How to set up Car Radio Navigation System with Bluetooth Carplay in your 2015-2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class ?

It is common that many people prefer to install a car stereo in there car now as it can bring much entertainment and convenience, which benefit their driving life in a degree. However, it is rare for those people to know how to set up car radio exactly in their car, especially for owners of Mercedes-C-Class. Thus, it is essential to get the informative steps of installation from online or offline. And there is a recommended step-by-step guide of 2015-2019 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Stereo Navigation System with Bluetooth Carplay. And follow the steps below, you will learn what you need in the process.

Before installation, you should pay attention to some important tips. First of all, you can disconnect the power and prepare some tools such as lever when you start the removal. Secondly, you should keep all the separate parts from the car and take great care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation.

Last but not least, you should keep handy any parts from the car and make use of all the original screws from the car as much as possible so that each related part of the unit can be fixed securely.

Installation Instruction of Mercedes-Benz 2015-2019 C-Class Stereo 

Step 1: Pry the top cover of car speaker and take off the 2 screws

Step 2: Pull out car original screen and disconnect wire looms

Step3: Press two buttons, then pry the silver trim

Step 4: Take the trim away and take off marked 2 screws

Step 5: Pull out the car control panel and take out control panel.

Step 6: Pull out car head unit and unplug the wire

Step 7:Put the wire go through the hole as revealed

Step 8: Connect car wires and specific new wire

Step9: Plug the new wire to the head unit instead,then Put the head unit back and fix 2 screws

Step10: Well-place AUX connector as the picture shows and Put AUX connector to trans-connector (AUX trans USB)

Step 11: .Plug the trans-connector(AUX trans USB) to car USB port

Step 12: Put the console panel back and fix the 2 screws

Step 13: Replace the silver trim and Connect LVDS wires well.

Step 14: Pull the wire go through the new bracket then fix the bracket

Step 15: Fix 2 screw shown in the picture

Step 16: Connect the wires to the screen, then fix the screen and 2 screws

Step 17: Put speaker cover back

Now that your basic work have been finished and you are ready to check whether the head unit can be used as a new one and try all its functions. The process maybe a little difficult for the people who have never had experience before. But this guide will show you the main idea of installation and give you useful information as you want. If you still have some questions here, it is recommended to ask for your car dealer for help or consult a professional technician who can offer you help in this way. And here I want to share a link of Mercedes-Benz 2015-2019 C-Class Stereo from Seicane. You can know more details from it including its functions and installation details.

If you want to keep your Mercedes-Benz enjoying the top-level entertainment on the way, this product can be a proper choice for the most owners and lovers as its functions can be covered in a wide range including wireless carplay, split screen, backup camera, high-quality navigation system and even wifi&Bluetooth etc.

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How to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio

Alfa Romeo 147 Radio installation is different from other car DVD player’s installtion.The most import thing you should know about the Alfa Romeo 147 Radio update is that Alfa Romeo 147 Radio has no CANBUS box as accessories.So it makes Alfa Romeo 147 dvd player’s insalltion a little different from others.Most cables just plug and play,but when you installed all of the cables,you will find that this Alfa Romeo 147 Radio can’t turn on.So how to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio correctly?

This is a picture about Alfa Romeo 147 Radio accessories:

Alfa Romeo 147 Radio
Alfa Romeo 147 Radio

The problem user maybe have is that “It’s not working in my car!! i can’t turn on the radio and i can’t connect cable to steering commands!”.This is the most dificult problem about mouting a Alfa Romeo 147 Radio.Then how to solve it?

Please find out your original car’s ACC wire and then connect it to this unit’s red ACC wire which is on this unit’s power cable. There is a sticker on this unit’s bottom, please find out this unit’s red ACC wire according to the sticker. Then this unit will power on.

About the steering wheel control, please connect this steering wheel control plug

Alfa Romeo 147 steering wheel control plug
Alfa Romeo 147 steering wheel control plug

to your original car’s steering wheel control plug. Then study steering wheel control like following. Following is about steering wheel learning instructions:

a. Turn on device,enter into main menu,as picture 1 showed.Touch and slide to the left to enter into system menu,as picture 2 showed.

Alfa Romeo 147 radio
Alfa Romeo 147 radio

b. click and slide to the left,click steering icon to enter into steering wheel learning menu,as picture 3 showed,click “start” icon to start learning,as picture 4 showed.

Alfa Romeo 147 radio
Alfa Romeo 147 radio

c. click “volume + ” icon,and then long press the vol+ key in the wheel of the car 1 second,and then the key will be learned success,as picture 5 showed.

Alfa Romeo 147 radio
Alfa Romeo 147 radio

d.  Use the same way to learn other keys. After all keys from the wheel of the car finished learning,click “learning” icon to save the data,as picture 6 showed.

How to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio
How to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio

e. Until now,all keys are finished learning,as picture 7 showed.

How to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio
How to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio


After the steering wheel control learning finished, then your original car’s steering wheel buttons will work.

If the steering wheel control still can’t work, then it is the problem of your original car’s steering wheel control cables. Maybe the steering wheel control PIN of your original car’s steering wheel control plug is different from our steering wheel control plug. Please find out your original car’s steering wheel control cables: 2 steering wheel control wires and 1 steering wheel GND wire. Please connect these 3 wires to our 3 steering wheel control wires which is on the steering wheel control plug. You can see that these 2 green wires is steering wheel control wires, and the white wire is steering wheel GND wire. After you connect these 3 wires well, your original car’s steering wheel buttons will work 100% perfectly.

This is all about how to mount Alfa Romeo 147 Radio. For more information,please visit  This is really a wonderful Alfa Romeo 147 Radio for you and your family.If you have any quesitons about this Radio insallation,please contact us or please chat online with us.Hope we can give you a help about mounting your Alfa Romeo 147 Radio. Hope you will think that the Alfa Romeo 147 Radio update is very easy after you read this article.These are all our experience. Hope they are useful to you.

BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player

Today we will introduce one special BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player gps navigation for you.If your car is BMW 1 Series E88 Convertibl and the year is 2004 Onwards,and your BMW also has automatic air-conditioner+heated seat,then this is the dvd player you just want.It can fit to your car perfectly.It can combined with your original car perfectly.Keep your steering wheel control works as original.No need to cut your original power cable, Simple installation.So excellent!Isn’t it?

BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player

This BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player can not only fit to BMW E88 1 Series  (2004 Onwards) Convertibl,but also can fit to BMW E81 1 Series  (2004 Onwards) Door Hatchback and BMW E82 1 Series  (2004 Onwards) Coupe if your BMW has automatic air-conditioner+heated seat,this dvd player can all fit to perfect.If you are not sure about this,you can contact us online or send us an email.We will help you confirm whether it is fit to your car in 24 hours.

Following let’s see what are the main function of this BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player.First it has the function of gps navigation.It is the most important function of a dvd player.The chipset of this gps navigation system is SIRF STAR 3,Sumsung 400Mhz,and the Frequency is 1.575GHz. The Channel number is 20channels.And this gps navigation system can start quickly.The Hot start time is average 2s,the Warm start time is average 31s,the Cold start time is average 32s.It can support MP3/PCM/WMA audio type,ASF/AVI/WMV/DIVX video type,and the Re-catching time is average 0.1s.The Power specification is DV 12V, current<500mA.With this gps navigation system,you can go anywhere you want to go.

Second,this BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player has the function of Disc Play.This is also an important function and can give the drivers more entertainment.Compatible with DVD-R/DVD-RW/DVD+R/DVD+RW/CR-R/CD-RW/CD-DA/MP3/WMA/HDCD/SVCD/VCD/MPEG/JPEG etc.The Video output range of DVD function is 1+10.2Vp-p(75Ω),and the Disc spec is diameter 12cm disc.And the touch screen is 6.2 inch 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen.It also support mini USB and SD card.Support DIVX/MPEG/DAT/MOV/VCD/XVID/MP3/MP4/WMA/JPEG etc.

Other main functions:AUX In Support,IPOD Support.And it also has Built in analog TV. We also can provide the Built in digital TV as options.About digital TV,you can select ATSC-MH,DVB-T,or I-SDB-T according to your country.This BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player also can support rear camera input,automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car.

About the wireless bluetooth function,this BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player has Build in Bluetooth for hand free (Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen).And it also has Build in Bluetooth music,play music in your phone via bluetooth, Support A2DP.You can connect your iphone to this device via bluetooth.Then you can call out via this device,you also can receive phone via this device.Most important,you can play your favorate songs in your iphone via wireless bluetooth.The Bluetooth chip is CSR car-mounted BC3.

This BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player also has the function of radio.30 preset stations,5BAND*6.Support RDS.The FM/AM frequency is FM: 87.5MHz-108MHZ(Worldwide) AM: 522KHz-1620KHz(Worldwide).And it also provide the Radio area for you to choose.The Radio area are Europe,Japan,USA,Russia,China,Latin America.The Storage quantity is FM radio: 18channels AM radio: 12channels.And you can Search channal automatic or manual.You can listen to the channal you like.

BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player also has many other functions: VideoPlayer,Ebook,Photo browser Support.Original Canbus system for steering wheel control.Real time clock function.Night Mode support.Close display and enjoy music in the background,protect you for driving at night.Dual zone function support.Enjoy music while using GPS.We also provide the digital TV,TMC,2GB sd card and map,Special camera for BMW as optional functions.

At last,what is in the package of this BMW 1 Series E88 DVD Player?English User’s Manual,Remote Controller (Battery inside),RCA Cable,iPod Cable,USB Cable,GPS Antenna,Radio Cable,touch pen,Canbus Box.If you are interested in this product,please visit the link: And place order directly.Don’t forget,we also provide 1 year warranty for you.Shop now!