How to upgrade radio Carplay yourself? 10.1 screen for 2005-2010 Lexus IS250 IS300 IS200 IS220 IS350

In this blog post, we’ll teach you how to upgrade the Lexus IS car system. This upgrade includes AOS Wireless CarPlay and Android Auto. Once connected, you can make calls, listen to music, use online map navigation, and access many other mobile phone applications.

Want to know how to upgrade? Follow these steps:

  1. Rotate the Gear Grip: First, rotate the gear grip to the left and then remove the black decorative strips on both sides.
  • Open the Gear Panel: Open the gear panel. The back of the plug does not need to be removed; just set the panel aside.
  • Remove the Cigarette Lighter Panel: Unscrew the two screws that fix the cigarette lighter panel and remove the panel.
  • Unscrew the Bottom Screws: Unscrew the two screws at the bottom of the original car screen panel. Then remove the air outlet.
  • Unscrew the Top Screws: Remove the two screws above the original car screen panel.
  • Remove the Original Car Screen Panel: Remove the original car screen panel and unplug it from the back.

After removal, here’s how to install the new system:

  1. Install Metal Accessories: Attach the two metal accessories to the back of the new car radio.
  • Remove the Original Screen’s Metal Part: Separate the original screen host from the CD host. Reinstall the two metal supports on the CD host.
  • Connect Wires: Insert the two adapters of the new wire into the CD host. Insert the k-pad plug into the new screen. Connect the screen power supply, the communication serial port line, the canvas box, and the OBD interface cable. Insert the other end into the original car OBD interface.
  • Connect Additional Wires: Connect the GPS antenna, video input line, USB transmission line, and the RC line. The red and white plugs on the power wire are connected to the EU plug of RC CA.
  • Reinsert Plugs: Connect the new wire to the original car plug according to size. Reinsert some plugs of the original CD host back. Connect the two plugs of the new wire to the plug of the original car.
  • Reconnect the Radio Antenna: Reconnect the original car radio antenna. After all connections are made, install the new screen and secure it. Reinstall the air outlet, cigarette lighter panel, gear panel, and the two decorative strips. Finally, reinstall the gear grip.

Before use, you need to configure the CAN bus settings:

  1. Enter the settings menu.
  2. Select factory settings and input the password.
  3. Enter CAN bus settings, select protocol options, and choose the vehicle model.
  4. Click to confirm. Note that the first setting needs to be connected to the network.

After completing the settings, you can use the new screen button to control the original car’s air conditioning. Additionally, the system has many other features, including the use of local or online maps, listening to your favorite radio station, preserving the original car CD function, adjusting the sound tone, and setting the sound size in the car.

Thank you for reading this blog post. We hope this guide helps you successfully upgrade your Lexus IS car system.

How to Install a smart screen for your TOYOTA TUNDRA?

Want a smart screen for your old car, but don’t want to spend too much? Here let me show you how to make it at home. Less money, amazing experience.

We’ll use a cost-effective product, which is for 2014-2018 TOYOTA TUNDRA. It has Built-in Carplay & Android Auto, DSP, Bluetooth, AM/FM/RDS Radio, supports AHD camera, 360° bird’s eye view panoramic reversing video requares 4 cameras. Driving and reversing without dead angles. It’s screen is IPS screen, more 360°, no reflection, no fingerprint and faster response.

Before the removal and installation, we should prepare tools first. These are the disassembly tools I used, please prepare according to your need.

Step 1: Remove the panel

Use tools to pry open the key panel and the cigarette lighter panel below the original car, and unplug everything at the back of the panel.

Step2: Take off the original screen

Continue to loosen the four screws that hold the original car’s screen host. It has two inside and out. Be careful with the inside, or it will fall. Take off the original screen and plug all the cables on the back.

Step3: Connect the power cord

Now we connect the power cord of the new radio to the plug of the original car.

Connect to canbus, and connect the GPS cable to the back of the car radio. Then connect the quad-G antenna, USB cable, video input cable, and the RCA cable.

Step 4: Remove and install cigarette lighter panel

Removed the cigarette lighter panel from the key panel of the original car and installed it on our new product.

Step 5: Connect the new radio

Now let’s connect the new product button cable, and connect the power cord CAN plug and black power source to the new radio, connect the radio antenna, now let’s reconnect the wire of the cigarette lighter panel, okay now install the new product

Now the air conditioner is not working, let’s set up the Canbus, firstly enter the factory setting.

After finding the campus settings, we find the brand of the agreement box and select it according to your model year.

Then go to car settings, go to OIL Settings and choose according to your car.

After setting up successfully, there is no problem with air conditioning now!

These buttons all work well, the steering wheel buttons now work as well.

It has black and white mold, you can switch by hitting the light.

Support door reminder.

Support local music and online music functions.

Supports video playback, radio play support.

Support customize the tone according to your preferences.

Support google searching.

Support map navigation.

Support Carplay & Android Auto.

Also can use the voice Assistant operation, make calls here, listen to music, use map navigation and other mobile app applications

Don’t miss out! Great improvement for your driving experience!

Bargain of the year: 100$ portable units that offers wireless Carplay and Android auto as well as front and rear cameras

This cost-effective dash camera can be installed on various vehicles, car, truck, motorcycles etc. It is plug and play, dual channel recording, 4k front camera & 1080P rear camera, also has live view on mobile phone, support built-in Carplay & Android-Auto. Let’s have a real review of it!

This unit comes with everything that you will need to get started.

You get the unit itself, you also get the power adapter the extension auxiliary cord and the manual itself. Pretty simple and gets you started right away.

We have the recorder so that’s going to be our dashcam. We have mobile internet so that’s going to allow us to share internet from our cell phone to this device if we want to and then we can also have screencast so that’s going to be Apple Carplay or Android-Auto or the mirroring so you can mirror your phone directly to this display pretty cool you can play movies and things like that we also have a Bluetooth player here so basically if you connect your audio through just Bluetooth instead of using Carplay.

You can choose your language, lots of different languages. so you can switch to basically anything you want, we have time settings so you can change the format of the time and of course the WiFi switch whether you turn it on or off which can be used for downloading videos from this device, you can also format the SD and reset this to the factory settings.

High-quality rear camera. Ensure you get the view behind your car and keep your safety.

You can see it has two cameras, one front which is 4K resolution and rear camera of 1080P.

Install this device is very simple all you really have to do is plug the cigarette lighter adapter into your car for some power and then stick this onto your dash.

We can see that the view of two camera can be displayed in split screens.

Also you can double-click to enter full-screen mode.

What’s more, we can see the live view on the mobile phone. It uses a generic dashcam app called roadcam, all you have to do is connect your phone to the unit’s WiFi, turn off your cell data, go to the app and click on Add Recorder. it only takes a few seconds and then you are presented with the live view of the camera here you can start or stop recording view recorded clips and download them to your phone.

Quickly connected to the bluetooth. And then you can stream the music or do a call on it. Of course you can connect Carplay next.

We have Carplay position so this is a very cool one actually we can do left right or we can do full screen.

And of course we can also play some music and radio station just like that. We can turn the volume down or up, very easy and of course right now it’s playing through the device itself from my phone wirelessly.

Best 7 Car Upgrade Ideas That Are Worth the Money

Even for a new buying car, there are spaces for upgrading. If you want to improve driving experience in your old vehicle, take a look at this car upgrade list.

1. Touch Screen Head Unit

If there were already big screen radio in the car, you may only want to add Apply Carplay or Android Auto to make it work better. If you still use the old standard radio, you are advised to get an aftermarket touch screen head unit to the car. You are able to enjoy Bluetooth music, watch 1080P video, use GPS navigation, apply Carplay, connect rear view camera etc. Having a more fun and comfortable drive.

2. High-Quality Seat Covers

There are plenty of cheap seat covers for sale. But if you can spring for highly-rated, well-built seat covers, you’ll enjoy features such as protection against water, mud and even oil, as well as quality craftsmanship, a sleek look, cushion backing, airbag tearaways and storage pockets.

3. Floor Mats

Replacing your car’s floor mats is a simple car upgrade for the interior of your car. It might not seem like a high priority but replacing your car’s floor mats is one of the great interior car mods. It is a quick way to spruce up the interior of your vehicle without spending a lot of money.

4. Interior LED Lighting

Interior LED lighting is a cheap car mod to emphasize the interior designs and lines in your car or add light underneath the dash. LED lights are a great way to accentuate your car’s cabin and add a bit of color to your interior. With this car mod, a little bit goes a long way, but when done right LED lights add a great look to your car.

5. Window Tints

Window tints do not just look cool, they can also block out UV light and reduce heat within the car. There are even some great do-it-yourself window tint kits. This is a great car upgrade that really gives your automobile a sleek look.

6. Performance All-Season Tires

When it comes to tires – they directly impact everything from fuel economy to handling and your ability to stop — you generally get what you pay for. Ultra-high-performance all-season tires can creep toward $500 each when you include mounting and balancing, but the average commuter will never drive fast enough or corner tightly enough to reap the benefits. On the other end of the spectrum are sub-$100 budget tires, which will give you functional tires, a break on the price and little else. In between are performance all-season tires, which will cost you a few hundred more than entry-level tires for a full set but will give you an undeniably superior driving experience across the board.

7. Rear View Mirror

While you’re putting up your fuzzy dice might as well modify the mirror it’s hanging from. There are several options to modify and beautify your mirror. You can get a longer mirror for more visibility or find a classy cover with a little bit of bling. There are also some smart car gadgets you can add to your mirror as well.

Factory Radio Upgrade for 2005-2010 Mazda 5

To have better driving experience, more drivers plan to replace their old radio to an aftermarket touch screen head unit. The big screen radio do greatly improve driving. It’s super easy to use, as well provides various amazing functions.

In fact, it’s not so hard to upgrade the factory car radio by ourselves. In this post, we’ll share how to remove and install Android radio to 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mazda 5.

Part 1, Removal And Installation Steps

Before working, you should prepare the tools including plastic pry tools, screwdrivers, pliers etc, and cut off the car power to ensure safety.

1, We need to remove the handbrake panel, follow the steps,

①Remove the left and right screws that fixed the panel.

②Remove the protective plastic frame of the handbrake.

③Remove the screws inside.

④Now you can remove the whole handbrake panel.

2, Remove the screws that fixed the radio unit.

3, Use the plastic pry to remove the radio unit. Pull out the unit and unplug its connectors.

4, Connect the new radio cables to the car, then connect the new car radio system.

5, Put the new radio to the dash, and turn on your car to test whether it works normally.

6, If the new radio functions well, install back all the car parts. If there is problem, you should double check the wiring condition. Or ask the seller for help if needed.

Part 2, Enjoy Great Drive with Android Radio

In the market, you can find different touch screen Android radio for 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Mazda 5, choose the one you want.

Loaded with the latest Android system and high quality CPU, the car radio head unit is able to keep stable performance and smooth operation. Some of them are equipped with large capacity storage, so you can download many interesting APPs.

Apple Carplay or Android Auto, is the most powerful function. Once applied, the radio will act as your phone, you can freely use the phone applications such as map, music, phone book and so on. This function is considered to be the safest way of using phone when driving.

For drivers who always have troubles in parking a car, this big screen radio system is the best assistance. After installing a backup camera and connect it to the radio, the radio screen will automatically show the rear images, you can check the rear situation clearly and park the car easier.

You can also use the Android radio to play Bluetooth music, listen to FM/AM radio channels, watch 1080P videos, use 3D navigation, check emails and more. Wherever you go, it makes your drive wonderful.

What Car Upgrades You Can Do?

For some people, due to various reasons, a factory car may not perfectly meets their needs, as a result, they decide to make some car upgrades.

There are many car upgrade projects such as tires, paint, seats, brakes etc. If you want to upgrade your factory car, you must learn to know the reasonable and illegal upgrades. While in this post, we would like to share with you some reasonable upgrades.

Change the tire style

As long as the size of the wheel is consistent with the registration certificate, the style can be changed, even if the four wheel styles are different. However, I suggest that the modification of the tire still needs careful consideration, because it is an important part to support the car. If something happens to the tire, it will be more dangerous than the brake.

Install luggage racks

If you love to go road trips and have a SUV or MPV, you may need to add luggage racks to the car, so you can pack more useful things to have a better trip. Just keep in mind that the height of the installed luggage racks must be controlled within the range of 300 mm.

Replace the factory radio

This has been the most popular car upgrade. A lot of drivers get a touch screen Android radio head unit to their dashboard. The big screen not only looks exquisite, but provides various useful functions. Compared to the standard radio, the touch screen radio can support GPS navigation, Carplay or Android Auto, 1080P video, rear view camera, dash cam etc, making your drive more fun and convenient.

Install aftermarket sound system

The fact is that we always listen to music whenever wherever we drive. But not all car brings wonderful sound effect, we have to install some aftermarket sound systems for quality sound. Anyway, you can find affordable stuff after costing some time on searches.

Consider massaging and heated seats

On long drives, it’s great to get a massage to keep relax. And, on cold mornings, heated seats warm you up before your car’s system blows hot. There are many models available for less than $100. All you have to do is put it in place and plug it into your car’s power source.

Add fog lights for bad weather assistance

Fog lights rarely are standard equipment, and although they’re only necessary for bad weather conditions, they’re incredibly useful — and safe — in limited-visibility driving conditions. They emit light from a bar-shaped beam pointed toward the road at a sharp angle, illuminating the ground immediately in front of the car without reflecting light back at the driver off of dust, rain, heavy snow and, of course, fog.

There are more common upgrades than we discussed in this short list. You can dig into fuel upgrades, bigger intake manifolds, engine internals and more. However, before taking any car upgrade project, you must know everything about it.

How to Install a 12.3″ Touch Screen to 2014-2019 Lexus RX?

In the modern society, full-size screen smartphone, laptop, TVs etc. are seen everywhere. They greatly improve our visual experience. The good news is that now you have chance to put a large screen head unit in your car dashboard too, making daily drive more convenient.

Last week, I just replaced the small screen of my 2019 Lexus RX to a 12.3-inch head unit. Compared to the old screen, it looks very exquisite, not only shows information super clear, but comes with various useful functions. Now, let me tell you how I did the replacement job.

This is the original radio screen of my ride, the available section is a half of the new radio.

About the removal and installation part

To be honest, it’s not a difficult DIY project, most people can do that. The tools we need are plastic pry tools and screwdrivers. Before working, we must power off the car battery to keep safety. Let’s get started.

1, Remove the armrest part between the front seats, and disconnect its plug.

2, Remove the side panels of the left and right.

3, Remove these frames that fixed the radio system.

4, Remove the screws that fixed the radio unit, then pull out the unit.

5, Pry to remove this plastic piece near the radio screen.

6, Take away this protective panel of the screen.

7, Remove all the screws that fixed the screen.

8, Take off the screen and disconnect its plugs.

9, Have a check for the new touch screen radio head unit.

10, Use the new cables to connect to the original radio unit.

11, Then connect the new screen and install it back.

12, Turn on the car to test the new radio system.

About the new large screen head unit

I was recommended to get this (2014-2019) Lexus RX touch screen radio from Seicane, and it didn’t let me down.

The head unit is designed with 12.3” big screen, smooth to operate and fast to respond. I can watch 1080P video, apply off-line navigation, check driving information etc.

On the other hand, it absolutely brings Carplay function, that you can freely use phone applications like call, music, map on the radio screen. You are able to install backup camera to the car, and the screen will show you the rear images whenever you reverse and park car.

Drivers are highly advised to use large screen stereo system when there is only old standard radio in their cars. That stuff makes your every drive better.

How to Upgrade the 2008-2012 Subaru Forester Factory Radio?

More drivers are aware of the importance of using a large touchscreen radio system in their cars. Not only the touchscreen head unit looks beautiful, but it’s super easy to use and provides various awesome functions.

Due to the different car models, the installation of an aftermarket radio is different. Some is very simple, some is little hard. Last week, I just upgraded my 2009 Subaru Forester radio to the Seicane Carplay head unit, I am sharing the replacement guide here, maybe you can get some tips from it.


Radio model: The Seicane H2023N-P, for 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Subaru Forester stereo upgrade.

Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.

For safety, you must power off the car before doing anything.

How to replace the Subaru Forester factory radio?

The original radio system looks like this,

Step 1, Use a plastic pry tool to remove the radio frame.

Step 2, Remove these 4 screws that fixed the radio unit.

Step 3, Take down the radio unit, and disconnect its plugs.

Step 4, Remove the A/C outlet of the radio frame, then install the outlet to the Seicane radio system.

Step 5, Next, you can connect the new radio to the car via the new cables.

Step 6, Install the new radio to the dash, and turn on your car to test it.

Step 7, If the new unit can’t be turned on, please double check whether there is issue about the wiring. Or you can contact Seicane for help.

What I benefited from this Seicane Radio Head Unit?

The fact is my drives get better since installing the touchscreen Android radio.

This unit equips a 9-inch IPS screen and Android 11 system, being able to provide a super fast and smooth operation. What’s more, the big screen also brings great vision when watching videos and using navigation.

One of powerful functions is that it comes built-in Carplay, which means you can quickly connect your phone the radio, then you can freely use the phone’s apps like making calls, listening to phone music etc. on the radio screen.

Another great function of the head unit is that we can install and connect a rear view camera to the car, the radio will display the rearview images automatically when we reverse and park the car, helping us park car conveniently and safely.

Whatever your car is, when there is touchscreen head unit, your journey must be great.

How to Quickly Add A Carplay Radio to 2003-2007 Honda Accord 7?

You can see that almost no one uses a button-type phone with a small screen now, the fact is the big touch screen phone is the best. It’s super easy to operate by finger clicks, also shows all information very clearly. So, if you also have such touch screen multimedia player on the dashboard in the car, isn’t that awesome?

If you haven’t had touch screen radio head unit, it’s time to invest one to your car, I am sure you will have more great driving experience.

To help you install an aftermarket touch screen radio by yourself, here we show a guide, its a replacement installation guide for the 2003-2007 Honda Accord 7 radio, just see how to do.

car radio for Honda Accord 7

Beginning tips:

1, Prepare the needed tools like plastic pry tools, screwdriver etc.

2, During the removal & installation, the car power should be off to ensure safety.

This is the original car radio system.

Step 1, Pull up the emergency, use a pry tool to pry this plastic frame, then unplug its connectors.

Step 2, Remove these two screws, then go to remove a small piece inside the panel cover.

Step 3, Remove screws that fix this frame, then take it out and disconnect its plugs.

Step 4, Remove screws that fix this storage box and take it out.

Step 5, Next, we go to remove the A/C outlet panel, you can set it aside.

Step 6, Now we can remove these screws that fix the original radio system, three on the top, and three are under.

Step 7, Pull out the radio system, and unplug its connectors.

Step 8, At this moment, we can install the new radio head unit of Seicane to the car. If you are not sure the wiring, check the manual for help.

Step 9, After connecting the Seicane radio system, you should turn on the car to test whether the head unit works normally. If everything goes well, then you can install back all the car part accessories.

2003-2007 Honda Accord 7 radio system

Compared to the original radio system, this new Honda Accord radio stereo system provides you with lots of amazing benefits.

  • It has a 10.1” large touch screen, very easy to operate, giving you perfect view when watch videos and use the navigation.
  • With the Carplay function, you can easily use the phone apps like call, music, map, keeping a safer drive. What’s more, you can just use the steering wheel button to operate the radio, so convenient.
  • When you connect a rear view camera, the radio screen will automatically switch to the rear images so that help you reverse and park the car safely and quickly.
  • For the way to entertainment when you drive on a long journey, you can listen to music by Bluetooth or online after connect to WIFI net. Besides, since it supports FM/AM radio in different countries, you can also get a lot of fun from that.

Once you start to use a touchscreen car stereo, your driving style will be greatly change and this is better.

Honda Accord

How do you repair your audio gear when you meet their problems?

As the frequent user of car radio, there is no doubt that some inevitable problems will come out from time to time. Certainly, a high quality stereo can decrease the risk of being broken but it doesn’t mean that it can always guarantee its permanent usage for once and for all. According to the data shown by 2022, almost 2/3 families in the USA would replace their head unit every 3 years. It seems that replacement of the touch screen radio has become a common thing as it can’t perform well all the time. So what are the main factors leading the problems in your audio gear? Have you tried to fix it by yourself? To answer these questions, the following essay have presented a list of the most common problems of the audio system as well as the relevant solutions.

Before we started to point out the ways of dealing with the problem, we should find out the most usual cause of the problems occurred in our audio gear.The real reasons causing the worse problems of audios can varies different and it can’t be concluded in a simple word. And the real reason has to depend on the real scenario that you have at the time, such as the incorrect connected cables or the bad quality of the bass, wrongly speaker replacement etc. Here we can take a look at some common radio system issues and the ways to deal with them.

5 Usual problems of the Audio gear&solutions

1.Deformed radios with pops and crackles or no sound.

If you found there is no sound from your in-car audio gear, you should check your source audio first and see whether you have selected the right one. Then check the using cable and pay attention to the cabling between your amplifier (or an all-in-one system like an AV receiver) and speakers. In some cases, there is a wire that radio use to latch into a small port behind the speaker. And you can try cleaning the wire to remove any carbon deposits.Next, you can try removing and re-attaching the cables, and then jostling them slightly to see if that makes a difference. If you find above steps can’t work out, you should try out new speaker-amplifier interconnect cables.

2.Bad performance of the stereo or wrong surround sound directions.

The most effective way to deal with this problem is to check the speakers and the user manual to see which speaker goes where. You can carefully trace the wires back to see whether the port leads to the correct speaker. Another helpful way towards poor sound quality is to see whether one of the component supports the right surround sound format (Dolby Audio, DTS,  or Dolby Atmos).

3.Buzzing sound in the speakers

In terms of the humming sound, here are the basic steps that you can do. And the first step is to put your radio and source on the same power point with a surge protector. Then, isolate the components one by one to find out the location of the problem and try out new cables with better shielding. Next, check whether any grounding wires in your audio are correctly connected to the amplifier. Last, if you find amplifier has been broken and you may need extra professional support.

4.Rowdy radio volume

If you facing with the situation that your radio sound become too loud, what you should do is to  raise the volume of the quietest scenes and see if it can help first. Otherwise,you should see whether the problem is related to the cables, connections, or placement of the speakers, where you can solve it easily. But if you find that the problem is related to the speaker’s driver or internal components, which means you should consult the advice of the experts.

5.No treble or bass in music

In terms of the lack of treble or bass in music, there are some ways to deal with it and the first one way is to check the placement of your radio systems by user manual.

The other one is to  Check any equalizer controls and the cables. If you find that your tweeters and woofers has been broken, you have to get them repaired.

These are all the most common problems and the solutions that people usually meet in their radio system. If you find that your audio has a good sound, which means you can save some money and time to confront these issues. But if you think that you meet some problems that you can’t solve, you should ask for the technical help from the expert or consider to upgrade your car stereo. There is a link of the top rated car stereo from Seicane, which covers multiple functions and good online after-sale service with 3-year warranty. If you are willing to visit a new CD player, it will be the best option.