General Issues about Car Radio Sat Navi Head Unit

car DVD Player is a naughty boy who is popular known by us.We both love him and hate him.Why?We love him because it can bring too much entertainment and convenience for our daily life.We hate him for the complicated installation process.Before installed the car nav unit,it is just like a hot potato.You are excited about the multi-functional Car autoradio machine while you still can’t use it despite  it is just in front of you.For this,making a conclusion about general Issues about Car Radio Sat Navi Head Unit is very necessary to you all.

Car autoradio with Bluetooth function
Car autoradio with Bluetooth function

Radio,Bluetooth and GPS are the main functions the car DVD navigation have.In general,the radio function has met the most quantity issues.So I will put the original customer’s problem in this page to solve most people ‘s doubt.

The customer:I received my order. I took the unit to Streetnoyz here in San Diego. They are a long time quality installer and could not resolve the following problems.

1. Constant noise through speakers when headlights are turned on.

2. Engine noise coming through speakers when car is running.

3. Limited steering wheel controls – Only thumb wheels work.

4. Bad FM reception – only picked up two stations.

I really like your unit and want it to work. Do you have tech support? Could the unit be faulty and if so can we replace it?

Car Radio Sat Navi radio antenna
Car Radio Sat Navi radio antenna

The customer service:the radio reception issue required an amplified antenna adaptor to remedy,steering wheel controls are the same.

About radio,please connect the blue amp control cable on our power cable to the signal wire on radio antenna.Shell this cable,then connect the blue amp cable to this cable’s core.Please let it don’t touch this cable’s copper wire.About steering wheel control, please check if this wire was connected like below:

Car Radio Sat Navi steering wheel control wire connection
Car Radio Sat Navi steering wheel control wire connection

About steering wheel control,please remove your key and close car door,and then check if the steering wheel control will work after CAN cable’s connection.

All of these steps have been done successfully,you can enjoy the perfect head unit absolutely.Maybe there are many other questions about installing the car DVD player except the radio function.But we believe that a good thing is worth to take some time and energy on it.This sentence is not only used on this car radio upgrade stereo but also all of the amazing things.Researching one science technology product is the best way to catch up with the footstep of time.Are you one of the members for it?

9 comments on “General Issues about Car Radio Sat Navi Head Unit

  1. i have recently installed my SEICENE Multimedia system for my VW Jetta 5 1.4 TSI, works great except FM tuning. i sometimes poorly tune in to some other stations, but sometimes works fine. the other problem that i have experienced is the battery issue. the radio does not go off after turning the ignition off on my car, and i use the on and off button to switch it. but sometimes it drains my battery so bad even though i turned if off. so i wanted to ask is there a proper way to correct that, or should i visit the local radio installer?

    Regards MMS Nkomonde In South Africa

  2. I recently installed SEICANE Android Player in to my 2012 Subaru Outback. The unit works well and I like it a lot. However I then realize when night driving, turn on headlights, the Android Player go crazy and software hang. Volume go maximum and there is no way to stop it but go for rest button, or turn of car for a few minutes before turn on. Happens every time I turn on headlight. Please help?

    Regards, from Willy Low, Kuala Lumpur

  3. I really like your unit and want it to work. Do you have tech support? I installed my head unit this weekend in my Toyota Tundra and the radio does not work and it makes a continual noise when using apple play from my phone. Can you help resolve these issues?

  4. My 2002 Honda CR-V head unit works well but there are NO POIs loaded in the machine. It cannot find gas station or banks or theaters or anything. This is how the system was delivered. In good English tell me how to load poi’s or I must return this unit.

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