The Common Malfunctions While Installing the Car Nav Autoradio System

car DVD Player is a head unit which will causing many disputes all the time.Why?At first,it is a newer car accessory than the others.People will need a process to accept the new things.The most important is that it is so young that there will exist many problems from production to installation.But these are not the questions.They can never  prevent us from pursuing the better goods which are advantageous to us persons.The trend is changing faster and faster.We will never know what will happen next second.As a result,the problems come with us.Today,I will make a simple conclusion for the Common Malfunctions While Installing the Car Nav Autoradio System.If your question is not in here,you can contact us directly from the link below.We have a team to solve such problems and free of charge during this period.The original car’s CD or DVD is one of the most important reference for finding out the reason of malfunctions.

The original car's CD photo
The original car’s CD photo
The original car's DVD photo
The original car’s DVD photo

So sending the dashboard photo to us is necessary while seeking the solutions.We can watch a video about the use of a normal machine.Most of the functions it possesses are shown in it:

Now I will put several common problems in this article.If you have met one of these malfunctions,I will feel sorry about that.But I also say that you are lucky to have read this page.

1.The Touchscreen is invalid.Did you tear up the protective film of this unit before checking up other parts?If you didn’t,please tear up it,and have a try.If you have already tear up it,please try to recalibrate this unit according to the file “Screen Calibration instructions.doc” attached.If you have any other question you can keep in touch with the customer services at working hours.

2.Can not start up.Please find out your original car’s ACC wire, and then connect your original car’s ACC wire to our power cable’s separate ACC wire. About this separate ACC wire, you can find it on our power cable. It is one wire separate and it is marked “ACC”. Then this unit will power on.If you don’t  know where to connect it in the car,you can see that the ACC wire is located behind your car’s air-conditioner panel.ACC wire is 12V. ACC is your car’s power supply.Please press this button signing “VOL”.

3.The car nav for steering wheel control does not work.Did you adjust the CANBUS box? Please make sure that the canbus box is in right state.If it doesn’t work as before,please find out the 6m long cable we have send to you.There are five connectors on the cable.Please connect these cables and see if steering wheel control will work.All of these problems will not become the resource for giving up such great head unit in your car.Because the functions it builts in are colorful and amazing.You will experience one quite different driving life.You passengers also will feel so cool for sitting in your car!