DSP car audio sound system-extreme music enjoyment

With the advance of science and technology, people demand for cars has been in the update, once we require car runs fast, less fuel consumption, and today we begin to pay attention to the interior of the car. Listening to music while driving seems to be a necessary in the modern life, so a DSP car audio sound system is particularly important for ascending car comfort.

The DSP car audio sound system is for H2,H3 series products with a professional car DSP sound system with 8RCA outputs as an option.It has real 15EQ adjustable segments and can adjust the delay,cut the frequency,adjust the volume of each channel,turn over Each RCA phase separately.It has passive crossover mode,active two crossover mode,active three crossover mode,and equal output crossover modes.




The function of DSP car audio sound system is also very powerful

It has a true 15EQ real segment that can adjust delays, cut frequencies, adjust the volume of each channel, and flip each RCA phase separately.

2.DSP car audio sound system has passive crossover mode, active two crossover mode, active three crossover mode, and equal output crossover modes.

Here some following are instructions for DSP car audio sound system1.First step you need to open the DSP application — enter the tuning — click the password input field — enter the password: 128. If Password input Successfully, it will prompt : input successful, please be careful!
2.The output frequency dividing mode has: passive frequency dividing, two frequency dividing, three frequency dividing, three modes.
3.Delay function refers to the delay of the sound of a horn or channel,adjust the speaker close to the person through DSP audio algorithm, so that the sound from both sides reaches the person’s ear at the same time, and restore the center of the sound field stage to the middle position of the center console, so as to achieve the best listening effect.
4.Output volume setting: This machine has 8 channels of audio signal output, each of which can be separately adjusted volume, separately mute, separately reverse phase and other operations.
5.Effectors:The effectors interface mainly including: equal loudness, sound field, bass and other functions.
6.Equalizer:Equalizer has 15 true adjustable EQ, can save 3 user custom effects, 3 tuning mode effects, there are 6 preset effects optional.

There are some tips to instruct you to find a suitable frequency

Insufficient strength (add 125Hz)

Thin Voice (add 200-400Hz)

Sound weak (add 1K or so)

Voice position deviation (add 3KHz)

Sound not permeable (add 4K-8khz)

Insufficient sense of space (add 12K-16KHz)

Heavy bass (minus 160-200Hz)

Male laryngeal weight (minus 200Hz)

Nasal weight (minus 250HZ)

Sound turbidity (minus 60-80Hz)

Bass pressure ear (minus 125Hz)

Alto too thick (minus 400-500Hz)

Intermediate frequency grating on the ear (minus 1250-20000Hz)

The voice is too loud  (minus 3KHz)

High frequency harsh (minus 4K-6khz)

Dental prominent (minus 8KHz)

High pitch creepy (subtract 12KHz-16KHz)

Low frequency fullness (minus 60-80Hz)

DSP car audio sound system will bring the driver extreme music enjoyment and a kind of ear massage,DSP car audio sound system will make your driving time no longer be monotonous,Don’t be hesitate and  put it in your car now!

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