Car DVD with Steering Wheel Control

When you are driving a car,what you want to get is not only the high speed but also the great experience it brings.How to obtain the great experience?We can achieve it through several ways.Today,I will say something about the convenience the car DVD with Steering Wheel Control brings.We all know that we shouldn’t drive to distraction no matter where we are.Especially on the highway,once there is something wrong we probably have no time to react while the accident has happened immediately.The steering wheel control function is necessary for us.So all of the car DVD players can support the original car’s steering wheel control.But so many people worry about that the installation of the head unit may destroy the function.They hesitate and  are entangled with this.In fact,I can tell you for sure that there will not be any question for this function when installed the car nav radio player.

Car DVD with radio function
car DVD with radio function

I will take one car model as an example.The hummer car radio player is a little different with other car models.The steering wheel control of hummer is not controlled by the can-bus.We can still use this function normally without the can-bus.But in general,other car models must run a can-bus wire to achieve the function.So after installing the car DVD player we can use it directly.We don’t need cut any wires.

Car DVD after installation
Car DVD after installation

Maybe you will be interested in the video about how to use the popular machine.

Our can-bus software can connect with our host machine software perfectly.At present,many manufacturers can’t do this absolutely.As a result,their machines are much easier than ours.This is a great advantage for us.The difficulty lies in the compatibility between our car DVD and owner’s original car system.Our can-bus software can completely keep the original car’s system and reserve many information in original car.Using this production is not so easy a thing.Because the functions it built-in are too powerful.You nearly can do anything you want by using it.As you know,the installation is not so simple as other accessories.But I will tell you that you are worth it despite the complicated installation process.

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