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so you can known how you choose a car dvd player for your car,knownledge about car dvd player.

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6 comments on “About Our Blog

  1. Hello,

    can you tell me if the SMA DVB-T antenna connector (of the Car dvd player for Benz B-class W245 with GPS radio TV bluetooth, SKU: 107459 Model:8822) has a 5V phantompowering?

  2. Hello,

    I bought a peugeot 307 android 8.1 from Seicane, via aliexpress.
    I am trying to contact a sofware engineer from you for several trouble:
    Are your android Rooted? If not it is possible to root? Can you send an image of the OS?
    I would like to create an .apk sending my own message on canBus. It is possible to use canBUS?

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