How to make the functions of Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player with steering wheel control come true

It’s a simple thing to learn to use a machine and master it in our eyes.But understanding how to make the functions of Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player with steering wheel control come true is not so easy a thing.If you have taken it,you are great to us.Maybe you will think that it is unnecessary to know about these theories.We just need to know how to use it.You are right to some extent.But there will be too many advantages if you have mastered the basic principle.As we all know,the DVD player for one car is needed to be installed in the dashboard.If you have learned something about it you can install it all by yourself without others’ help.You certainly needn’t to have technician complete it.The cost spent on repairing DVD player is nearly zero.Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player has its unique characteristics.At first,let’s know about the accessories for Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player.

accessories picture for Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player
accessories picture for Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player

Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player with steering wheel control function can be realized by the CANBUS.These members are:

1.User Manual        2.Power Cable        3.Radio Connector        4.USB Cable        5.Touch Pen

6.RCA Cable            7. GPS ANT              8.AUX Cable                     9. Ipod Cable     10. CANBUS Box

The Sat Navi function must need the GPS ANT.Besides,it will work with a GPS map.The GPS antenna can receive the signal from the GPS invented by America.The GPS map with almost all of the languages in the world can be shown on the touch screen.So you can drive your car under the guide of the DVD player with GPS Navigation system.

The steering wheel control function of  Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player.

steering wheel control function of  Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player
steering wheel control function of Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player

The video can help you know more about it:

Steering wheel control function is very convenient for a driver.If  you want to use other functions when you are driving you just need press the button on the steering wheel.This can ensure your security and avoid much trouble.You can learn more information you can visit:  Can Bus means Controller Area Network-Bus, which is the network for the vehicle of transmission of a variety of sensor data.When you are planning to get an Alfa Romeo 159 DVD player, choose one which has live voice instructions along with visual maps, while you are driving. Voice instructions can be extremely helpful in getting you where you need to go especially when you are driving alone.

Does your car match to the Alfa Romeo Brera DVD player?

Nowadays,more and more owners have chosen a DVD player with GPS navigation for their cars or be ready to install one.But the attendant problem also bothers them.What is it?You may have got it:You don’t find that the DVD player doesn’t match to your car until you take it back.Why do you have this problem?Let me ask you:Does your car match to the Alfa Romeo Brera DVD player?The answer is vague at you.Because these DVD player are special for those cars.Every type has its special car models.But these DVD player for cars are similar with each other.So choosing a right DVD player is not so easy.To solve this problem,I prepare some materials in the article.It’s just about Alfa Romeo Brera.Certainly,other car models owners can reference it as well.

At first,you had better find the same picture of your original car’s CD or DVD on the website of OEM.

original car's cd for Alfa Romeo Brera
original car’s cd for Alfa Romeo Brera

original car’s dvd for Alfa Romeo Brera.

original car's dvd for Alfa Romeo Brera
original car’s dvd for Alfa Romeo Brera

If you have found these pictures,congratulations!You will almost choose the right DVD player.Next,you should look for the information on car model and  year carefully.these information are of crucial importance to your choice for a DVD player.A good seller must list them correctly.For example,the Alfa Romeo Brera DVD player is special for Alfa Romeo Brera from year 2006 to 2013.If you are still not sure about it,you can ask the customer service directly.It is the quickest way to find a suitable DVD player for your loved car.A video will help you know more about Alfa Romeo Brera DVD player:

Through the introduction above,you will feel that it isn’t so difficult a thing to look for a right DVD player.Isn’t it?Are you curious about the source of these material?Just visit this:  As I have said above,you can ask any question about DVD player with GPS for your car.We will help you solve all of the problems no matter whether you will buy one product or not.We believe visitting our web site is worth it for you.Not just for buying an unit,but a pleasant and massive experience for you.

What can you do after installing DVD player with GPS navigation system for Alfa Romeo 147

Alfa Romeo 147 is a very famous car in the world.It’t manufacturer is headquartered in Milan.Its strong sporty and unique appearance always make it has its unique status on motor racing.One great car should equip with one great DVD player.Alfa Romeo DVD navigation is a kind of host-based vehicle which mainly having DVD player and navigation functions.It is generally used to replace the original car CD host.If it is car-specific design,it’s power plug and audio cable will be on the plug with original car completely.As a result,it won’t change any of the original car lines.And the appearance, size and style of the installed car will keep united with the original vehicle.Having introduced so much information about DVD player,but What can you do after installing DVD player with GPS navigation system for Alfa Romeo 147?Let’s know it next.

Original car’s CD.

Original car's CD
Original car’s CD

Original car’s DVD.

Original car's DVD
Original car’s DVD

After installation.

After installation
After installation

Alfa Romeo 147 DVD player has digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen.It’s very convenient for a driver.The operation system is the newest 800MHz ARM11 processor and base on WinCE6.0.It also builts in GPS navigation system.This function is one of the most important ones in the DVD player.In addition,radio and bluetooth are perfect functions as well.Uniquely designed circuitry including standby function to increase battery durability.Thinking that you are travelling on the wild road, enjoy the sunset with the wind blows, the music that played from the multimedia system of Alfa Romeo 147 DVD player with GPS navigation system.This must be the most memorable moments we have.If you don’t know how to use it yet,just watching the video below:

Do you want to make your driving journey more interesting or just not so dry?Installing a DVD player with GPS navigation system for your Alfa Romeo 147.And it will give you a surprise.Because it support HD Video with 1080P.It has 256MB RAM and support external 500GB Hard Disk Drive.To get one or know more about it,please visit:  It supports all kinds of  audio format:MP3/MP2/ACC/OGG/RA/WAV/FLAC/APE etc.Media format as well:H.264/MPEG-4/RMVB/AVI/WMV/3GP/MP4/MOV/MPG/VOB etc.You are not alone after possessing it.With Alfa Romeo 147 DVD player,smart and intelligent travelling plan will be ordinary and convenient for us.Thanks to the DVD player,we are having a enjoyable driving life.