How to maintain your car nav

A trend of electronic products is that the operation is becoming more and more simple.The”fool machine”has been known by most people.Just several buttons or even clicking on the screen lightly will let you play the machine successfully.And you needn’t spend any mental.Users’ experience is the only standard for product producers.This will determine the sales volume directly.Take the Apple as a example,the most  critical point is that they attach importance to user’s experience.So they can get so great success.However,the simple operation doesn’t represent that you can treat it recklessly.The car nav with DVD is just like such machine.While you can use it easily you can’t use it freely.It can greatly extend the life of car DVD player if you pay little attention to it on daily use and maintenance.But how to maintain your car nav?You must be curious about this question.Then I will provide some tips about using the car DVD.

The cool dashboard photo after installing the car DVD player
The cool dashboard photo after installing the car DVD player

The car Bluetooth function of this DVD player with GPS.

The car Bluetooth function of this DVD player with GPS
The car Bluetooth function of this DVD player with GPS

At first,you can watch a video about how to use the car DVD player.The car radio,Bluetooth,Ipod,video,Sat Navi and digital TV functions etc will all be shown in the video.

Methods / steps:

1.Following such a shutdown sequence after using it:Turn off the page,and then shut down,unplug at last.Some owners unplug directly after using it over just for convenience.They never turn the car nav off.This indeed save some trouble.But it is easy to damage the electronic components after a long time.

2.Charging about ten hours when the machine is used at the first three times.The purpose is to let the battery storage capacity maximize out.

3.Starting the car first and plugging the cigarette lighter power later.Unplugging the lighter after using the car radio DVD stereo.Plugging it after starting the car next time.This will help protect the machine battery and extend battery life.

4.Do not let the car nav touch screen touch the sharp objects.

5.Do not let the car DVD GPS exposures in the sun for a long time.The large temperature difference affects not only the navigation battery life but also the sensitivity of the LCD touch screen.

A car DVD player with GPS is not a cheap product among those car electronic accessories.And the great functions it possesses will make your driving life colorful.At last,you will not be able to leave it any more.So you should protect it as your best friend.It must be a great partner no matter driving on the highway lonely or in the lively street.


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