History of headrest car dvd player

In reference to car DVD player, we must be very familiar with it, even though you don’t have the chance to get a personal car for your convenient life, you also have access to this kind of device, when you get into the car of one of your friends, you have the habit to turn on the button on the unit in the front of the car to enjoy the music or radio programs there. What exactly the name of that item? Right! You guess it that is the car DVD player today we will talk about.

On the market, we will meet with different types of DVD players for car. According to the position of its installation, they can be divided into headrest car DVD player, overhead car DVD, armrest car DVD player, sun visor car DVD player, etc. There are also some other kinds such as 1 din car dvd player,2 din car dvd player, GPS car DVD player or in dash car DVD player for universal car models. You don’t need to worry about that if your cars are special ones, such as BMW, Benz, Audi, Ford, and TOYOTA, etc. Because here offer you the high quality special car dvd players all the time.

Start with The Development History  of headrest car dvd player; we will talk about the development history of car stereos in the following time. As we all know, because of its position of installation, the headrest car DVD player has been very popular with the whole family members, which is available for people to enjoy various enjoyments at the same time. However, what do you know about The Development History  of headrest car dvd player?

Dating back to the mid 1950s, the idea of making a headrest device came to G.J. Schifano, because he occurred to know the growing number of whiplash patients from his doctor there. Later, about in the late 1960s, the headrest article was applied into the vehicles, and then turned into the car headrest devices, which are widely used in the United States.

With the fast development of electronic information, the car headrest device got continuous improvement and finally become the headrest car DVD player which brings so lot conveniences to passengers. Its installation position is usually in line with the height of their heads, so that guests there can view a picture on the screen comfortably on the back seat. Besides, nowadays headrest DVD players become more multifunctional. With one, you can not only view the same programs with your companions in the vehicle freely, but also have the right to enjoy different hobbits. You watch TV programs; I listen to music or play games, etc. You know, usually the headrest car DVD is made up with two separately running monitors so you can view different images and videos on the different monitors. Put on the earphones or headsets, it will prevent mutual interference between passengers.

This is the history of headrest car dvd player. Did you see it before. Let’s update a picture of headrest car dvd player for you.

headrest car dvd player
headrest car dvd player

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