Carplay radio upgrade: Ford Explorer TX4003 DSP GPS 360° Camera Steering Wheel 2014-2019

Hey bros! Today’s upgrade is a ford Explorer. We get a new car multi-function radio.

The new radio support SYNC1 SYNC2 SYNC3 and 360° camera. Of course with carplay & Android auto. High resolution screen. Support AHD Camera, bluetooth.

Here’s all its wires and disassembly tool, please prepare as needed. And follow me I’ll show you the removal and installation step by steep.

First, we remove the silver trim on the left and right sides.

Then unscrew the screws that fix the original car button panel, unplug all plugs on the back.

Here we unscrew the screws that fix the original car host and the original car screen.

Remove the original car host and unplug all the plugs on the back, then we remove the original car screen and and plug all the wires on the back.

Next, we remove the air vent from the original car and install it on the back of our new car radio.

Here we connect its RCA cable, FOURG antenna, GPS antenna to the new car radio.

Then connect the radio antenna and the original car USB cable to the original car.

And connect the power card to the new car radio, connect the reversing video cable.

Then we connect the socket of the power cord to the original car plug according to the size and connect the radio and USB to the new car radio by the way.

Okay the connection is complete, we will install it, just fix it with screws, and finally install to silver decorative strips and it is completed!

Now it’s time to test the connection. Next thing is the debugging protocol, which is the operation demonstration method

we enter the password to enter the factory settings, find the campus setting and select the corresponding option according to the model year to confirm.

Then restart the effective protocol data.

Support steering wheel control and screen control of the original car air conditioner.

Also Support the original car camera reversing image.

The new radio can play music, or use DSP to adjust the speaker sound quality. It support video playback, can automatically search for radio bands, can use Google search, can make / receive calls using Bluetooth, can connect wireless Carplay or android auto. The built-in wireless Carplay Android Auto feature allows drivers to seamlessly integrate their smartphones with the car’s audio and entertainment system. This feature provides drivers with easy access to their phone’s features, such as music, phone calls, and messaging.

The best for old car! If your car doesn’t have Apple CarPlay, this is something you’ll have.

2 comments on “Carplay radio upgrade: Ford Explorer TX4003 DSP GPS 360° Camera Steering Wheel 2014-2019

  1. I purchased this unit along with the 360 camers, and the OBD unit. I must say, I am happy with the unit. I have connected the OBD (that was easy, just plug it into the car, but I have yet to connect the 360 cameras. One thing about the unit I did not like was the RCA audio out. There is only 1 set. How can you get real stereo sound if there is only L/R? I had to purchase a passive EQ that only took 1 set of RCA inputs that then changed it into a 4 channel output. Without the passive EQ, I would have had to use an adapter to change it from a 2 channel to a 4 channel output. Also, I finally found a Ford Explorer on the CANBUS that could control almost everything. But, my voice control button of my steering wheel still does not work. Also, the subwoofer is only a 1 channel output. I used a splitter for that. The sound is great especially if you use the DSP app.This is the 4th Tesla style radio I purchased, sending every one of those units back because there was something it would not do. One stopped working. Another could not get the AC unit working. The third one had no steering wheel control, opting to give me a small remote control in its stead. This one controls 85% of of everything. I guess you can have your cake and a little bite
    Customer service is great. I emailed back and forth over the span of 3 weeks until I was satisfied with the unit.
    Would I purchase this unit again? Maybe so. I like it. But I want to love it. Maybe after I finally install my 360 cameras, I will love it. Fingers crossed..

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