How to Install An Apple Carplay Aftermarket Radio in Subaru WRX?

Obviously, the application of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto provides drivers with the easiest and safest way to use their phones while driving. Just connect the phone to the car radio, drivers can use the phone apps at the radio screen easily, such as to use Siri and Apple Maps, select the tunes, make phone calls etc. And to achieve this, there should be a radio supporting Carplay in your car. If you still use a standard factory radio, it’s high time for you to install an Apple Carplay aftermarket radio in your car. At this post, we’re going to assist you to replace your Subaru WRX factory radio by yourself.

Removal and installation steps of Subaru WRX radio

The tools for removal and installation are basic pry tools and screwdrivers. As to the new radio, it’s a touchscreen Seicane navigation radio with Carplay. Before working, it’s necessary to cut off the car power to keep safety since we will work on different power plugs.

Step 1, Remove the panel device: Use the pry tool and feed it down the side until the panel device pried up, then you can take it out.

Step 2, Unplug connects of the vent and the AC controllers on the panel device.

Step 3, Remove the tabs, vents, AC controllers of the panel as we need to use them on the new aftermarket radio.

Step 4, Remove six screws that fixed the original radio unit.

Step 5, Take down this metal slat, pull out the radio unit and unplug its connectors.

Step 6, Have a check for the cables and other accessories of Seicane car radio with Carplay.

Step 7, Install the tabs, vents, AC controllers in the new radio system.

Step 8, Correspondingly connect the harness cables between the new radio and the car. If you are not sure about the interfaces, check with the radio user manual.

Step 9, Turn on the car to test whether the new radio can work normally; if not, check again the cables whether connected correctly.

The Seicane aftermarket car radio with Apple Carplay

Since the product comes with a 9 inches large touchscreen, everything you do on it is easier and more convenient. There is comfortable and clear navigation UI for you to see information, allowing you to go everywhere quickly and safely. With the built-in DSP sound system, you are able to enjoy quality sound effects when listen to music, watch videos etc.

In Seicane Apple Carplay aftermarket radio, there are two methods of using Carplay, by wired and wireless, both are easy to do, giving drivers new way to use their phones while keeping a safe drive. With this fantastic design, you get to make phone calls, use phone maps, enjoy phone songs on radio screen freely.

The Seicane radio also helps increase driving safety when you add DVR, rear view camera, TPMS and so on to it. The DVR can record the whole process of traffic accidents, take photos for front of vehicles and store the video in real-time while driving. After installing the rear view camera, the radio screen will automatically display rear situation when you reverse the car, to assist you park it easily. The TPMS can report real-time tire-pressure information via a pictogram display or a simple low-pressure warning light to help you save fuel consumption, extend the tire life.

For Toyota Camry Radio Removal and Installation Guide

More and more drivers have upgraded their cars’ factory radios because some of cars only come with a standard radio with less functions that can’t meet drivers’ needs. Today, we’d love to share a guide of how to remove and install aftermarket car radio navigation system in the Toyota Camry. Check at this guide to decide whether you want to replace the radio by yourself.     

Detailed steps of removal and installation for Toyota Camry radio

The basic tools are screwdrivers, plastic pry tool, and we recommend to install the Seicane android car radio system. For safe work, cut off the car power firstly.  

Step 1, Remove the two side panels with your hands.

Step 2, Remove these two screws at first. 

Step 3, Power your vehicle to set up the emergency brake, then we need to remove this plastic handle. Just use your hands to remove it. Don’t forget to cut off the car power again after this step.  

Step 4, Take out the container panel with your hands.

Step 5, Next you need to remove the whole container structure.

Step 6, Now we can remove this part as we have loosen the screws at Step 2, and you need to unplug the connectors.

Step 7, At this time, we go to remove the vent. Use a plastic tool to pry the vent and plug the connector.

Step 8, Following we are planning to remove the whole radio system. You can find that there are four screws we need to remove, two at upper inside, two at bottom inside.

Step 9, After removing the four screws, we can take down the whole radio system, also unplug its connectors.

Step 10, And we need to remove these three control buttons of the old radio, in order to install them on the new radio.

Step 11, The removal of the original radio is finished, we are ready to install the new Seicane car radio navigation system. Firstly, have a check for the cables and accessories of the new radio.

Step 12, This step will require your patient and carefulness to connect the cables between new radio and car plugs, so have your user manual handy will be helpful.  

Step 13, After connecting the cables, you are advised to turn on the car and test the new radio. If it works well, then you can put everything back; If not, check whether you connect the cables correctly.

So now are you ready to work for this? For more information on the radio installation of other cars, visit the Seicane blog, you will get help.  

Take a look at Seicane car radio for Toyota Camry

Important parameters: Android 10.0, 4G in RAM and 64G in ROM, with 8-core CPU and a high resolution 10.1 inches touchscreen, keeping stable performance and smooth operation.

Main features and functions: Supporting 4G&WiFi network to allow you surf the Internet freely. Equipped with worldwide real-time navigation, taking you everywhere without trouble. Carplay is also supported, giving you a new method to play smartphone’s applications. In terms of music&radios and videos, they are the basic parts of this stereo system, you can enjoy countless music and videos when you are tired and bored. Just make sure you are safe driving.   

For more options: Adding a backup camera help ease your pressure in parking and reversing as the radio display can automatically switch to the rear image while reversing, so you can see the rear situation and park the car easier. You can also get the Car DVR, OBDII etc.  

It’s true that having a touchscreen car radio navigation system greatly improves driving experience.

How to Install A New Car Audio Navigation System in 2009-2012 Mazda 3?

Did your Mazda 3 come with an audio system with touchscreen, Bluetooth, GPS navigation and more? If not, it’s high time for you to upgrade its factory audio system for a new one since it allows you to complete a lot of tasks at the same time while driving. Now in the aftermarket, there are plenty of car audio systems you can opt, with difference in car models, audio functions and prices.

After getting your new car audio, you may want to install it by yourself since the Mazda 3’s factory radio is easy to remove. If you are not sure whether you can do, take a look at this tutorials guide in advance.

Audio SystemSeicane Car Audio Navigation System with Bluetooth WIFI
Needed ToolsA hard card, screwdrivers; User manual of Seicane audio system
PrecautionsMust disconnect the car power before doing anything.

Steps to remove Mazda 3 factory audio

This is the original audio system in the dashboard.

Step 1, To remove the air outlet: Insert a hard card into the seam of the air outlet, slide the card and use some force to pry the outlet, then you can remove it.

Step 2, Remove the screws fixing the original audio unit.

Step 3, Pull out the audio unit and unplug the connectors.

The removal of the factory radio is done. Following we will guide you to install the Seicane car audio system to your Mazda 3.

Steps to install Seicane car audio navigation system

Step 4, Have a check for the wiring harness and other accessories of the Seicane audio system to make sure a smooth work.

Step 5, Then connect cables between Seicane car audio and car plugs. In this step, it requires your patient and carefulness to recognize plug interfaces, thus have your user manual handy.

Step 6, Fix the new audio unit, turn on your car to test the product whether functions normally.

Step 7, If everything of the product work well, then install the air outlet back. The whole replacement job is finished. If the new unit doesn’t functions, please double check whether the cables are connected correctly.

Comparison of factory radio and Seicane android car audio system

Obviously, the factory radio system was the old-fashioned button-operated radio that you can only listen to music and broadcast, there is less function and no special features.  

For the new Seicane audio navigation system, it comes with a large touchscreen that make everything operated easier. What an awesome experience when you see navigation information and videos on such a big screen. Besides, this audio is not limited quantity of songs, it’s feasible to search for the latest album of your favorite singers on this android car audio system.

One of good reasons to use this Seicane audio system is smartphone integration. The product is able to support CarPlay and Android Auto, this gives you ability to connect your smartphone and play its applications including contact books, dialing, navigation app, music etc. freely on the audio display.

You can also choose to add optional functions to the system, such as DVR, AHD night vision parking camera, external OBDⅡ, TPMS and so on, to keep your drive safer and more convenient. I believe you won’t regret investing in Seicane car audio system.

An Easy Way to Upgrade Your Citroen C4L Factory Stereo

To look for the comfortable and quality in-car life, some car owners sell their old cars to purchase a new one, while for those who can’t afford a new car now, are planning to upgrade their old car parts, such as the tires, the paint, the interior, and the factory stereo.

When it comes to fun in-car life, having a quality car stereo is must. With the multifunctional car stereo navigation system, you get various entertainment like listening to newest music and radio, watching some movies, using the navigation to arrive your destination, playing Carplay etc. And the stereo helps you keep safe drive when connect some car cameras to it.

Actually, upgrading the car stereo is not so difficult, we can do the job ourselves. In this article, we’ll tell you how to replace the Citroen C4L factory stereo.

Removal and installation guide of Citroen C4L stereo system

First of all, get your toolbox. A couple of screwdrivers and a plastic pry tool are most common. You can also prepare some wire strippers, electrical tape. Before the replacement job, make sure you cut off the car power to avoid accident.

1 Remove the plastic baffle under the radio system.


2 Use a plastic pry tool to remove the A/C outlet.


3 Take off the two trim panel around the radio screen.


4 Remove six screws which fixed the radio system.


5 Take off the radio and unplug its connectors.


6 Remove the two screws that fixed the host, then take off the host and unplug the connector.


7 Remove this frame that fixed the host.


8 Check whether all the accessories of the new car stereo navigation system are complete.

9 Corresponding connect the cables between the new car stereo system and the car.

10 Now you can turn on the car to test whether the new stereo is working normally.

11 If there is no problem, fix well the stereo and all the car accessories.

Why to upgrade your factory stereo?

If your car is new enough, I am sure it used the latest technology in the stereo. You don’t need to make any change to it. But for most old cars, they only come a standard factory stereo with simple functions and no special features. To enjoy better in-car life, it’s time to replace your factory stereo. Some of aftermarket car stereo systems are worth to buy as they are designed awesome.

Generally speaking, to provide users with best viewing angle and smooth operation, most of the aftermarket car stereos are made of large touch screen, so users are easily to operate every function with their fingers. On the other hand, there are more entertainment methods to choose in these stereos, such as connecting to the Internet, users are able to search the latest music or watch online movies. What’s more, for stereos who support Carplay, users can connect their smartphone to the stereo, then they can use the smartphone applications freely on the stereo display.

These multifunctional aftermarket car stereos are not just designed for entertainment, they also have the ability to provide safety to our drive. For example, with the navigation application, we find the best route to our destinations. Besides, when adding some car cameras such as the rear view camera to the stereo, every time when we reverse the car, it switch to the rear view image to show us the rear situation, then we can park the car easier.

What are you waiting for to upgrade your factory radio system? Find the suitable one to replace it now.

How to Choose Quality Car Navigation Stereo System?

It is very important for “road idiots” to choose a useful GPS navigation stereo system for their cars. But for many people, there is very little understanding of car navigation, and there are many types of car navigation system on the market. In this post, we’ll talk about how to purchase a good navigation stereo system.

Things to consider when buying car navigation system

Choose a car navigation at the right price

There are many GPS-related products on the market, you should purchase them according to your own usage and budget. It is not a good thing to blindly pursue high-end products, yet it is your ability to buy the most cost-effective products.

At present, in terms of style and use, navigation are mainly divided into vehicle-mounted embedded and handheld portable. For price, product portability, entertainment, practicality, etc., the handheld portable navigation stereo system has certain advantages. There are many navigation brands on the market, such as Seicane whose price relatively affordable.

Check whether the maps in navigation system are practical

Generally speaking, the map often used by navigators is Google Maps, but some navigators cannot support the latest version of Google Maps. In fact, you also need to spend a certain amount of time to familiarize yourself with the operation of navigation software.

Pay attention to the screen size of the navigation

The size of the GPS navigation stereo system is mainly measured by the size of its screen. According to different car models, users can choose different sizes. GPS navigation is mainly to play its core navigation role when driving. The 9-inch navigator has the best visual effect on the car, and this also includes its MP3, MP4 entertainment and other aspects. Although many products have relative value-added services, some of the navigator system solutions with value-added service functions are not very mature. It is recommended that you do not rush to buy because at the meantime the price is high.

Know what other functions the car navigation system offer

In terms of functions, current navigation system mainly support Bluetooth, FM radio, video input, Carplay and so on. These functions require some settings, because at the beginning, everyone is not very good at using GPS stereo system, and needs guidance from the merchant.

Consider the search speed of navigation

A good navigator generally takes less than one minute to search, and some fake and inferior brand navigators take about two minutes to search, and some are even worse. After driving for more than ten minutes and almost reaching the destination, these bad navigation have not been searched. What a bad user experience.

Still pay attention to the navigation map

If the search speed of the map is fast, it indicates that there is a good configuration of the navigation. On the other hand, map apps are equally important, and easy-to-use maps are the key. In fact, each map has its own advantages. IGO and Google are both good. Pay attention to the genuine map.

Provide perfect after-sales service

Well-known companies of car navigation devices generally build a relatively blameless after-sales service system, such as Seicane, Alpine, etc., and consumers can enjoy satisfactory services. In some well-known companies, when the user’s navigator needs to be returned to the factory for repair, a spare device is also provided for the user to use.

The Ultimate Guide Helping You Replace 2006-2011 Honda Civic (LHD) Factory Radio System Quickly

To get better in-car life, car owners try their best to improve the unsatisfied parts of the car, such as installing comfortable seats, using soft carpet, and the most important is having a quality easy to operate and multifunctional car radio.

Most modern cars come with decent radio systems yet the older vehicles are not. For those old car owners, thankfully the aftermarket has a wide selection of car radio upgrades available. And they can replace the factory radios by themselves since there are lots of tutorial videos and posts online can help them.

As a car enthusiast and DIY lover, I also upgraded my 2007 Honda Civic (LHD) radio last month, and you will get the replacement instructions here. (This is the factory radio.)

Steps to replace (2006-2011) Honda Civic (LHD) factory radio

I purchased the Seicane car radio navigation system for my car. Before the replacement job, you should prepare tools like plastic pry tool and screwdriver and make sure the car power is cut off in the process of upgrade.

#1 Use a plastic pry tool to pry the board under the radio, and remove the two eight millimeter bolts of the plastic trim


#2 Pull out the panel under the steering wheel


#3 Remove the screws that fixed the whole top panel, then pull out the whole top panel and unplug its connector


#4 Pull out the original radio and unplug all the connectors


#5 Check the cable accessories of the new Seicane car radio system


#6 Take down the HVAC control board, air outlet and related accessories of the old radio panel, and install them to the new car radio


#7 Remove these white and black small chips of the original head unit and install them on the new radio unit


#8 Correspondingly connect cables between new car radio system and the car


#9 Turn on the car to test whether the new car radio unit work normally


#10 If there is no problem, fix the new radio in the dashboard, and install all the panel accessories in the original position

Lets take a look at Seicane car radio system for 2006-2011 Honda Civic (LHD)

Compared to the factory radio, this Seicane car radio is made of 10.1 inch IPS touchscreen and used the latest Android system, which not only provides us with large viewing angle but very super fast to response. The smooth operation, high sensitivity and abundant interaction greatly improve user experience.

On the other hand, the Seicane GPS radio system comes with diverse features and functions, such as supporting high speed 3G&Wifi internet, Bluetooth, 3D navigation, HD digital TV, DVR, rear view camera etc, adding more entertainment as well as helping us drive safer on the road.

Since it’s built-in Carplay, it’s easy to synchronizes our mobile phones with this stereo system trough WiFi or USB, which enables us to gain access to smartphone’s applications on the unit to play music, watch videos, make calling etc. With this amazing car stereo navigation system, I am sure your in-car life must be rich and colorful!

The Removal and Replacement Instructions for 2016 Jeep Renegade Car Stereo GPS System

Actually, for most cars, they are not equipped with the optimal car stereos from the factory. That’s because lots of manufacturers use cheap materials and lousy design for stereos, speakers and subwoofers to cut off costs and increase efficiency. As a result, you can use the stereo to listen to music, but you are unable to use it to watch videos, surf the Internet, setup Carplay etc.


To improve the car stereo components that manufacturers don’t produce well and to better your using experience, there are thousands of products on the market you can invest. One of good ways is to replace the factory stereo for a new awesome one.


Just in last month, my brother and I helped replace the factory radio of my father’s 2016 Jeep Renegade. He loves to drive to different places for fun, and a good car stereo would add more entertainment as well as improve driving safety. Now I am sharing the replacement guide here.


Part 1 Jobs to do to replace the 2016 Jeep Renegade car stereo system

We purchased the Seicane bluetooth car stereo system for the 2016 Jeep Renegade, which is versatile and affordable. The main tools you need are a plastic pry tool and a screwdriver. Do forget to cut off the car power before the replacement work.


Step 1 Use a plastic pry tool to pry the external frame that fixed the original stereo, then take it out.


Step 2 Remove the four screws that fixed the original stereo in the dashboard.


Step 3 Take off the factory radio and unplug its connectors.


Step 4 Make sure the wiring accessories of the new stereo system are complete.


Step 5 First of all, place the USB cable in the storage box in order to use it easily.


Step 6 Then put and fix the internal frame of the new stereo in the dashboard.


Step 7 Take down the plastic buckle from the original radio external frame, and install them to the new Seicane Car Stereo GPS System.


Step 8 Connect the new stereo radio system to the car plugs.


Step 9 Before fixing the new stereo, turn on the car to test whether it works well.


Step 10 If the product functions properly, then fix it in the dashboard.


Part 2 Keep your eyes on the 2016 Jeep Renegade car stereo GPS system from Seicane

Made of high configuration including intelligent pure android 10.0 operation system, 8-core CPU, 4GB RAM and 64 ROM, this car stereo has stable performance and smooth operation.


In addition, since the product supports Carplay/Android Auto, that means you are easily to connect your phone to this stereo to use your phone applications, such as quickly checking the address book and making bluetooth calls.


As my father often drives to different places, the GPS navigation helps him a lot. In the Seicane car stereo, it used the latest navigation technology which is able to support the latest map apps and offer accurate 3D navigation information. What’s more, with adding the rear view camera, my father has no trouble to park and reverse the car.


There are lots of amazing features and functions of the Seicane car stereo with GPS system, you can check for the proper one on its Official Website for your loved car.

Seicane Guide: How to Replace the 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 Factory Radio?

The fact is buying a car cost less than maintaining a car. After you purchasing the car, following comes maintenance, depreciation, insurance, repair and surely the upgrade fee, which all can’t be avoided and the longer you use the car, the more fee occurred.


No car is perfect 100%, what we can do is to improve the worst part, such as the quality of car stereos. We should know that the stereo is the most useful assistant in our driving, while today’s cars have factory radios that can not meet many of our needs. Some car radios isn’t touch screen, can’t watch videos, are unable to display GPS navigation, not to mention supporting Carplay. That’s why we drivers tend to look for the aftermarket car stereos to replace the factory radios.


In fact, it’s not so hard to replace the factory radio by ourselves, if you have a 2008-2016 Volvo XC60, I am sure you are able to finish the replacement job with the help of this guide.


Steps of replacing the 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 factory radio

New Radio: Seicane Android Car Radio System with GPS Navigation Carplay

Needed tools: Plastic pry tool, screwdriver

Precautions: Ensure cut off the power of the car during the replacement work.


The factory radio of 2008-2016 Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 Radio


Step#1, Remove the screws of the frame that fixed the original radio


Step#2, Use the plastic pry tool to pry the frame and take it off


Step#3, Remove the screws that fixed the original audio system


Step#4, Take off the control panel of the audio and unplug its connector


Step#5, Remove screws of the original audio screen and unplug the cables


Step#6, Remove the screws that fixed the original audio unit and take it out, unplug all the connectors


Step#7, Have a check for the cables and accessories of the new Seicane car audio unit

Step#8, Connect the new Seicane car stereo GPS navigation system to the original car port


Step#9, Plug the special port of the new audio screen to the original port


Step#10, Double check the connectors to make sure they are correct, then turn on the car to test the new audio system whether functions normally. If yes, fix it well.


How can the new 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 car stereo improve your driving experience?

Used the latest Android system (version 10.0), this Seicane car stereo for 2008-2016 Volvo XC60 is able to support the latest apps in the market, you can freely use them. The radio comes with built-in RDS and DSP, which means you are given a high quality of sound effect when listening to music, watching videos. With the help of the accurate 3D navigation it offered, drivers can go everywhere they want in a quickly and safer way.


On the other hand, since there is built-in wireless CarPlay and Android Auto in the car radio, users can connect their phones to the radio and use phone applications without trouble. What’s more, its big viewing angle IPS touch screen with fast and smooth operation, will greatly improve your visual experience.


Bluetooth, WIFI, FM/AM/RDS radio etc. are integrated in this fantastic stereo, you have lots of choices for car entertainment, and easily to switch different pages with the split screen display function. You can also add AHD camera, DVR, TPMS to this radio to increase driving safety.

Detailed Instructions for 2014 Peugeot 2008 Car Radio GPS Navigation System Upgrade

In modern society, one of the most common phenomenon we would find is that there are more cars on the roads, accompanied with the rapid development of automotive electronics at the same time.


Almost every family has a car, however, not every car can fully meet people’s needs. Some of car owners have realized the importance of in-car life since they need to spend lots of time in car everyday, so what we should do to make our in-car life better and more funny? The best answer is to upgrade the car, and the first work is replacing your old-fashioned car radio for a new one.


If you are searching for the way to upgrade your 2014 Peugeot 2008 Car Radio, You came to the right place here. Scroll down to get the detailed installation instructions. (The picture shows the original car radio.)


Car Stereo Brand: Seicane Car Audio System with Carplay GPS Navigation

Important Tools: Plastic pry tool, Screwdriver


Steps to Remove and Install Seicane Car Audio for 2014 Peugeot 2008

1 Use a plastic pry tool to open the panel and unplug its connector.


2 Remove two fixing screws of the original radio screen.


3 Take out the screen and unplug the connectors.


4 Remove four screws that fixed the frame of the radio and then take it out.


5 Pull out the old radio unit and unplug its connectors.


6 Check the wiring accessories of the new Seicane car radio system.


7 Correspondingly connect cables of new radio to the car plugs.


8 Fix well the new radio and turn on the car to test whether the new radio system works or not.


9 If everything is ok, the installation is finished, otherwise, double check the cable wiring.


Capability of 2014 Peugeot 2008 Car Audio GPS Navigation System by Seicane


About Configuration – Used the latest Android 10.0 operating system, with 8-core CPU as well as 4G RAM and 64G storage.


About Carplay – There is built-in Carplay, and customers are given two methods to connect it, by wired and wireless, offering the best way to use your Smartphone’s applications on the radio.


About Screen – It’s the 10.1 inch IPS screen, provides you with large viewing angle and there is no light reflecting under direct sunlight as well as no watermarks when touch.


About GPS Function – The car stereo is equipped with worldwide real-time navigation function of high accuracy. With dual zone function, the music from radio/AV/TV etc can be played behind the scene under GPS mode and it will switch to the GPS voice automatically.


Others – This Seicane car audio system for 2014 Peugeot 2008 has features of picture in picture and split screen display, and are able to support car DVR, backup camera, OBD II, HD digital TV, thus giving you better driving experience.

Instructions for 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida GPS Navigation Radio Upgrade

Since buying the Volkswagen Lavida, our lives have changed a lot. We don’t have to catch the buses and subways to go to work on rainy and snowy days. We also needn’t spend much money on transportation when we go travel. Our car takes us everywhere we want to go, more convenient and funny.


It’s a 2013 Volkswagen Lavida which has been with us for 8 years. There are more or  less breakdown and sure we got them repaired. Last year, we just changed the motor. While in order to enrich in-car life, my family decided to upgrade its old radio and my brother helped finish the installation last week.


We invested the new car radio system from Seicane because some of my friends purchased the Seicane products and they loved to use them. What’s more, its price is in our budget. I would like to share some experience with you at this post.


Important steps to install new 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida Radio

For convenience and safety, you should prepare the needed tools and cut off the power during the whole installation.

See original radio


1 Grab out the panel that fixed the factory radio, it’s stuck inside.


2 Remove the four fixing screws


3 Carefully take out the original radio, and pull out the plugs


4 Check the wiring accessories of the new Seicane car audio system and connect them to the system accordingly


5 Remove the old radio wiring harness connected to the car and needn’t use it


6 Then connect the wiring of the new audio system to the wiring of the car


7 Confirm that there is no problem with the wiring, so you can directly press the new radio into the central control and install the accessories


8 Turn on the car and test whether the Seicane GPS Navigation Stereo is working properly


Lets know more about the 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida GPS Navigation Radio

With this wonderful touch screen bluetooth radio for 2012-2015 VW Volkswagen Lavida, we gain more fun and convenience when driving.

  • The product supports video player, we can watch different videos when waiting for traffic lights or someone. And can also enjoy various good music.
  • What impressed me most isthe navigation function. By displaying navigation information such as current location, speed, mileage, landmark building etc. in 3D and with voice instructions, it programs the best way to help us arrive at destination safely & quickly, really g great assistant for driving.
  • It can support Carplay. By connecting the phone and radio with a Carplay USB dongle, you can use all the Carplay USB products on the radio.
  • The original car’s functions such as steering wheel control will still work after installing this auto radio navigation system.
  • In addition, there are options for other functions, like HD digital TV, DVR, rear view camera, TPMS, and so on.

It’s time to get one such quality aftermarket car radio to upgrade your old car.