation System Screen was made bright.Or if you have any other good method to solve this problem,we are glad to hear any iders from you.


BMW X1 E84 gps navigation

Recently, we developed one new product which named BMW X1 E84 gps navigation.New product with new function of BMW X1-E84.We have many products for BMW series.But for BMW X1 E84,this is the first one.BMW X1 E84 gps navigation is very special.Let’s introduce it to you.


BMW X1 E84 gps navigation
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation replace the BMW X1’s storage cabinet with an 8 inch screen head unit and volume button (no need to dismantle the original car’s CD, no DVD function).And it can fit to the car BMW X1 E84 from 2009 year to 2013 year.
1. We adopt the latest ARM11 to develop high performance multimedia car DVD with the functions of navigation, audio&video, entertainment and etc.
2. It has more video decoding capabilities, maximum support 1024*768, with MP5.
3. RAM 256,Support hard disk 500G and HD map.
4. Support Sanyo 6 Disc DVD Changer (optional)
5. GPS navigation function:SiRF Prima, CPU: ARM11,800MHZ ,WinCE6.0
6. support original car reverse track(can’t support if original car don’t have)
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation

TWO-Way CAN BUS Function details:
1. Backlight adjustment
2. Car/Vehicle speed
3. Driving Computer Information
4. System configuration information
5. Time and date information
6. Steering wheel buttons
7. CDC Playing information
8. CDC Disc Status information
9. Return control information
10. Door information
11. Software Version information

BMW X1 E84 gps navigation
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation

Main Functions:
1. Support the Bluetooth function, Phone book, A2DP
2. Built-in TDA7703 FM/AM radio module.
3. Bluetooth phone and A2DP function.
4. Built-in 4 X 40W amplifier output.(TDA7388)
5. Two SD slot: GPS navigation map card, multimedia card.
6. Support USB 2.0 high speed OTG, USB1.1 HOST; support the USB SATA hard disk.
7. Support two AV IN (one is front AUX audio and video input, one is rear AUX audio and video input).
8. Two video out output.
9. 4.1CH 2Vrms audio output.
10. Support IPOD input (audio).
11. Camera input.
12. Digital television function: DVB-T,ATSC,ISDB (optional)
13. RDS function
14. Support photo browser
15. Support MP5 Multimedia HD video play
16. E-book function
17. Support reversing auxiliary function of original car
18. Support External TV function
19. Support all standard analogy TV

BMW X1 E84 gps navigation
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation

If your car is BMW X1 E84 from 2009 to 2013 year, do not hesitate to get BMW X1 E84 gps navigation today right here at Seicane!

BMW X1 E84 gps navigation
BMW X1 E84 gps navigation