How to Install Seicane H826 Touchscreen Radio System for 2001-2008 BMW 7 Series E65 E66?

Installing an upgraded radio screen in BMW 7 Series is not so difficult. I am sure the new radio screen do make differences in your drive. If you are planning to upgrade your BMW’s basic radio screen, take a look at this installation guide, you may get some tips from it.

Tools: Plastic pry tools, screwdrivers.

Note: Make sure the car power is off before working.

The original car radio system.

Step 1, Pry to open the front cover plate of the radio screen, then remove the cover plate.

Step 2, Remove 3 screws that fixed on the top of the radio screen, then pry to remove the radio screen, unplug its connector.

Step 3, Remove screws that fixed the A/C outlet panel; Pry to open the outlet panel from the side of co-pilot.

Step 4, Take down the whole A/C outlet panel and unplug the connector.

Step 5, Remove screws that fixed the original CD unit, take it down and disconnect its plugs.

Step 6, Pry to remove the metal sheet on the back of the original radio screen, then disassemble the screen and frame, and unplug the cable.

Step 7, Use new cable to assemble the frame on the new radio screen.

Step 8, Connect new wiring harness to the car plugs, then connect new radio screen and original CD unit.

Step 9, Start the car to test whether the new radio system can work normally, if there is no problem, install all the car accessories back; if there is something wrong, check whether the cables are correctly connected.

Know about Seicane car stereo GPS navigation system for BMW 7 Series E65 E66 2001-2008

It’s an 8.8” IPS screen system integrated with various functions including radio, music and video playing, Bluetooth, GPS navigation etc. It also supports the original car functions to keep you comfortable using experience. Besides, it supports Carplay, giving you the ability to freely enjoy your smartphone Carplay function on the radio display.   

On the other hand, the product is able to support external car cameras such as DVR, rear view camera and so on. With the DVR, you can record everything of traffic accident, providing accident liability certificate. While a rear view camera can show you clear rear images whenever you park and reverse the car, so that you park the car easier and more convenient.  

Choosing Seicane, you never regret!