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39 comments on “About Our Blog

  1. Hello,

    can you tell me if the SMA DVB-T antenna connector (of the Car dvd player for Benz B-class W245 with GPS radio TV bluetooth, SKU: 107459 Model:8822) has a 5V phantompowering?

  2. Dear Seicane,

    For one month I have informed You about an issue in my Seicane radio.
    I’m not receiving any information how can I fix it or repair or replace it.
    I have this radio for a little more then one year.

    Can you please help me?…Thanks

  3. If I could give this company a 0 star I would. They are terrible when it comes to customer service! We received our radio unit for a 2016 Subaru in February with the wrong wire harness to attach. After multiple emails, we finally got them to send us the correct harness the radio didn’t work when we plugged it in. Multiple emails later again to a very awful customer service, they say it is the display screen and send us a new screen to correct the issue. The radio is still not working. Mind you, we are now into APRIL after buying the unit in February. Then they say send us the radio back and we will send you a new unit. We spend over $100 to ship the unit back and they send us an email saying they won’t pay shipping and that they are at too much of a loss and just want to refund the price of the radio minus all the shipping! So we have now spent over $200 in shipping from beginning to end and are out a radio. The company is absolutely the worst when they say they pride themselves in customer service. Do not waste your time or money trying to buy from this company because the headache was far worse than the product they sell. Don’t expect to get any help on a blog when they can’t even help through email or care about their customers in general.

  4. Dear Seicane,

    I have recently bought a multimediaplayer to my BMW e61 from you.
    There were no install instructions in the parcel.
    There are two yellow contacts DVR CVBS and CCD CVBS.
    There are no other RCA contacts.
    Witch contact is to be used for my rearview camera

    Best regards

    Dag Breistein

  5. Hello,

    I bought a peugeot 307 android 8.1 from Seicane, via aliexpress.
    I am trying to contact a sofware engineer from you for several trouble:
    Are your android Rooted? If not it is possible to root? Can you send an image of the OS?
    I would like to create an .apk sending my own message on canBus. It is possible to use canBUS?

  6. Hi I am installing Seicane 9″ Android 9.0 Quad Core Car GPS Navigation Radio Multimedia player For 2013 2014 2015-2017 Hyundai IX45 SantaFe. The radio that I was sent is different from the one pictured in the ad, the back looks different. The steering wheel controls do not work. The car wire ( blue ) is connected to the Key1 radio wire the other ( gray ) is grounded. I measure +2.5 volts to ground on this connection, voltage changes as I press Steering wheel buttons so it looks like it is connected correctly. However I am unable to map the buttons, the radio does not recognize the button presses. Also, the steering wheel setting is grayed out in the factory setting. How do I enable this feature? Is there a software or firmware update that be downloaded and installed? My unit is presently running Android 9.1.
    Also, the Seicane logo disappeared and the side buttons stopped working after doing a factory reset, how to I re-enable these buttons. Overall I like this radio but issues with the backup camera “Reverse in” wire missing and the steering wheel controls not working are frustrating. My email is [email protected] if anyone out there can help. Thanks.

  7. I have a wireless rearview camera I got with my headunit. I wired it everything has power!!!! but can not get a signal when shifted into reverse????

  8. hopefully you have one for ford transit 350 2018 and kia sorento 2012 im interested in double din radio tesla style

    • “Dear,
      This is
      Thanks for interested in our product.
      Could you please send us the photo of your car’s dashboard to [email protected]?  
      And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      Then we can check if our unit fit your car ,hope you could cooperate with us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Thank you & Best regards!

  9. Please provide a proper solution to my product issue, it has been 3 weeks and my issue is yet to be fixed. I have also emailed about 10 times.

  10. Hi.
    I have a problem with Android 9.1 mounted on a BMW x1 from 2011, the buttons on the steering wheel do not work. Do you have a diagram or a video with the assembly of cables and plugs?

  11. Installing in R230 MB year 2003. Where is the canbus connection for the steering wheel control? I have several options provided (cables) however there is no mating connector that I can connect on the car. Where is the connection for the canbus on the 2003 SL500?

  12. Bonjour
    Je recois ENFIN mon appareil mais il manque TOUTES LES OPTIONS (dans l emballage pourtant INTACT) :
    1 DVB-T Digital TV(Europe Australia India Africa),
    2 DAB+, DVR,
    3 External 4G Module,
    4 Carplay Android Auto USB dongle,
    5 External OBDⅡ,
    6 ET LE MICRO !
    7 DSP Sound System

    Donc appel mais avec decalage horaire trop tard !
    Donc je vais envoyer courriel et je vous informe (ainsi que mes forums) de la suite …………..

  13. Thank you.
    Buy a Seicane HD USB DVR Camera Item #: 116013,
    Now I want to buy another team, the same as the previous one
    I would like to ask you, I doubt that you will answer me since many times I asked questions and I was never answered.
    I have an Aftermarket Android 7.1.1 Radio DVD Player Navigation System for 2011 KIA SORENTO SKU 118204a.
    I always claimed that this equipment arrived with failures in the mini SD and in the USB port, they never answered me.
    I want to know if you can sell me another equipment, just like this one, since I can’t find it on

    Thank you so much


    • “Dear,
      This is
      Thanks for interested in our product.
      Could you please send us the photo of your car’s dashboard to [email protected]?  
      And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      Then we can check if our unit fit your car ,hope you could cooperate with us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Thank you & Best regards!

  14. It has been many days since I bought a Seicane HD USB DVR Camera Recording video, I did not receive any notification from you.
    There are several times that I bought their products, but I must say that they are more and more inresponsible, many times I send emails and messages, they were never answered.
    I must say that I lost all confidence in you, I asked for help and answers in my team and they offered me money to calm things down.
    Today I write to you and I know that I will not have any kind of response from Seicane.

    Re: 105285316 Aftermarket Android 7.1.1 Radio DVD Player Navigation System for 2010 2011 2012 KIA SORENTO

  15. Why does the equipment that I have purchased not continue to be offered?
    I received many problems with that equipment, that is why it is not manufactured and the emails are not answered.
    I need answers to my requirements please.

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