Car Nav Head Unit for Universal

Universal car DVD player is one head unit which is designed to work on most vehicles.So the biggest advantage of this car DVD player is that it can fit many cars.Just because of this feature,many owners have chosen such car dvd players.Then the question comes:What’s the difference between Universal and in-dash(special) car DVD player?The answer is quite simple.On one hand,universal car radio can be installed on many car models while the special car DVD can just be installed on one car model which can match with it.On the other hand,more simply,the in-dash car nav head unit can be connected with the right car perfectly while the universal can’t.Then there is another question:Why do I buy one car DVD machine if it can’t connect with my car dashboard perfectly?Don’t worry about that.A frame can solve this problem with ease.Car Nav Head Unit for Universal is really a convenient one.The installation is more simple and maybe you can use it on different car models if you need.

homepage of the universal car nav head unit
homepage of the universal car nav head unit

When we have a frame,we don’t need worry too much about the size and shape.So we can see that the shape and size of this universal car DVD is regular.Comparing with the car dvd players I have referred to before,the construction is much more simple.

GPS navigation function of the universal car dvd player
GPS navigation function of the universal car dvd player

The in-dash car radio GPS looks indeed more comfortable for us.Some car models like Mercedes-Benz,BMW and Audi are a little complicated in car dashboard and the installation of the car DVD player is not plug and play.So many people will choose the special car DVD to match with their cars.About these functions contained in the car DVD player,universal ones have none difference with the in-dash ones.Some people want to buy a special car nav head unit just because that they don’t like the frame attach to the car accessory.We can understand this anyway.We all want a perfect thing appear not a part of it.But if you are a person who won’t care much about the appearance,the universal one is the right choice.The practical use is more important for you.With more simple installation,you can spend less money to have the professional on it.You can review the website later and you can find that the information about the features is in the same.By the way,today is a great festival for you and I will take this page as a present to send to you!At the same time,you can take one car DVD player as a present for your family or friends on our website as well.Last but not least,Merry Christmas!

The use of the small speaker and AUX for Car Nav head unit

You must have seen that there is a small speaker in the package box.And you must have been asked that whether your car has AUX or not?If you have installed the car DVD player you will know the answer and know about the use of  the small speaker.Or you may have been  puzzled by the AUX.Because it closely connects with the sound of the head unit .Just in a word:You can’t make the car DVD Sat Navi  make a sound without the AUX.At the same time,the small speaker is for the sound of the GPS and Bluetooth of our unit.So they are a team and they can’t work normally even the absence of anyone.Now you have known about some of the use of the small speaker and AUX for Car Nav head unit,haven’t you?In most occasions, the unit will use your original car’s speakers.In general,you just need install the car radio unit correctly step by step.The problem is that many people usually don’t know how to operate them.Especially to those who have just got a car.They are freshmen to the popular and advanced car DVD machine.

The unique nav machine for car
The unique nav machine for car

The effect of the car DVD player is really great.

The special car DVD player installation effect photo
The special car DVD player installation effect photo

Now I will teach you how to confirm whether your car has AUX.Please go to the menu “entertainment” of your original CD’s screen,and then click “entertainment” to check if there is AUX there.Also you can check if your car have AUX port which there is a sign of “AUX” button.The position of the sign is different according to the car model.If you don’t have get a car radio head unit like this and you are curious about it,you can click the video bellow.The big surprise will make you happy all day.

We have had a detailed understanding to AUX.Then I will say something about the small speaker.As I said above,The Car Nav machine will use the original car’s speaker.Only under the condition that you are using the GPS or Bluetooth of our unit and  the radio or CD function of your original car in the background, the sound of the GPS will come from the small speaker and the sound of the radio will come from your original car’s speaker. If you don’t want the sound of the GPS to come from the small speaker while using your original car’s function in the background, you can switch to our interface completely and then all the sound will come from your original car’s speakers. So, the audio from GPS, phone call, audio will still come from your original car’s speakers.If the page have solved your puzzle or problem,I will feel happy to have help you.But if not,don’t worry,you can contact with us at any time and any where. Seicane will help you as soon as possible.

Car Radio Head Unit Compatible with Iphone Ipod Steering Wheel Control

“Will the Bluetooth be compatible with Iphone 4/5 & Samsung S4?”A customer has asked this question.And the doubt doesn’t exists only on him.Many owners concern about this function obviously.Because it is a strong feature on making a convenience for them.It is a connection time nowadays and in the future,we will upgrade to higher level.When the cellphone connects with the car DVD player,All of their functions can be used absolutely.You should feel lucky that this unit can do it.Car Radio Head Unit Compatible with Iphone Ipod Steering Wheel Control is really a amazing works for engineer.It can be compatible with Iphone 4/5 & Samsung S4.Steering wheel control is a crucial feature in our car.The owners driving on the way must focus attention on the way condition.But sometimes,they have to do something at the same time.The SWC is just designed for this situation.So many people will worry about that whether the SWC can work on after installing the car nav GPS machine.Then I will tell you for sure that the steering wheel control will work properly only if your car DVD head unit has been installed correctly.

Car Radio Head Unit after installation
Car Radio Head Unit after installation

“I am in New Zealand.A lot of our cars are imported second-hand from Japan. The Japanese head units fitted do not work properly here”.”The unit fitted perfectly into the dashboard. No gaps.”Another customer said.In fact,there are few countries product the car DVD player.Because it has so many problems  to be solved.But our country has done very well.

Car Radio DVD player Ipod function
Car Radio DVD player Ipod function

About how to use these colorful functions,we have made video special for every car model:

Through the video above,you can see that all of the functions have their own characteristics.They have the reasons to exist in the small car accessories.The car radio machine possesses so many functions like radio,bluetooth,GPS navigation,CD/DVD play,Ipod,USB/SD and so on.Its humanity is that the designers have try their best to keep as many as the original car’CD or DVD features.We have made the installation as easy as possible even just need plug and play.All the efforts we have made is just for user experience.So your suggestions are very precious to us.Our unit can play both CD and DVD.But to get more good effect,maybe your original car’s CD changer will not work after installation.This is the shortcoming we have to improve.Someone has asked that whether the GPS Antenna must be installed on the dashboard.In fact,you don’t have to install it there but usually it will be installed on it and we will suggest you installing it on the dashboard.Many owners want to buy some accessory separately.There is no question to achieve it.Just contact with our customer service by email or telephone directly.The car DVD player is a promising electronic product used in car industry.The trend will go on in the future.

Saying something about return policy of Car DVD head unit

Return policy is a question which is a little sensitive for buyer and seller when shopping online.The source is that we can’t know quite much information about what we buy.So we will often meet the situation that we really don’t the product we have bought when post home.To seller,they will hope that all buyers will not ask for a return.The sense is obviously plain.For this,I will say something about return policy of car DVD head unit to dispel doubts for this DVD player is a electronic product which is a little complex and particular.Before buying one Car nav with DVD GPS head unit,you must make sure that whether this DVD player model fit your car.If not,you can never install the product in your car.And you aren’t able to enjoy the entertainment it brings.The car model,year and size of the car DVD player are the main standard to judge which one is suitable for your car.But we still need confirm it through the dashboard picture you send to us.The complicated buying process determines that it is very necessary for you to know about the return policy in detail.

Car DVD Player with GPS head unit
car DVD Player with GPS head unit

I will take several main questions as examples:

1.I have received a product with quality problem, what next?

answer:1)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned for a refund or replacement within 7 days.

2)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned within 30 days for a replacement.

3)Products with quality problems, including shipping damage, can be returned within 365 days for repairs.

Please note:We only allow a complete refund for items with shipping damage or factory defects.Any defects not caused by Seicane will not warrant a full fund.

The car DVD photo in dashboard after installation
The car DVD photo in dashboard after installation

2.I have received a product with Incomplete Shipments, what next?

answer:We only offer a return service for those items which are factory defective or incorrectly included in your shipment. Please read our Return Policy before placing your order.

3.If I receive a wrong item, can I return it for a refund?

answer:In the event you receive the wrong item, please notify our customer service immediately.You will be asked to ship the item back to us, in which case we will refund your shipping cost. You may then request a refund or have us replace your erroneously shipped item with the correct one.

4.What the customer need to pay for repair?

answer:1)Custom duty and any cost by the custom in the customer’s country.

2)Spare part material cost if the customer buy less than 100 pcs but need the spare parts for repair.If the customer buy 100 pcs,1% spare parts is supplied as free support.

3)Shipping for the spare parts if the customer haven’t new order to ship the spare part together but the customer need the spare part alone.

4)The shipping for the defective units returned to China if the customer need to send it back to China for test and repair.

One video about how to use the Car radio GPS navigation system will make you know much about the great enjoyment it brings.

5.What the Seicane will pay for repair?

answer:1)The repair cost of the defective units returned to China( no matter how much it is),we will charge it for the customer if the customer send it back for repair.

2)The shipping for the returned unit  back to the customers from China( no mater how much it will be),we charge it for our customer who need to send it back for test and repair.

3)The custom tax and duty if the customer send back the units to China for repair,but please inform us and follow our return method before return the defective unit,we just respond for the units which returned to us after confirm and follow our method.If the customer send back the unit without advance notice,we will ignore it without notice,the customer will be responsible for any tax or charge and problem if cause by the returned package.After reading the page,if you know all of the return policy about car DVD multimedia player of Seicane?Maybe you didn’t get one machine from us.You can still refer to it if you have met some problems on returning.Or you can ask us by email or phone directly.We will solve your problems as soon as possible.You can trust us because we have stable and rounded system to deal with these problems.And if you are a owner who have not bought one car DVD player,you are lucky to have read this article.If you have some interest for the head unit,it is worth for you to move your mouse.