7 inch Headrest DVD player with wireless earphone and game pad

Headrest is a wonderful entertainment equipment for your passengers.A good headrest DVD player can make your passengers get a satisfied car journey.Then you can enjoy you driving trip proudly.If there are some particular passengers such as children,you will can relax yourself and take your time.Just because of the 7 inch Headrest DVD player with wireless earphone and game pad,you won’t need to worry about that they will make many noises to trouble you.The headrest will distract them absolutely.This headrest is one pair.You just need book one product on our website.We can ensure that installing one pair headrest DVD player in your car will make your car very cool.The convenience and enjoyable experience will even change all of your life.Enough with the chatter,let’s see what it looks like.

Three colors for 7 inch Headrest DVD player
Three colors for 7 inch Headrest DVD player

The basic accessories of the Headrest DVD player.

The basic accessories of the Headrest DVD player
The basic accessories of the Headrest DVD player

The headrest can work together with your car’s DVD player and there is no limit to the models.What’s more,if you don’t want to use them at the same time,you also can use them separately.There isn’t any influence for this.You can click the link to know more information:   http://www.seicane.com/7-inch-headrest-car-dvd-player-with-fm-game-1-pair-sj-6601#tab1  Just like your DVD player,this unit also needs to connect to car battery which is 12V.As a result,they are wired.We will send all of the wires in the package. You don’t need to buy other wires.You just need connect them on the right ports.There is a cool advantage in this headrest.That is the wireless headset.We will configure one headset in the package.If you want to watch the video but will disturb your partners right by your side,the wireless earphone will play a big role.The wireless function can let you enjoy the entertainment more convenient.The key point will come at this moment if you are a gamer.The one pair headrests have equiped with 32-bit Native Game system and wireless game controller!And they can work at the same time without any influence from each other.You and your fellow can play games as competitor.So beautiful!Your car is really a happy castle!

Making all of your passengers enjoyable after installing 1 Pair headrest DVD player for your car

Headrest DVD player is not so strange to those people who have taken taxis often. While it is still one of the growing number of electronic science products.The trend in multimedia world will be guided by these new products such as the headrest DVD player.Why installing it?Just for making all of your passengers enjoyable after installing 1 Pair headrest DVD player for your car.Yes,it serves your passengers only.Not for you.If you are a driver who will always take someone or some persons to somewhere,then you had better get one in your car.It’s the best tool to make your passengers enjoy your driving journey.In addition,if you are a father or mother,your children will set in the seats quietly.They won’t make any dangerous movement or noisy sound.You will enjoy your driving life freely.You won’t worry about the accidents happen on the way.We can know the headrest by pictures:

1 Pair headrest DVD player for cars
1 Pair headrest DVD player for cars

The accessories of headrest DVD player.

The accessories of headrest DVD player
The accessories of headrest DVD player

It includes 2 pcs together. The headrest DVD player  fits to all cars.So you don’t need to search for the matched machine as the DVD player special for your car.Comparing with the DVD player we have introduced before,this unit is much more simple than them.The set of two DVD players allows customers to play different movies at the same time. This product comes in three colors:beige,grey and black.This makes the headrest match most of cars style.You can know more information through the website:  http://www.seicane.com/fm-game-headrest-7-inch-car-dvd-player-1-pair-sj-6619-4  The screen is 7 inch high definition,so the quality of screen is quite high.So even the car is moving,your passengers also can watch videos without any influence.At the same time,it can support most of the video formats:DVD/DVD+R/DVD-R/DVD+RW/DVD-RW/VCD/SVCD/CD/CD+R/CD-R/CDRW/CD+RW/MP3/MP4/WMA/Divx5 etc.The enjoyment you bring to your passengers will out of your expectation.Don’t hesitate any more and you will be popular in your driver friends.

The best 7 inch headrest dvd player

7 inch Headrest DVD Player and Protective Screen Cover(Games,FM,1 Pair)
7 inch Headrest DVD Player and Protective Screen Cover(Games,FM,1 Pair)

headrest dvd player feature:
Quick and easy to install into any automobile
Widescreen display is perfect for watching DVDs
FM transmitter wirelessly plays audio using car’s stereo system
Built in region-free DVD player (PAL and NTSC)
Play popular NES and SNES games
A/V OUT, A/V IN, SD, USB and 3.5mm jack connections
Clear and vivid images with great color accuracy
Attractive faux leather with zip-up cover
Comes with 2 remotes and everything you need to get started

These headrest DVD players feature a built-in region free DVD player that can be used independently of one another or display the same movie using a single DVD disc. They are constructed from high quality faux leather and have a zipper on the side so you can hide them when not in use. This is the perfect way to prevent theft as well as keep them protected from damage. This 7 inch widescreen headrest DVD player is the best way to quickly and easily turn your car into a complete entertainment center.

If you ask why purchase a headrest DVD player for their vehicle, we would say ‘To keep the kids quiet in the car.Headrest DVD players are the newest kid on the block in the niche of in-car DVD players, and are growing in popularity.

They are far better suited to families and for use with children than other types of in-car DVD system, for several reasons: Easy installation means your DVD player can be temporarily removed or re-installed on a different seat-back with ease.Easy operation means even young toddlers can operate controls themselves.Can be purchased in sets of two–no more arguing over what DVD to watch!This type of player is ideal for children in backwards-facing car-seats, as it can be installed on any seat back or front.


History of headrest car dvd player

In reference to car DVD player, we must be very familiar with it, even though you don’t have the chance to get a personal car for your convenient life, you also have access to this kind of device, when you get into the car of one of your friends, you have the habit to turn on the button on the unit in the front of the car to enjoy the music or radio programs there. What exactly the name of that item? Right! You guess it that is the car DVD player today we will talk about.

On the market, we will meet with different types of DVD players for car. According to the position of its installation, they can be divided into headrest car DVD player, overhead car DVD, armrest car DVD player, sun visor car DVD player, etc. There are also some other kinds such as 1 din car dvd player,2 din car dvd player, GPS car DVD player or in dash car DVD player for universal car models. You don’t need to worry about that if your cars are special ones, such as BMW, Benz, Audi, Ford, and TOYOTA, etc. Because here offer you the high quality special car dvd players all the time.

Start with The Development History  of headrest car dvd player; we will talk about the development history of car stereos in the following time. As we all know, because of its position of installation, the headrest car DVD player has been very popular with the whole family members, which is available for people to enjoy various enjoyments at the same time. However, what do you know about The Development History  of headrest car dvd player?

Dating back to the mid 1950s, the idea of making a headrest device came to G.J. Schifano, because he occurred to know the growing number of whiplash patients from his doctor there. Later, about in the late 1960s, the headrest article was applied into the vehicles, and then turned into the car headrest devices, which are widely used in the United States.

With the fast development of electronic information, the car headrest device got continuous improvement and finally become the headrest car DVD player which brings so lot conveniences to passengers. Its installation position is usually in line with the height of their heads, so that guests there can view a picture on the screen comfortably on the back seat. Besides, nowadays headrest DVD players become more multifunctional. With one, you can not only view the same programs with your companions in the vehicle freely, but also have the right to enjoy different hobbits. You watch TV programs; I listen to music or play games, etc. You know, usually the headrest car DVD is made up with two separately running monitors so you can view different images and videos on the different monitors. Put on the earphones or headsets, it will prevent mutual interference between passengers.

This is the history of headrest car dvd player. Did you see it before. Let’s update a picture of headrest car dvd player for you.

headrest car dvd player
headrest car dvd player