How to Upgrade Car DVD GPS Navigation Map

We can say that the GPS navigation system is the most important function in the car DVD player.As a entertainment equipment,the car DVD is not just a partner for enjoyment.It is a guide for driving more.As we all know,the Sat Navi need the GPS map as a supporter.Or it is no longer of any use.The real-time information is necessary for a GPS map.So we should upgrade the map in time to avoid unnecessary mistake while driving.But how to Upgrade car DVD GPS Navigation Map?Maybe there are many owners still don’t know how to operate it.In fact,there is a quicker method to master the update steps.You just need contact with the seller who provide you the Car GPS Navigation.They will tell you that if the version is the newest at present.If there is update information,usually they will help you upgrade your map freely.This is a service for customers.And it is just one of the after-sales Services.For example,if you meet some problems on installation,you can ask them for help.They also can provide advice and technology support freely.

one dashboard photo after installing the car dvd player
one dashboard photo after installing the car DVD player

The function it shows is the Bluetooth music.You can listen to the music through the cellphone Bluetooth connected with the head unit.You can try to confirm that whether your car fit this machine perfectly through the dashboard photo.If the shape and size is compatible with your original car’s CD or DVD,you can take it back without any question.

The car radio function about this car dvd player
The car radio function about this car DVD player

The car radio function about this DVD player.Most of the car DVD player is special for cars.So the effect after installation is quite great.The video will help you know more about this machine:

The first step you should do when want to upgrade your car DVD GPS map is that you need contact with the business you bought the head unit from.Once there is update information,they will provide the website link for you right now.When you open the link,you will find the download port.You can download the newest version of GPS map.However,the data of the map is so big that you had better choose one download tool to complete this work.We must remind you that you have to back the original files up before upgrading your navigation map.After upgrading,you had better try it before deleting the original data files.Upgrading car dvd gps navigation map is really a simple thing comparing with the installation.Certainly,if you have any problem about installation or upgrading,you can click the link above to contact with the customer service.No matter whether you want to buy one car radio navigation or not,they will solve your problems as soon as possible.

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