Benz ML CLASS DVD player with multi-language GPS map

Benz is one car model which will attract most of the eyes of people.The irresistible car has many great advantages to make its success.Nowadays,a good partner is changing the life of driving.It is Benz ML CLASS DVD player with multi-language GPS map.The entertainment the DVD player supplies neutralizes the domineering Mercedes Benz.The great effect it brings will let our colorful life more enjoyable.The development of society is improving people’s spiritual life.A DVD player is just a little corner of this.We can see the photo of Benz DVD player at first:

Benz ML CLASS DVD player with radio function
Benz ML CLASS DVD player with radio function

About the functions for this Benz ML CLASS DVD player,you can watch this video below carefully.Of course,the best way to learn to use it is just using it by yourself.Almost any functions you want to have have been set in this unit:

We will mainly introduce the multi-language GPS map function in this article.The English version is here:

Benz ML CLASS DVD player with multi-language GPS map
Benz ML CLASS DVD player with multi-language GPS map

Our machine can support most of the languages in the world.The GPS map languages are:Arabic,Bulgarian,Catalan,Chinese,Crotian,Czech,Danish,Dutch,English,Estonian,Finnish,French,German,Greek,Hebrew,Hungarian,Italian,Latvian,Lithianian,Norwegian,Polish,Portuguese,Romanian,Russian,Serbian,Slovak,Slovenian,Spainish,Swedish,Turkish,Ukrainian etc.To know about more information you can visit:  The GPS voice is synchronous with the GPS map languages.You can choose the TMC function in the options area.At present,our GPS map card is free for you.The version is IGO8.At the same time,if the new version map comes out and you want to update it,we will provide the map update link for you to download.Remembering that it is free.You just need keep in touch with us.We will provide the best service no matter what production,what price and what time you bought from us.

Having great fun with Car DVD player for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209

As we all know,the product of DVD player for cars is one electronic equipment which brings much entertainment for us.Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 is really worth to match one.Maybe you can experience the exciting feel the DVD player brings. Having great fun with DVD player for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 is a trend in modern times.Nowadays, traveling could be as entertaining as when you are home. With the latest entertainment device installed in your car, you can have great fun while taking a long car trip.While you had better learn to use it expertly before you driving with it proudly.If you just possess it but don’t know how to use it,you are embarrassing big.There will be much trouble on your trip way.We will show the whole appearance of this unit to you,and the size is very exact.You can refer to this while buying your suitable DVD player for Mercedes-Benz.

The size of Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD player

The size of Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD player
The size of Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD player

The DVD player photo after installation for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209.

The DVD player photo after installation for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209
The DVD player photo after installation for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209

Sometimes, it is also important for you to get weather reports. With the radio function of Mercedes-Benz DVD player, you can listen to the latest weather forecast. This information will prepare you for any eventuality that bad weather brings.The video will tell you how great function the DVD player has!

The shipping cost is a very important thing most customers will take it for consideration.After all,it is not a small cost.The cost on shipping is different from every country.So you had better ask the customer for this product before you order one.In here,we will reduce the cost as possible as we can.And we can make the shipping cost lower than original price usually.If you want to make a chat with us,you can visit:  After ordering one,you just need wait the tracking number and search for the detailed location of your package.At last,the great fun this unit brings will make you have a bright mood.With the help of the GPS Navigator, you operate all gadgets without removing your hands from the steering wheel. You can use voice commands to make your device work for you.All of the convenience your DVD player brings will let you love your beloved Mercedes-Benz more than before.

7 inch digital touch screen Mercedes-Benz S-W220(1998-2005)DVD player with GPS

Planning to have another dvd player for your cars, or you should plan to have a similar Mercedes-Benz dvd player for your new car. Anyway, you should take our dvd player for your reference.Every dvd player is similar with each other.But some differences exist in all kinds of dvd player.Our dvd players with GPS are all special for your cars.In other words,your car must match with the only one dvd player.But the functions and the installation styles are largely identical but with minor differences.So no matter what models your cars are,you can take the 7 inch digital touch screen Mercedes-Benz S-W220(1998-2005)DVD player with GPS as an example.Let us know about its detailed information.

The size and form of the Mercedes-Benz S-W220 dvd player
The size and form of the Mercedes-Benz S-W220 dvd player

The effect after installing it in the Mercedes-Benz S-W220.

The effect after installing it in the Mercedes-Benz S-W220
The effect after installing it in the Mercedes-Benz S-W220

With this car entertainment package installed in your radio, you can have a car that can provide you excellent entertainment and great performance.If your car is Mercedes-Benz S-W220(1998-2005)DVD player,you are lucky to have read this article.You will have a comprehensive understanding of your Benz dvd player(if you have installed one)or your dvd player which is comming(if you are intend to have one).Don’t hesitate and welcome to our seicane family.The video must have some help for you:

Maybe you still don’t know all of the functions about your Mercedes-Benz S-W220 dvd player with GPS.In here,we have list it:

1.7 inch digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen

2.the newest 800MHz ARM11 processor and base on WinCE6.0 operation system

3.Built-in GPS navigation system. Support 3D GPS map

4.Compatible with DVD/VCD/HVCD/MP4/MP3/CD/AVI/DIVX etc

5.Mini USB and SD card. Support WMA/MPEG1/MPEG2/MPEG3/MPEG4/MOV/AVI/DIVX/MP4 etc

6.AUX In

7.Ipod connection

8.Digital TV(DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) as options

9.Radio function

10.Bluetooth for hand free(Bluetooth music,Call out directly by touch screen)

11.steering wheel control with original can bus system

12.Adjustable parameters can be memorized automatically

13.Night Mode support

14.Dual zone function(enjoy music while using GPS)

15.GPS map and OSD menu support multilanguages

These are just the main functions about Mercedes-Benz S-W220 dvd player,if you want to view more information,you can visit:   You can get the best service from us and obtain much information from our website at the same time.No matter whether you want to take one or not,we will try our best to answer your questions or solve your problems.We have ourselves’ resources and we will take advantages of these resources to help you.When you are listening music or using the GPS with our dvd player,you will feel worth to have come here.

Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player with GPS navigation system

With fast process of the modern society, all walks of life face with fierce competition and change within one second. Take car industry for instance, Benz is also struggling for a long period of time and widely known all over the world in this century. Under the hard workings of Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Friedrich Benz, this gorgeous brand car has dazzled so many car lovers. An excellent car is not only its appearance, but also the internal structure, so a super DVD player GPS navigation system is necessary for its perfect. Today we will talk about Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player with GPS navigation system.At first,let us know that what is Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player looks like.

Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player.

Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player
Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player

Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 dvd player accessories.

Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 dvd player accessories
Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 dvd player accessories

This video below will tell you how to use it:

Easy to install and convenient for operation, this Benz DVD Player is specially designed for your beautiful life. Except for the ordinary functions that other Mercedes-Benz DVD players can offer, like music, movies, pictures, etc. Mercedes-Benz GLK X204 DVD player with GPS navigation system has been added with more features. 7 inch high definition digital screen make it possible to get the most ideal picture quality every time. Smart volume with compact designs, it comes with fashionable menu and option buttons which are well-placed and responsive for convenience and ergonomic precision.To know more about it,you can visit:  Stock enough products here, you have a good chance to find out the perfect one for your car life. Reasonable price and fast shipping have been our secret weapons to success. We do business world widely, wherever you are, if you want, just click the mouse to , all members here solve your problem immediately.

Car dvd player for Benz B-class W245

A couple of years ago, there are universal Benz B-class W245 dvd player including double din auto DVD and one din auto DVD players came in our sight. The price is much expensive, but a lot of drivers thought it’s worth to buy it. International standard ISO 7736 defines a standard size for car audio head units. For some old cars, they are most likely to be with one din dimensions dash, so these cars should be installed with one din DVD player. Double din refers to head units that are twice as high as the standard din.Today,DVD player for cars of Benz B-class W245 are double din.This Car dvd player for Benz B-class W245 on our website can fit to Benz B-class W245 above year 2004.

Car dvd player for Benz B-class W245

Quick Overview

car DVD player for Benz B-class W245 ab2004
GPS yes Radio yes Digital TV opt.
DVD yes Bluetooth yes Camera opt.
Analogue TV yes Ipod yes Wi-Fi no
USB/SD yes Rearview yes 3G Net no

Built-in GPS navigation system
AUX In Support
Built in analog TV. Built in DVB-T as options
AV input and output, support rear camera input,automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car
Built in Amplifier 4 ch output 4*45W
Uniquely designed circuitry including standby function to increase battery durability
With excellent mechanical anti-vibration and electronic shock protection
Dual zone function support.Enjoy music while using GPS
Night Mode support.Close display and enjoy music in the background,protect you for driving at night
Original Canbus system for steering wheel control

People really get the most pleasant time during the long journey time, as he was during the long boring trip driving, how past that time and how to improve your spiritual content has trouble us for a long time. Consider the stereo entertainment at home, some inventors have had the good idea of what to put the DVD system in the car or any other type of vehicle, so it led to the birth of DVD car. Initially, it starts with the simple design of the dashboard in the DVD player which is mainly installed in the dashboard in front of a car. Among which is the most populous single din DVD. With the continuous improvement of automotive entertainment technology, the signal din DVD player was contained more fruits and functions, such as the powerful and practical GPS navigation that lets you reach your destination as rightfully so traveling across the country or just looking for a new pizza joint or you just want to get rid of the problem of heavy traffic in front of you. GPS navigation will keep you safe each time at each location.

Check some characteristics of Benz B-class W245 DVD player, this motor vehicle GPS Navigation is specifically developed for Benz B-class W245 and match the motor vehicle perfectly. With ISO in dash sizing and state-of-the-art anti-shocking function, the Benz B-class W245 DVD player gps Navigation is of higher good quality between products. This In Dash DVD Player has built-in GPS module, auto-ID intelligent vocabulary navigating and assist twin Zone purpose which lets motorists to get delight from new music actively playing and GPS navigation reporting on the identical time. All of those wonderful means to conserve usually are not just connected with aftermarket navigation for Benz vehicles, they utilize to other aftermarket components and individuals connected with all causes and versions of vehicles.

During this Christmas sale season, many professional car electronic and accessory online retailers have already launched lots of DVD players on sale. If you are still hesitated about selecting what Christmas gift for your family, friends or yourself, maybe you can consider about the Car dvd player for Benz B-class W245! With it, your driving life in the next year will become more enjoyable and interesting!Kindly remind, when shopping during Christmas sale season, you must be keep your head! Make clear what exactly you want, how much you will spend, where to buy, etc.. Also, you’d better avoid the Christmas shopping rush. And if you choose to shop online, please order in advance in order to avoid the postal service rush, and not delay your Christmas gift-giving!

Benz DVD player,Just for you

We have many different kinds of car DVD players for Benz series.In the following, customer are provided with a wide range of choices of car DVD Players for Benz vehicles. All different Benz series car owners can find suitable car DVD players right here at Seicane. If you still have other needs of car electronics, our company have car DVD players for other brands.Most of our Product come with the “Fit cars” list, and we discreetly put dashboard size in the description part, you are able to find the correct model for your cars. If you are not satisfied with any specialized Benz DVD player, pls turn to the general types, or you are welcomed to send us email anytime, our sales team is always ready to help you. We can supply the professional customer service to help you find the correct dvd player.Benz dvd player are right here just for you and can fit to these cars:

Mercedes-Benz E-Class W211(2002-2008)(E200,E220,E240,E270,E280)
Mercedes-Benz C-Class W203 (2004-2007)
Mercedes-Benz Vaneo:2002 to 2005
Mercedes-Benz SLK(2004-2012)(SLK200,SLK280,SLK350,SLK55)
Mercedes-Benz S-W220(1998-2005)(S280,S320,S350,S400,S430,S500)
Mercedes-Benz CLK W209(2006-2011)
Mercedes-Benz ML Class W164(2005-2011)(ML350)
Mercedes-Benz GL CLASS(X164)(2005-2012)(GL320,GL350,GL420,GL450,GL500)
Mercedes-Benz R Class W251(2005-2011)(R280,R320,R350,R500)
Mercedes-Benz C Class W204(180K/C200/C260)
Mercedes-Benz C Class(C180k/C200)
Mercedes-Benz Smart(2011-2012)
Mercedes-Benz CLS W219(2004-2008)
Mercedes-Benz CLK W209(2004-2011)
Mercedes-Benz Viano/Vito(2009-2011)
Mercedes-Benz B Calss W245(2005-2011)
Mercedes-Benz A Class W169(2005-2011)
Mercedes-Benz CLS W219(2006-2008)
Mercedes-Benz CLK W209(2004-2005)
Mercedes-Benz C Class W203(2000-2005)
Mercedes-Benz G Class W467(2001.2-2010.2)
Mercedes-Benz Smart(2006-2010)
Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W906/W209/W311/W315/W318 ab2006
Mercedes-Benz Viano und Vito(W639) ab2006
Mercedes-Benz A-Class W168(1998-2002)
Mercedes-Benz Vit0:2004 to 2006
Mercedes-Benz G-Class W463(2001-2008)
Mercedes-Benz SL R230(2001-2007)
Mercedes-Benz R class W251(2006 onwards)(R280,R300,R320,R350,R500)
Mercedes-Benz G-W463(1998-2004)

72 products for Benz car series.If your car is E-Class,C-Class,Vaneo,SLK,W220,CLK W209,ML-Class,GL-Class,R-Class,Smart,CLS W219,Viano/Vito,B-Calss,A-Class,G-Class,Sprinter,SL R230 etc, you all can find the right dvd player here.And some of these Benz dvd player have the function of 3G and Wifi.We called them android dvd player.It is new and hot now.

Find more Benz dvd player here: Car dvd player for mercedes benz