Practical Installation Manual of 2009-2012 Mercedes Benz GLK Stereo Navigation System with Bluetooth Carplay

Have you ever wonder to enjoy your free time inside your car by turning on your audio? As the fans of Mercedes Benz, it is not difficult to buy a new head unit but the difficult point lies in whether you’d like to buy the installation service of the radios or just replace it by yourself. For most of those who budget carefully, it’s the best choice for them to install a new radio on their own. And this article of 2009-2012 Mercedes Benz GLK Radio from Seicane will provide you with a general guide on how to do it. Hope you will get useful advice from the following instructions.

Before installation, you should pay attention to some important tips. First of all, you can disconnect the power and prepare some tools such as lever before the removal and the installation. Secondly, you should keep all the separate parts from the car and take great care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation.

Last but not least, you should keep handy any parts from the car and make use of all the original screws from the car as much as possible so that each related part of the unit can be fixed securely.

2009-2012 Mercedes Benz GLK car radio installation manual

1. Lever vent panel and take off the connectors.

2.Lever the screen frame.

3.Take off the screws and the screen frame.

4.Pull out the screen and disconnect hardness cord.

5.Lever the decorative trim and take off it.

6.Take off the screws on both sides.

7.Pull up the buckle of head unit, take out the head unit and unplug power cable.

8.Connect original LVDS wire together with a new BMW 4.0 system box.

9.Connect the new LVDS wire.

10.Connect the original video power wire and the small speaker wire.

11.Install the new base and fix the screws.

12.Connect power cable and USB cable.

13.Install the new screen by fixing 2 screws, then recover all panels.

When you finished all the steps of installation, you can test the function of the new radio and its performance as well. Every step needs your practical attempt to make it comes true. And you will get successful experience as long as you’d like to try on your best to do it. Even though sometimes you still think it is a complicated procedure, you can ask for your car dealer for help or search for some detailed information from the websites. Here I’d like to share a link of 2009-2012 Mercedes Benz GLK car radio, which is fashionable and attractive enough to catch your attention.

With the latest operation system Android 10.0 and 16EQ DSP tuning systems, you can surf the Internet in the fastest speed and enjoy various sense of sound at the same time.Unlike the other screen, the IPS screen comes with higher resolution, which provides you with a clearer image and stronger sense of hierarchy.

In addition, the dual system free switching will allow the computer information display of the original car, highly analyze the original car protocol, and support multi-functional steering wheel control, etc. Moreover, if the original car is equipped with a reversing image system, the reversing track of the original car can be display on the large screen.

Last but not least, it supports different options including Car DVR, OBD II, TPMS, which ensure that you can enjoy your own time during the driving journey. So embrace it now just as you come to the new life.

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