FAQs for using car stereo autoradio

Nowadays installing a new upgraded stereo for car is become very popular among drivers.Many people choose the new unit because of its new entertaining functions and its nice appearance.Here is an image for it,a car stereo autoradio with gps bluettoth touch screen.

car stereo autoradio with gps bluettoth touch screen
car stereo autoradio with gps bluettoth touch screen

After seeing it,we may know why there are so many people make that decision.It’s more advanced than original one and can bring people much convenient and make life in car more comfortable.But do you know how to use this stereo?

Faqs during usage of car stereo autoradio:

1.How to upgrade the map?

You know,this unit has gps nav system,it can support IGO,Tom-tom,Route 66,Papago etc.Thus you upgrade your radio by downloading map on the Internet

2.How to find the SD card?

Everything should be in the machine when you ordered from a shop,and the SD card are generally placed on the foam when you open up the package or inserted in the GPS a lot.If you still can’t find out it,please check it carefully again in the package

3.How to make GPS work?

Before you use GPS,please make sure that you have inserted the SD card into the GPS slot,this is very important.And you should also ensure that you have installed the GPS antenna and set the file path correctly before you start it up.

4.How to make the radio got channels?

If you find that there are no channels on radio,you need to check the radio antenna in the package to see whether it is correctly connected to your original car’s radio antenna,in addition,the radio area should be selected correspondingly to your location.With all these well done,you will surely find channels on the stereo

5.Where should the TV antenna place?

The TV antenna is suggested to be placed outside of your car to getting better signal

6.How to connect the rearview camera?

There are three pictures which will show you specific instructions for its connection,and mind that your rearview camera’s video input is supposed to be connected to this unit’s back-video-in.

connect the rearview camera
connect the rearview camera










connect the rearview camera2
connect the rearview camera2










connect the rearview camera3
connect the rearview camera3









If you still meet some other questions or doubts,you can visit our website:http://www.seicane.com,there are more detailed information and solutions there.

After you have a new stereo autoradio,actually keeping it well is the most important thing in usage.But before this,of course,you should make sure that you have succeed finishing whole installation,next there won’t be any big problems in latter time on case that you don’t protect the unit well.

Therefore,please mind to protect your radio while you are using it.Here are some tips for you about using car stereo autoradio with nav system.

Precautions during using new stereo:

1.You should pay more attention to the screen when you are heavy raining days for moisture may gather on it.which may arouse damage to screen

2.Please use touch screen to operate the unit,without any other sharp objects

3.Please do not use any chemicals to wash the machine,if you really need to clean it up,you can use a clean cloth and gently tidy the surface the radio

4.Do not do any self-repairment or maintance when you have no experience on it,you’d better ask someone who is professional on this when something can’t work well,or it can be dangerous

Keeping you safe and then enjoy your life is the wisest choice we should make.

How to choose a right car dvd player

dvd player with a lot of functions
dvd player with a lot of functions

Do you have a DVD player like the above picture shows? Nowadays the CD player is gradually replaced by DVD player because the latter has some functions which are more convenient and entertaining.But how to choose a right car DVD player? Next there will be some advices for you.

There are mainly two types of car dvd players: DVD players with built-in monitor and those that require external monitors. You can always hook up additional monitors throughout the car even if your DVD head unit includes a built-in monitor.In addition, using your built-in monitor with a rearview backup camera will allow you to see  the behind you when you are backing in reverse or parallel parking.

1. DOUBLE DIN application

If you want to choose a right DVD player for your car, first of all, you must make it clear if the stereo will fit your car. Most in-dash DVD receivers are DIN-sized models, which will fit in regular DIN dash slots. However, certain are specifically designed as DOUBLE DIN models, they will fit in cars with DOUBLE DIN dash holes. Thus  you should check our DOUBLE DIN application to know your car’s dash slot size at first.

2. Security feature

Most DVD players have convenient playlist control for touchscreen. For example, if you use the screen to scan your favorite music, the screen will display the song and artist information. Some DVD players have motorized screens that you only need to press a button. This is a great security feature that you can pay attention to when you are buying the DVD player.

3.Important functions

Besides playing CDs, MP3s, and DVDs, some receivers also have Bluetooth compatibility, iPod controls, and are possible for Sirius or XM satellite radio. Certain DVD players also offer GPS navigation function, which is very convenient especially for people who are busy when he is driving.So choosing a dvd player of the car with gps nav system is a wise choice.On-screens maps and a computer generated voice will give you directions clearly.

4.Accounts about other passengers

Actually it’s according to your own interests about the various functions. When choosing a DVD player, you can look for great features such as dual-zone capability, built-in wireless FM modulators and so on.Dual-zone systems enable front seat passengers to listen to their music or station while the rear passengers watch a movie or listen to an alternative music. Built-in FM modulators and infrared transmitters allow your passengers to use wireless headphones, also can afford you peaceful silence on the road, you will enjoy yourself very well.

In a word,you should have a detailed look at the car dvd player to see whether it can installed in your car.And then, it’s about functions, choosing one that can make you feel satisfied is choosing the right one.


How to solve the installation problems of car dvd player for Mercedes-Benz

 Recently,we are accepting some customers’ response of the related problems about How to solve the installation problems of car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz OK,we focus those problems to give our solutions, and wishing it will be helpful to you.

Firstly, a customer put up this problem: why plugs can not be inserted?

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_1
car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_1

In fact,optical fiber can be inserted, but you should additionally plus 3 meters speaker wire.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_2
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_2

  To make this unit power on,you need to connect canbus connector B2 and B3-B6.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_3
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_3

There are 3 kinds of connections:




Please try all these 3 kinds of connections, and see which one can make this unit power on. Canbus box also need to be connected to make this unit power on.


After this unit power on , you will find that there is no sound. So please use this 6 meter long cable to connect speakers, or you also can connect 4 pairs long cables separately.

1. Please use this 6 meter long cable as a speaker long cable.

  2. Please cut this 6 meter long cable’s plug 2 and plug 3.

3. Please connect the short power cable to this unit’s back.

4. Please connect this 6 meter long cable plug 2’s 4 pair speaker cables to the short power cable. Just joint the same color together.

5. Please connect this 6 meter long cable plug 3’s 4 pair speaker cables to your original car’s optic fiber amplifier plug’s 4 pair speaker cables.


Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_4
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_4

Then the speaker cables are all connected well.

Secondary, if you also have following problems, go on.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_5
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_5

According to above picture, if you don’t know how to connect lines or plugs, try to connect part 5,6 to 3.Then determine to use 5 or 6 with what can work normally.

Part 2,3,4 should connect to 1, but finally determine to use 2,3 or 4, we should observe what one can boot.

Thirdly, a customer deliver a picture to us.

Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_6
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_6


Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_7
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_7

His or her question is don’t know the tail box plug to connect what.



Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_8
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_8



Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_9
Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz_9










The part 4 should connect to power, and you should find another 8 lines to connect to original car’s speaker wire. Of course, you can cut B5 power lines for your usage.

About how to solve the installation problems of car dvd player for Mercedes-Benz,we write here.If you also have any doubt about our products,please contact with us, we will  answer for your questions warmly.


How to update & install Rearview Camera

Some peopel don’t kow to connect and install a rearview camera for his belove car.There alwasy are some issues about back camera connection.Some have no image displayer on the screen when reverse car.Some even have no response when reverse car.There is no change in the screen.Normally,before you buy one camera,you should check if the camera’s shape is the same with your original car’s license plate light’s shape.Because the camera was placed to the place of license plate light.If the shape is not the same,then this camera can’t fit your car.

Some peopel maybe have many question about install a new camera.”The lights where the camera have to be is the top door?” “The piece is in one part without place for the camera.” “That is a whole circuit that can not be modified because the opening circuit is on it. ” Please don’t worry.The camera should be installed to the place of your original car’s license plate light.Please take the license plate light off,then connect it well and move it aside.Then install our camera to the place of your original car’s license plate light.The camera cable is about 6 meter long,it should be long enough.Please check if the cable was placed well.

This is one wiring diagram for rearview camera connection:

How to update & install Rearview Camera
How to update & install Rearview Camera

You can see from the picture that there are six cables need to be connected when install a rearview camera.This blue connect to car back light cable.This blue is back testing cable connect to  back cable.This red is ACC+ connect  to car 12V power +.Connect the same color cable.Connect with back-video-in.This two black wires  are Ground cable.

If you want to get help from us. We normally reply: could you please take a photo about the shape of your license plate light and please place our camera near your license plate light,then we can check whether the shape of your license plate light is the same with the shape of our camera. When you reverse your car,the screen should jump to rearview image.If you are in radio interface,then reverse your car, if it is still in radio interface,then it is the problem of reverse detecting.That means this unit can’t detect your reverse signal.Could you please take a photo about what information does the screen display when you reverse your car? Does it display a black screen or there is something on the screen?

Note: if everything is connected, the screen will change automatically without any configuration.You don’t need to set anything else.We seicane can provide cameras for almost every kinds cars.When you buy car DVD player from us,we can provide the special rearview camera for you.For more information,please visit: http://www.seicane.com/in-dash-car-dvd-gps The rearview camera we provide can fit your car perfectly.Hope we can give you a help about how to update & install Rearview Camera.Hope you are satisfied with the rearviw camera function after you install it by yourself.

Question and Answer about Mazda dvd player

Do you have problems with your in-dash navigation? Do you want someone  to help you figure out the problem with your Mazda dvd player? Here is some question and answers.Hope can help you solve your problem.

Q: I have a 2006 mazda 3i. This girl i know crashed her mazda and i bought her mazda in dash dvd navigation system. I bought the harness and reverse harness and i matched up the colors of both harness and plugged it in. When i turn my car on the head unit beeps, lights up for a about a second but never turns on. I have replaced the fuses because they keep getting blown. I have changed a fuse of the radio under the glove box to a 10amp instead of the 7.5 it had because the new head unit has a 10 amp in the back of it. I really dont know what else to do. Help me.

A: lights up for about a second but never turns on. Can you see the booting interface? Can you get to the main menu interface? I think maybe the best way is to contact your supplier.

Q: My car is a Mazda 3, 2004.I have recently bought a DVD player and had a workshop install it, but there are a few issues.. I dont know how similar Mazda 3s are to each other, but before I changed player, I had the basic one with a few buttons, a small CD hole and radio etc. There were, and still are, also a small display above my player that used to show the clock, drive computer, air condition settings etc, but after I got my car back with the new player, this display is ‘off’. Also, some of the buttons on my old player worked on this small display, such as “Clock” and “Info”. What Im basically wondering about is, is it possible to still display something on this small screen? Or does it require the main player to do so? As for now, Im unable to see my air condition settings at all, I just turn up or down depending on if its too hot or not.. Kinda blindly.Im a little affraid of opening the stuff and reconnecting anything back there before I fully know what to do. Can something bad happen if I connect anything wrong?

A: Does your car DVD player has CANBUS box?  Some car DVD players can display the air condition information and some can’t. Maybe you can contact your car DVD player supplier to confirm this problem.

Q:I bought this mazda new radio and im having some problems. Its supposed to work with the radio buttons on the steering wheel but it isn’t. Wish i could say what kind radio it is but the box and the manual say nothing lol. Anybody have this issue and know how to fix it?

A: Most car dvd players can realize the original wheel steel control.Some car dvd players have CANBUS box,so don’t need to have a steering wheel control study.But some car dvd players can’t provide the CANBUS box,so it need the steering wheel control study.I think the steering wheel control is a basic function of a car dvd player.It should be ok.You can try to reinstall the radio. Maybe it is a loose connection.

Q:Where can I find a good 2 din OEM car dvd player especially suit my Mazda3?I’ve just got a new Mazda-3 2008, and want to add car stereo to my car, firstly I wanna an OEM car dvd player. It’s said there’s special 2 DIN DVD designed for Mazda? What’s it? And could you please recommend good brands for me? Thanks in advance!

A: Right here at “seicane”.android 2 din car dvd player for Mazda3,surf internet via 3G and Wifi.

Q:Is there a vast difference between Pioneer and other Mazda dvd player ?

A:Pioneer is a famous supplier in China.Many foreigners like Pioneer car dvd player.We(seicane) are another car dvd supplier in China too.We have the new and hot android car dvd player for mazda3.Surf internet via 3G and Wifi,Online Music,1080P video HD decode.


More choice for your Mazda: car-dvd-player-for-mazda

mazda dvd player
mazda dvd player


FAQs about car dvd player

Why there are few stations, big notice, or void stations?
Maybe the radio antenna has not been inserted, and the environment has great effect, such as there are much radio single interference or in the many tall building concentrated or remote district.

Why the DVD disk cannot play?
The disk is put in the wrong way round, scraped or too dirty. Suggest you to change the side of disk, insert it with sourcing side down, change into the good disk or clean it and wipe up by soft close.Sometimes it is because you play the disk the unit can not play and you need to check whether the type of disk belongs to the ones can be played.

Why Disc cannot be normal?
Disc version of the rating over the lock function of the level set, disc version of the area code is not compatible, the disc up against.Solutions: Adjustment locks function to set rating, use the machine compatible with the disc, and insert the disc to keep the disc label side up.

Why the Rearview Camera has no image?
The camera has not been installed, the rearview control line has not been connected or the camera connects with the unit in wrong way.


car dvd player questions and answers

1.Question: Failure to open the unit
Reason : no install bus pod or not install the bus pod properly
Solution : configure the bus pod properly

2.Question: Failure to enter the GPS navigation
Reason :Not setting the gps navigation route correctly
Solution : reset the gps navigation route

3.Question: No BT function
Reason : No mobile telephone connection
Solution : Enter the BT setup and check the machine name and code

4.Question: Failure of touch screen
Reason : Touch screen deflected
Solution : recalibrate the touch screen

5.Question: Failure of specific speaker
Reason : Incorrect audio setup
Solution: configure speaker properly

6.Question: Failure of the Reverse Radar ‘s alarm
Reason : Reverse Radar ‘s alarm setup is not correct.
Solution: Enter the reverse radar’s alarm setup and reconfigure

7.Question: Failure of navigation’s signal
Reason : Not insert the GPS antenna or not configure the GPS antenna correctly
Solution : Insert the GPS antenna properly


How to installation car dvd player

How to intallation car DVD player?
Car dvd player with navigation more and more get the welcome of car owners, it has more functions than portable navigation, such as Radio ,Bluetooth, backing up and can bus,navigation etc. has and the owner’s mobile life converging. With the popularization of vehicle-mounted navigation in the market, the games also consumers to buy that gradually extended to the network. And auto supplies online mall also considerable size, can choose the products are also more and more complete. The net buys agitation let many owners choose in online buying machine, and then to install store, or simply yourself more can save a installation expenses. But whether we know vehicle-mounted navigation buys after buying machine installation what needs attention?

car dvd installation requirements
Installation car DVD player with navigation process, to remove the auto parts to put, avoid blow in the car dashboard, protect in-car objects. Wiring was left in sundry handled in time, don’t stay in the car. Within the must do well insulated, to prevent short.
car dvd installation method
If is install your own word, the proposal is when choose and buy need to choose and buy a function less navigation product, in order to avoid the outside when buy interface makes installation difficulties. Most of the current all-in-one PC install is very simple, but when installing the need to pay attention to several fine day problems: a, whether to have professional screwdriver and plastic pry a knife; Second, installation process step by step according to procedures to: remove the decoration panel-remove the air conditioning wind sets out the car-remove AV host-the installation of the host-mount adornment board and air conditioning wind out of the machine.

When removing the note that the back button card, need not too hard.

In go line layout, the best from central Taiwan to co-pilot store content box direction led, USB cable from the co-pilot locker after led to CD direction.

Car DVD player installation decorates requirement

Wiring, antenna and connecting the power cord and host separate suggest that the car’s navigation receiving line in the roof (accept the strongest signal), such as in the car, usually can be installed in the front windshield below, use 3 M double black glue fixed.

Special remind: some car contained metal explosion-proof membrane. This will reduce the navigation signal. can be in antenna position to a small cut above anti-blast film, to reduce the influence of the signal. You can have a look our site.
If it is to ordinary body shop installation, owners need to pay attention to, the installation teacher in decoration face would remove when scratching your decoration panel.

After the installation is complete, the car DVD player to test, if navigation satellite positioning success, can hear “navigation signal normal” tip, and navigation interface of the upper right satellite icon shows to green.

everything is ok,building driving pleasure!

How to buy car dvd player with gps

Now own a car DVD Player will make your driving more safe and happy, but many  owners don’t know how to buy car DVD player,Now Seicane will tell you the note notice of buying car dvd player.

How to buy car dvd player with GPS?

1 Performance

The performance here refers specifically to the ability to receive GPS signals; the signal strength is good or bad is that we must first consider the question, good GPS navigation devices, must have strong signal reception ability. There are many factors determine the signal, GPS navigation chip is equipped with the most important, currently used Sir Star III high sensitivity chipset products tend to have better signal capability, such products to receive the signal even difficult to distortion, can well avoid “drift” phenomenon. In addition, search star speed, number, signal strength and stability can reflect on this product in the signal reception performance, we should pay more attention to the time of purchase and trial.

2 Configurations

A good product in hardware performance must be satisfactory, if the hardware performance is too low; GPS navigation systems will appear slow to respond, crashes, instability and even found less than satellite, and so adverse conditions. Currently on the market performance products are generally equipped with a frequency above 400MHz CPU, 64MB or more memory to run and support more than 2GB capacity SD or SDHC memory card, a lot of products are also built-in flash memory; these are the guarantee of stable operation of equipment. In addition, the product of the work (shell material / button feel / support structure), screen (resolution / size / scale / effect), speaker (volume / effects), anti-electronic jamming performance, waterproof and shockproof performance and battery life, also use the specific performance of a very significant impact. As for Bluetooth, FM transmitter, rear view additional features such as icing on the cake, the user can choose according to their needs.

B. Software and Maps

If the hardware is a GPS navigation device body, then the built-in navigation software and GPS navigation electronic map that is the soul, and even determine the merits of electronic map of the GPS navigator will give us the use of experience. A good set of electronic maps to do:

1. Accurate and detailed road information;

2.POI rich points of interest detail, the small building on the map are reflected;

3. display intuitive and convenient, such as 3D maps can provide great convenience;

4. vendors update the map quickly, able to adapt to rapid changes of urban roads and buildings change. If you can do more than four points, then this product should have better performance. The current Car GPS Navigation one machine mainly uses the following map: Nariño, Kay Rucker, inter-city links, long to Articles (Can), spiritual figure.

This is among the Seicane car dvd gps navigation

How to choose car dvd player

How to choose car DVD players?
Maybe this is a questions that most customers consider before buy a car DVD player.

Car, and to meet the basic needs people walking after gradually towards both entertainment multifunctional direction. So, like the MP3, DVD and other AV products increasingly bestow favor on, especially the crackling of vehicle DVD and most popular. However, with the increase of demand, vehicle DVD boom, wide variety of brands often let not enough connoisseur of our eye also have no choice hand-stitching work. To this, the expert points out, the owner of the vehicle DVD in how to various brands choose the suitable products, create their own car mobile cinema..
But how to choose car DVD players.

Brand choice: brand is the guarantee of quality, though not absolute, but manufacturer’s scientific and technological strength is really decided to product quality prerequisite. Vehicle DVD also is so, powerful brands to produce advanced technology, excellent quality and quality assurance products.

Display distinguish: car DVD screens are generally classified into mimic panel and digital screen two, the digital screen less than mimic panel a signal conversion process, signal interference by smaller, the picture is more strong reductive ability. So now widely used in car DVD is digital screen. Experts point out that said, identify screen repeatedly test the first function keys response is sensitive, fast operation may caused the crash will, secondly by using mobile phones, handwritten brush touch screen, see a screen whether there will be shadows, if have, for a bad product that screen.

Sound quality audio-visual: quality is a DVD quality or not direct portraiture, it not only affects the quality of the sound effects, also affect the person’s mood. However, the owner of the ordinary may not like a listen to those fans can distinguish badly. Suggested in the choice of the audition when high music, turn the sound the largest open, listen to the high-pitched whether there will be damaged, listen to the bass is too depressing, have without a sound phenomenon and so on, in addition must pay attention to the DVD lead output.

How to choose car dvd players?  You should consider another aspect.

Fan detection: fan is to help DVD heat dissipation, ensure the normal operation of the tool. Fan quality also decides car dvd gps performance. The fan’s test method is very simple, the process of operation in the DVD, will be transferred to the minimum volume, listen to the voice of the machine, such as a “Zi Zi” noise, show fan cooling is not good.

Audio processing system detection: high quality audio processing system can make music files in play in the process for distortion; restore the most the voice of truth. Simple judgment it quality, can be in the operation of the Car DVD Player drive to the smallest process will sound to the throttle to detect electromagnetic interference.

If you want to know more about how to choose car dvd players for your car, contact us. Welcome to Seicane, enjoy your driving.