Android head unit is the trend of Car DVD Player GPS Navigation system

Android is a word which is well known by most of people around the world.Our cellphones are the best products connected with android.While our step will not stop at all.The car DVD navigation is another great product related with the android.If you have a car and have installed a car DVD player with wince system  in the dashboard,I think,you can upgrade it with a car radio navigation with android system under the premise of your need.Anyway,android head unit is the trend of Car DVD Player GPS Navigation system.We have to say that it is also a fashion which is worth us to catch up with.Just like the mobile phone,we will line up just for an iphone 6 or 6 plus which the length can be enough to circle around the earth.There will be 3G and WiFi dongles in the package and you can use network through the two dongles if you have bought a android car nav machine.At present,there aren’t too many service centers all around the world.Because just Asia countries are producing the car DVD player.However,almost all of the countries in the world are using the car DVD sat navi machines.We all have the demands.

Android Mercedes Benz Car DVD Player
Android Mercedes Benz Car DVD Player

The touch screen,the High Speed Dual-Core processor or the Android 4.0 operation system will make you have a pleased driving journey.It’s so cool that you can take your passengers to anywhere you want to.

The back of Android car DVD player head unit
The back of Android car DVD player head unit

Maybe a video introducing the functions of the android car radio will make you fall in love with it:

We will never stop in the science field.What I showed in the picture and the video is not the latest version.We have Android 4.2 operate system to meet with your need.It is more multifunctional and  practical than this one.Certainly,it will be more convenient for you.Such as the DVR function,the file management,the DVD recording function,the 20 disk virtual CD changer function and so on.In addition,the car DVD player is designed more humanized in the newest production.It can auto detect car light to clarify day/night and On/off for button light & screen lightness automatically.If you are interested in what I said above,you can contact with us at any time you feel good.Our customer services will solve all of your questions with high enthusiasm.

How to choose the Car DVD Player GPS Navigation System

As a new concept of automotive electronic equipment,car nav with DVD radio can provide a lot of convenience to vehicle owners in geographic information services, urban navigation, car excursion etc.In Europe and other countries,car DVD with GPS navigation has become a popular tool for assisted living, or even a necessity.Now, with private car ownership has increased significantly,GPS has become increasingly fierce market DVD player GPS products are no longer the “fever” class equipments in the hands of a minority professionals and explorers.But how to choose the car DVD Player GPS Navigation System?While more and more persons are interested in the car radio Sat Navi product,consumers are often in a “smattering” state when purchasing this type of high-tech products.It is easy to make them confused and puzzled.The main reason is that we are not so familiar with such a electronic equipment and the head unit is a little complex comparing with other vehicle accessories.

The appearance of Car DVD player with GPS navigation
The appearance of car DVD player with GPS navigation

You can see the effect after installing the newest car nav machine:

the wide screen car DVD with GPS
the wide screen car DVD with GPS

In fact,we should know about some information about the functions of the car DVD player before we decide buy the product.Maybe the video about how to use the DVD player will let you get the better understanding.

We can provide some advice from several aspects below:

At first,we should notice the GPS map.Electronic map is the core part of the car nav function application of the DVD player.The detailed amount of data is the basic element it should have.So consumers should check the origin of the electronic map.The IGO8 is a quite high quality GPS map at present.There are some other versions like Tomtom Route 66 Papago etc.Professional,detailed electronic navigation map should also be able to provide detailed nationwide road network and major cities information in addition to the high degree of accuracy.It should include the streets,catering, accommodation, entertainment, transportation and other information points as many as possible.Then the product performance to differ materially.We also need care about this point.As the car DVD player is applied in the car,it should be adapted to the harsh environment with seismic,temperature and other characteristics of the car on the technology and quality.The last tip is that high quality is not cheap.The great functions this machine includes will make the cost a little high.If you really want to choose one pleased unit,you had better not be mean with your money.Unlike some products such as the clothes,the high price nearly mean the good product and great after-sale service.As a word,you should think about these factor comprehensively.After all,the cost is not so cheap and the product is quite important for your driving.

Three car DVD player GPS navigation systems maintenance methods for Benz Sprinter W906 W209 W311 W315 W318

Many car owners have a misunderstanding when they maintain their cars.They take more focus on the car’s engine,chassis and other parts of appearance but with little regard for car navigation.In fact,the navigation is our guiding people.It must also be maintained regular.Next,I will introduce three car navigation systems maintenance methods for Benz Sprinter W906 W209 W311 W315 W318.You should attach importance to your Benz DVD player GPS navigation from now on.

If you didn’t have one dvd player GPS navigation,this picture will help you know it.

Benz Sprinter DVD player built-in GPS navigation system
Benz Sprinter DVD player built-in GPS navigation system

The dashboard appearance of Benz Sprinter after installing DVD player GPS navigation system.

The dashboard appearance of Benz Sprinter after installing DVD player GPS navigation system
The dashboard appearance of Benz Sprinter after installing DVD player GPS navigation system

These are three methods to maintain your Benz GPS navigation.

Methods / steps:

1.Routine maintenance

In everyday use, if you don’t pay attention to the operation, it will be easy to  bring dust for navigater.It will effectively block the entry of dust as long as we placed the lid back on the DVD player timely in peacetime use.

2.waterproof and ampproof.

Electronic devices are afraid of water.waterproof and ampproof are necessary.In the car wash, be sure to remember to shut the door tight.After cleaning, it is best to use a soft, dry towel to wipe it again.This is not only to protect car navigation,but also does it keep the car interior dry and help prevent the growth of bacteria.

These are useful advice for all owners who have bought one DVD player GPS navigation system not only for Benz Sprinter owners.A video will help Prospective owners know more about GPS navigation.

3.In addition, proper use is also important.At the end of the use of the DVD player, the car navigation should be closed beofore the car is turned off.

In addition to pay attention to daily proper operation and maintenance in the usual time,choosing a reliable DVD player with GPS navigation brand is also very important.If you want to look for some information,you can visit:  A good firm can not only provide high-quality in-car navigation, but can also provide a variety of perfect service for the owners.DVD player GPS navigation is a precision instrument.There should be timely data updates and upgrades to facilitate owners to use.