How to Install Rearview Camera of car dvd player

If the original CD of your car have no function of rearview, then you should install a rearview camera when you install  car dvd player to your car.
Rearview camera is very useful in tight parking lots, dark areas or in places where children might be running around. Normally you only need to install one rearview camera to your car dvd player in your car.

1. Disconnect the battery cables from the battery. Check the vehicle’s repair manual to find out what size wrench to use. Leave the disconnected cables a safe distance from the battery posts.

2. Decide where you want to install. Most people put the rearview camera in the plastic bumper so they don’t have to drill into the car’s sheet metal. And then drill a hole for the camera. Check the Installation instructions to see what size drill bit to use. please don’t make the hole too large or the camera will fall out.

3.Place rearview camera in the hole using the rubber grommet supplied with the camera. Make sure the camera and grommet are tight.

4.Attach the rearview camera’s power wire to the backup-light power wire on your car. You’ll have to splice the wires together. Use wire cutters to cut the wires, leaving enough excess wire to reconnect. Strip the ends of the wire to expose the bare wire using wire strippers. Splice the wires together using a two-into-one connector. This will give the camera power when you put the car in reverse.

5.Route the camera’s output wire to car dvd player and connect the wire to the car dvd player’s input.  And then reconnect the battery, start the car and put the car in reverse. The car dvd player should turn on and give you a view of what’s behind your car.

Now you have installed the rearview camera of your car dvd player to your car. Let’s have a look!

car dvd rearview
car dvd rearview

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  1. Good piece of data that you’ve received on this web site article. Hope I might get some much more of the stuff on your own web site. I will are available back again.

  2. I am installing a unit for a customer that purchased the system from you. It is an 06 hummer h-3. He optioned for the back-up camera also. No instructions…..
    Question one: There is black and red wire at both ends of harness for camera. Harness has power cable for camera in red plug already. What are the extra wires on camera end for. I suppose the red and black on the radio end are just to be plugged in to power and ground from vehicle? Also, the original radio had two connectors plugged in. The adapter harness supplied only has one connector. The original radio will work w/ just the one plugged in, but the new radio will not come on. Do I need to plug in some other power source? Some instructions specific to the hummer would be appreciated.

  3. I am installing a unit for my friend that purchased the system from you. It is for a BMW F30. He optioned for the back-up camera also. But there is No instructions….How to install it.Please advice.

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