How to installation car dvd player

How to intallation car DVD player?
car DVD player with navigation more and more get the welcome of car owners, it has more functions than portable navigation, such as Radio ,Bluetooth, backing up and can bus,navigation etc. has and the owner’s mobile life converging. With the popularization of vehicle-mounted navigation in the market, the games also consumers to buy that gradually extended to the network. And auto supplies online mall also considerable size, can choose the products are also more and more complete. The net buys agitation let many owners choose in online buying machine, and then to install store, or simply yourself more can save a installation expenses. But whether we know vehicle-mounted navigation buys after buying machine installation what needs attention?

car DVD installation requirements
Installation car DVD player with navigation process, to remove the auto parts to put, avoid blow in the car dashboard, protect in-car objects. Wiring was left in sundry handled in time, don’t stay in the car. Within the must do well insulated, to prevent short.
car DVD installation method
If is install your own word, the proposal is when choose and buy need to choose and buy a function less navigation product, in order to avoid the outside when buy interface makes installation difficulties. Most of the current all-in-one PC install is very simple, but when installing the need to pay attention to several fine day problems: a, whether to have professional screwdriver and plastic pry a knife; Second, installation process step by step according to procedures to: remove the decoration panel-remove the air conditioning wind sets out the car-remove AV host-the installation of the host-mount adornment board and air conditioning wind out of the machine.

When removing the note that the back button card, need not too hard.

In go line layout, the best from central Taiwan to co-pilot store content box direction led, USB cable from the co-pilot locker after led to CD direction.

Car DVD player installation decorates requirement

Wiring, antenna and connecting the power cord and host separate suggest that the car’s navigation receiving line in the roof (accept the strongest signal), such as in the car, usually can be installed in the front windshield below, use 3 M double black glue fixed.

Special remind: some car contained metal explosion-proof membrane. This will reduce the navigation signal. can be in antenna position to a small cut above anti-blast film, to reduce the influence of the signal. You can have a look our site.
If it is to ordinary body shop installation, owners need to pay attention to, the installation teacher in decoration face would remove when scratching your decoration panel.

After the installation is complete, the car DVD player to test, if navigation satellite positioning success, can hear “navigation signal normal” tip, and navigation interface of the upper right satellite icon shows to green.

everything is ok,building driving pleasure!