Frequently Asked Questions Before Order

Before you buy our products, you may have some questions about products. So, we will answer some questions you may have before the order.

Q1: Do I need to buy extra Carplay for H2 series?

A: No, the H2 series has  built-in Carplay.


Q2: Does the H6 series have  built-in Carplay?

A: No, you need to buy a Carplay dongle. Please buy at the following link: gle-for-android-car-radio-support-ios-iphone-car-touch-screen-control- siri-microphone-voice-control-s01001


Q3: My car is 2012 Mercedes SLKR171 with HarmonKardon system. What  decoder do I need to buy to support it?

A: You need to buy fiber decoder box. Please buy at the following link:


Q4: I need to order the android audio for 2015 Toyota Camry, Does it Come complete with every thing I need to install it?

A: Dear thanks for interested in our product.Could you please send us the photo of your car’s dashboard。Then we can help you to check it.yes,the unit will come with all needed cables.



A: OK, Dear. We have unit which can fit your car. Please order it at the following link: -2012-2013-2014-toyota-camry-with-dvd-player-bluetooth-mirror-link-r adio-capacitive-multi-touch-screen-obd-dvr-rear-view-camera-tv-3g-wi fi-usb-sd-s168016


Q5: Does your car navigation system support the camera of the original car?

A: Part of the machine can support, the specific depends on the machine is equipped with wire.


Q6: Can the engine support the original camera?

A: If our wiring diagram has a connection for the camera, it does.


Q7:Is there any discount for an order now?

A:We have a 3% discount code – SC3. We can give you 3% off discount, you can use the code of SC3,is that ok.


Q8: How soon can we ship the order?

A: We need 1-5 days to process your order, and then it takes about 6-15 days to reach your door after shipping.


Q9: What is the freight charge for product?

A: Please add this unit to cart,then choose the country you want to ship to,Shipping fees will be estimated by our system automatically.


Q10: Can it be delivered to my country. Do I need to pay tariffs?

A: Yes, for orders from European countries, we will ship the goods from Czech warehouse without paying customs duties. If there are tariffs in other countries, we will pay part of the freight for you.


Q11: How long is the warranty?

A: All of our products are covered by a 12-month warranty for its replacement and repair.


Q12: Where will the goods be shipped from?

A: We have American warehouse, Czech warehouse and Chinese warehouse. We choose the warehouse according to your shipping address.

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