What should you pay attention to when buying Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD player with gps?

Different from buying clothes or food,buying a DVD player for your beloved car is not so easy a thing.If you are ready to buy one for the first time,you had better know more information about buying it.What should you pay attention to when buying Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD player with gps?You are lucky to have searched this article and you will learn some main information after reading it.To have a pleasant shopping experience,ask questions as often as possible is a very good habit.Because our DVD players are all special for those cars,the models and installation ways are all different from each other.To avoid the trouble of getting back the unit,choosing a matching Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD player before shipping it is very necessary.At first,let’s make a comparison for the original  DVD of Audi A6 S6 RS6 and the DVD player after installing in your car.

original Audi A6 S6 RS6's DVD photo
original Audi A6 S6 RS6’s DVD photo

The perfect combination of this DVD player and Audi A6 S6 RS6.

The perfect combination of this DVD player and Audi A6 S6 RS6
The perfect combination of this DVD player and Audi A6 S6 RS6

The DVD player is compatible with CD, music players, CD-R, JPEG and VCD. You can listen to your favorite songs and you can download them from your own devices. The Bluetooth of Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD player with gps will enable you to dial out a number and receive calls without manually handling the phone.The video will tell you how to use these entertainment functions.

The first step,you must learn to look at the dashboard picture when you have found the model matched for your car.The same model may not match your car when the year is not matched.In fact,there is a very easy way to solve this problem.Just contact us by email through the website and we will let you send your car’s dashboard photo.Then our special technical engineers will recognize which unit will fit your car.After confirming this,you still have some information to know about.You can visit this directly:  http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-player-for-audi-a6-s6-rs6-with-gps-radio-tv-bluetooth-srd-8721  Because we are located in China,we need some time to prepare your order and some time to reach your place.The time we cost on the shipment is fixed usually.The huge import taxes are must be considered in this shopping.You had better ask the detailed information to us to avoid some unnecessary cost.There are some little detailed problems on buying a a DVD player,such as the installation for rear view camera etc.We will not  list all of them because of the space.You can contact us by telephone or leave a message.We are glad to solve any problem for you!

What should we know about Car DVD player for Audi A6 S6 RS6 with gps radio tv bluetooth?

As we all know,dvd palyer has bring great changes and entertainment to people who have cars.Maybe many owns have enjoyed from it.But you really have experienced all its functions?If not,joining us and you will learn that there are so many Powerful features we didn’t have made full use of it.You are lucky to be a reader of this article:What should we know about Audi DVD player for  A6 S6 RS6 with gps radio tv bluetooth?Follow me please,and we will find some interesting things about Audi dvd player.

At first,let us know about the big family members of dvd player for Audi A6 S6 RS6.

Audi A6 S6 RS6 dvd player accessories
Audi A6 S6 RS6 dvd player accessories

High definition is the basic feature it brings us.It’s necessary to keep the touch screen clear especially when we are driving a car.Not only we can relax our eyes,but also can it reduce the rate of the traffic accidents.Just a small feature will make us stay away from dangerous.Let’s appreciate its total effect:

After installation for Audi A6 S6 RS6
After installation for Audi A6 S6 RS6

There is one video about how to use it.After watching this video,you will operate your Audi dvd player more expertly.

The  dvd player for Audi A6 S6 RS6 has used the newest 800MHz ARM11 processor and base on WinCE6.0 operation system.It supports GPS navigation system,3D GPS map,AUX,IPOD,analog TV,Digital TV,rear camera and external 500GB Hard Disk Drive.It  possesses so great energy in its small body.Next,we will say the main functions it shows in front of us:Radio and bluetooth for hand free.I think they are indispensable parts of dvd player.Sometimes driving is a boring thing especially for a long trip.Even there isn’t any one along with you.At this moment,radio is a great partner accompanying you.Bluetooth is a great partner who can provide great conveniences.For example,you can play music in your phone via bluetooth.You also can answer the phone through the bluetooth instead of pick up the phone.What should we know about Audi DVD player for A6 S6 RS6 with gps radio tv bluetooth?The answer is just above.To know more about it,you can visit:  http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-player-for-audi-a6-s6-rs6-with-gps-radio-tv-bluetooth-srd-8721  In fact,the great functions of car DVD player are far from those above.You can explore it through visiting the website we provide.The journey will be enjoyable for it.

Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD Player for your car

Nowadays, It is well known that listening to music in driving on the way has become an Entertainment which most drivers Pursuit of, especially for those young drivers. However, if you own a car bought several years ago, there are more chances that your car’s audio system has been outdated. In order to have a better music enjoyment, it is time to upgrade your car audio system with this Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD Player for your car.

This kind of Audi A6 dvd player is flexible. You could add additional audio and video components if you want to extend the dvd player. Most of these players have the monitors that could be reversed into the unit itself. And the unit could be able to do dvd playback. For your safety, you’d better park your car if you want to watch movie.

Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD Player for your car

Quick Overview

Fit to: Audi A6(1997-2004) / Audi S6(1997-2004) / Audi RS6(1997-2004)
GPS yes Radio yes Digital TV opt.
DVD yes Bluetooth yes Camera opt.
Analogue TV yes Ipod yes Wi-Fi no
USB/SD yes Rearview yes 3G Net no

Guiding you the ideal direction will not be the only function of this Audi A6 DVD Player GPS systems. Additionally they supply you specifically beneficial information when traveling in uncharted territory, which includes giving you directions to gas stations, airports, restaurants, hotels, and other valuable places. Also, this GPS units enable you to listen to music even though you might be making use of the navigation capabilities. This GPS devices are even equipped with Bluetooth technologies, which allow you to make and get hands-free phone calls.

Critical parameter

Working voltage DC 10.5V-16V
Working current MAX 10A
Standby current <=50mA
POWER OFF current <1mA
Working Temperature -20°-60°
Storage Temperature -30°-70°

Hardware parameters

Processor SiRF Prima ARM11
Main frequency 600MHZ
DVD decode chip Sunplus SPHE8202T
DSP 300MHZ,for GPS decode
FM module TDA7540
Bluetooth chip CSR car-mounted BC3

Sometimes, your car trip could be hampered by bad weather conditions or events and activities that lead to traffic congestion. To avoid experiencing this, switch on your Audi A6 DVD Player Radio and listen to the latest weather updates. The radio can access many stations all over the world. You can listen to your favorite music program, news cast and commentaries while driving.Your car entertainment package is a great source of fun and information that helps keep you from getting bored while traversing long and lonely roads. Get in touch with the world even if you are in the midst of
nowhere cruising smoothly in your Audi A6.

You ca also listen to news using the AUDI A6 Radio. The radio can access many channels, which can offer you lots of choices when it comes to radio entertainment. You can listen to a music station, or to news of local and international importance. What makes the radio valuable is the fact that through it, you will learn about the prevalent weather conditions. This will enable you to make some precautionary measures such as taking routes that are less congested or taking reroutes to avoid being caught up in traffic jams caused by road accidents. The radio is also a good source of local news that usually mentions local events that can delay your trip like rallies and demonstrations.

Optional function

Digital TV (DVB-T/ATSC-MH/I-SDB-T) yes
TMC yes
2GB SD Card and map yes
Camera yes


English User’s Manual yes
Remote Controller (Battery inside) yes
RCA Cable yes
iPod Cable yes
USB Cable yes
GPS Antenna yes
Radio Cable yes
touch pen yes
Canbus Box yes

Other features include a blue tooth, DVD play back, TV tuner, iPod control, and storage media that has an SD card slot for movies and music, and USB port for music and movies. The button backlight illumination makes it easy to operate the device even on dark nights. Make every car trip fun with this Audi A6 S6 RS6 DVD Player for your car.