In-Dash Car DVD:Don’t need to rewire the entire system

Different with the universal units,the in-dash car DVD players is special for cars.Thus,the installation is not so easy comparing with the former.Usually,the universal units are all plug and play.But they need to buy one extra kit to match the shape of the original car’s CD or DVD.The in-dash head unit don’t need the kit.It’s seamless integration with your car.You can see it through the photo below.Just because the special characteristic,there are too many problems come out during the installation process.We have found that the most concerned question is the effect to the original car’s functions.I will tell you for certain:In-Dash car DVD:Don’t need to rewire the entire system.At present,only in Asia countries producing the car nav system.And the amount is not too much.The mainly countries are China and Japan.China is the most successful country in producing the car DVD.The experience and technology is much richer than other countries.About the installation,they have the absolute speak right.In fact,most of the car radio navigation systems will not effect the original car’s function in addition to the new added functions in the machine.

In-Dash Car DVD:matching the original car perfectly
In-Dash car DVD:matching the original car perfectly

The car DVD player is in the center of the car’s dashboard.You can look at the picture of the single unit.

The single car DVD player
The single car DVD player

It will be nested in the dashboard through the four corners.After installing it successfully,you can use all of the functions such as radio,GPS,Bluetooth,Bluetooth music,Ipod and so on.The video will help you know about them quickly.

Nearly every function has matched one cable to achieve it.What you need do is to wire them.However,different car model has its unique wiring harnesses.Sometimes,even the same car model has different wiring harnesses.Because every car has its unique accessories according to owner needs.For example,we will often ask the customer if there is optic fiber AMP in his car if the car model is Mercedes-Benz.We will ask the DSP when meeting the BMW owners.In addition,the AUX is the high frequency question we will refer to.By the way,the AUX is the bridge between the unit sound and the original car speaker.So its necessary for the use of the car DVD with GPS.Once the AUX is broken,the head unit will not have any sound.That means most of the functions in the car DVD player can’t be used any more.Many people worry about that the car radio will damage the original car’s function.Its a misunderstanding to car nav.You needn’t rewire the entire system at all.What you should do is to remove the original car’s CD and put the new DVD player back.Then connecting the wiring harness exactly.The best way is to have the professional install it.If you like do something challenged,you can have a try.We will provide after-sale service freely.