How to Install Android Radio Tesla Screen to Ford Fiesta (2009-2014)?

Recently, many Ford Fiesta owners are planning to upgrade their factory radio. Most of them prefer Tesla screen head unit as it looks exquisite and the big screen makes everything work simply.

As one of Ford Fiesta car owners and to help these drivers solve the problems, here I will share my experience of how to install an Android Tesla touchscreen to the car and how it makes my drive better.

Part 1, Get a Tesla screen radio to my car

Before finding the suitable radio head unit for Ford Fiesta, I took some time to do researches, as you know there are various options on the Internet. Considering the budget, shipment, after-sales service and radio functions, finally I chose a Seicane car radio (model: H7668). The unit comes a 9.7″ IPS screen, 8-core CPU, with built-in Carplay/Android Auto and DSP setting for quality sound effect. It also provides many functions like navigation, rear view camera supported, A/C control etc. I love it so much.

Part 2, The removal and installation steps

There are two must-do things before working, one is preparing the needed tools including a plastic pry tool and the screwdrivers. Another is powering off the car to ensure a safe work.

Take a look the original car radio system.

1, Use a plastic pry tool to remove the small piece and the top plastic cover.

2, Unscrew the screws that fix the button control panel, take down the panel and unplug its connector.

3, Then you can pull out the main unit, and also need to unplug its connectors.

4, Next, let’s unscrew the screws that fix the small screen, take it off and disconnect the plug.

5, At this moment, we finish the removal job, now we can move to the installation steps. Firstly, check all the parts of the Seicane Android radio system, make sure they are in good condition.

6, Connect the new wiring cables to the car, just check the manual if you are not sure the interfaces.

7, After connecting the cables, we need to remove the A/C outlets of the button control panel, then install them to the new radio. Lastly, we can install the whole new radio to the dash, make sure the cables are correctly connected.

8, Following we can turn on the car to check whether the new radio stereo system work normally. If not, double check the wiring conditions or contact the seller for help.

Part 3, The powerful functions of the Seicane radio

Say true, this Ford Fiesta Android Tesla radio of Seicane is really well-look, adding much beauty to the interior. What’s more, it brings lots of useful functions that make my drive better.

First of all, it’s large touchscreen, easy to operate and things are clearly to see, which helps increase driving safety. On the other hand, when I go to a new place, I prefer using the navigation on the radio, you know, the screen is bigger than the phone.

As far as I’m concerned, Carplay is the most powerful feature, because it gives us the ability to use phone applications like phone call, phone map, phone music etc. on the radio screen, super convenient. Another outstanding feature should be the compatibility of car cameras, and it can support the 360°camera, no worry about the driving collisions.

Now you see, if I still keep using the original button-operated radio, I can’t do these fun things.