The Complete DIY Guide for 2020 Honda Fit Factory Stereo Replacement

Why I get the touch screen unit for my Honda Fit?

If you also have the 2020 Honda Fit, you’ll know there is only a standard radio system in the dash, no screen, no navigation, no video, no Internet. While most of that kind radio only allows us to listen to Bluetooth music and radio channels. Therefore, every time when I drive the car, I feel very boring and inconvenient, especially on long drive. It was at that time, I realized that a touch screen head unit is necessary.

How I replace the 2020 Honda Fit factory stereo?

There are so many style touch screen radios on the online market, I took some time to get one. Fortunately, the 2020 Honda Fit radio replacement is a super easy work, most drivers can do that by themselves. Let’s see how to do.


– Basic Tools: Plastic pry tool and screwdriver.

– Cut off the car battery before working to ensure safety.

1, Pry to remove the button panel.

2, You’ll find two screws that fix the old radio unit, remove them.

3, Then pull out the unit, and unplug all the connectors from its back.

4, Till now the removal job is finished. Let’s go to the installation steps. First of all, ensure all the needed cables and accessories handy. Correspondingly connect the new wiring cables of the touch screen head unit to the car.

5, Next correspondingly connect the big screen radio to the car via the new cables. Check the manual book to make sure every cable is right connected.

6, Put the new radio to the dash, turn on your car to test it.

7, If there is no problem, you can install back all the car parts. If there is something abnormal, check again the wiring condition. Ask seller for assistance when needed.

What the new unit brings to my driving life?

It’s a 10.1-inch touch screen Android radio provided by Seicane. The screen looks exquisite and has an eye-friendly user interface, which greatly improves visual experience.

On one hand, this unit is able to offer various amazing entertainment, including Bluetooth music, FM/AM radio, 1080P video, online reading, website pages browsing etc. On the other hand, it’s phone-integrated, we can connect our phones to the radio via Carplay or Android Auto. With this function, the radio will be turned to the phone, allowing us to apply phone APPs freely on the radio screen.

Having large screen radio head unit, you can easily use navigation. Even there is no Internet, it still works normally and the navigation information keeps in real time and accurate. What’s more, you can connect a backup camera to the radio. When you reverse and park the car, the radio screen will display the rear images automatically, assisting you to park car easier. For those who always have trouble in parking a car, this really a big help.

Factory Radio Upgrade for 2005-2010 Mazda 5

To have better driving experience, more drivers plan to replace their old radio to an aftermarket touch screen head unit. The big screen radio do greatly improve driving. It’s super easy to use, as well provides various amazing functions.

In fact, it’s not so hard to upgrade the factory car radio by ourselves. In this post, we’ll share how to remove and install Android radio to 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mazda 5.

Part 1, Removal And Installation Steps

Before working, you should prepare the tools including plastic pry tools, screwdrivers, pliers etc, and cut off the car power to ensure safety.

1, We need to remove the handbrake panel, follow the steps,

①Remove the left and right screws that fixed the panel.

②Remove the protective plastic frame of the handbrake.

③Remove the screws inside.

④Now you can remove the whole handbrake panel.

2, Remove the screws that fixed the radio unit.

3, Use the plastic pry to remove the radio unit. Pull out the unit and unplug its connectors.

4, Connect the new radio cables to the car, then connect the new car radio system.

5, Put the new radio to the dash, and turn on your car to test whether it works normally.

6, If the new radio functions well, install back all the car parts. If there is problem, you should double check the wiring condition. Or ask the seller for help if needed.

Part 2, Enjoy Great Drive with Android Radio

In the market, you can find different touch screen Android radio for 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mazda 5, choose the one you want.

Loaded with the latest Android system and high quality CPU, the car radio head unit is able to keep stable performance and smooth operation. Some of them are equipped with large capacity storage, so you can download many interesting APPs.

Apple Carplay or Android Auto, is the most powerful function. Once applied, the radio will act as your phone, you can freely use the phone applications such as map, music, phone book and so on. This function is considered to be the safest way of using phone when driving.

For drivers who always have troubles in parking a car, this big screen radio system is the best assistance. After installing a backup camera and connect it to the radio, the radio screen will automatically show the rear images, you can check the rear situation clearly and park the car easier.

You can also use the Android radio to play Bluetooth music, listen to FM/AM radio channels, watch 1080P videos, use 3D navigation, check emails and more. Wherever you go, it makes your drive wonderful.

How Easy to Add Tesla Screen to My 2017 Ford Escape

The fact is I almost only use the A/C setting on my 2017 Ford Escape radio system. As playing music and navigating, I use my phone to do. Some people may love to use the classic button-controlled radio, like the one in my 2017 Ford Escape. But as to me, it’s almost useless. That’s why I decide to get an aftermarket touch screen head unit to replace it.

I finished the installation job last month. So far, the new screen works so good, greatly improving driving experience. At this post, I would like to share everything about this Tesla screen to you.

Section 1, About the installation

DIY installation is not so difficult. Get your toolbox ready. Make sure the car battery is off before starting.

1, Pry to remove the top cover of the radio system.

2, There are two screws that fix the factory screen. Remove them to take off the screen and disconnect the plug.

3, Remove this screw.

4, And pry to remove this plastic piece. After that, remove these two screws.

5, Now we can pry to remove this plastic cover.

6, The next we’ll go to remove the button panel. Firstly, remove the screws.

7, Then pry to remove the whole panel and disconnect its plug.

8, Following is to remove the screws that fix the main unit.

9, Pull out the unit and unplug the connectors.

10, The removal job is finished. Have a check for the new touch screen radio system. Make sure it comes everything we need.

11, Before installing this Teals screen radio to the car, we need to remove the A/C outlets of the original button panel and install them to the new radio.

12, Connect the new wiring cables to the new radio.

13, And connect the radio to the car. In this step, you should pay more attention and check the wiring condition carefully.

14, Put the radio screen to the dashboard, then power the car to have a test for it.

15, If the new radio head unit functions well, install the cover and other needed parts to the dashboard. If there are problems, check the wiring situation or contact seller for assistant.

Section 2, About the benefits

Obviously, the new radio stereo system is big big different to the old one. There is large touch screen, many apps, plug and play, super easy to use and fast to response.

In terms of entertainment, I can connect Bluetooth to apply Bluetooth music at high quality sound effect. I can also listen to FM/AM radios. On the other hand, I can watch 1080P videos on the screen, what a great viewing experience!

When it comes to driving safety, sure it’s also a good assistant. On one hand, when there is call during driving, we can answer it by Bluetooth call function. On the other hand, it’s able to support 360 cameras, which help us check driving conditions clearly to avoid accident.

What’s more, it comes with Carplay, that give us ability to use phone maps, music calls freely on the radio screen once connected. It’s a safest way to use phone.

Using a big screen radio system, I am sure you will have amazing drive.