An easy guide to replacing 2010-2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Radio Navigation System with Bluetooth Carplay

As the owner of Mercedes-Benz E-class, it is not difficult for you to buy the appropriate car radio online or offline . However, installing or replacing a radio can range in difficulty, especially as a person who has no experience of installation before. And there are also some factors that must be considerable such as the consuming time and the personal energy. Thus, I sincerely recommend you to read the following easy guide to replacing your 2010-2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Radio from Seicane. In this guide, you can see the whole process of installation and get what you need as you want.

Before installation, you should pay attention to some important tips. First of all, you can disconnect the power and prepare some tools such as lever before the removal and the installation. Secondly, you should keep all the separate parts from the car and take great care of the dashboard to avoid scratching it during its detachment and installation.

Last but not least, you should keep handy any parts from the car and make use of all the original screws from the car as much as possible so that each related part of the unit can be fixed securely.

2010-2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class car radio installation guide

1. Lever original car screen frame and take off the two screws.

2.Pull out the screen and disconnect the cable.

3.Lever the vent panel and disconnect the emergency light wiring harness.

4.Take off the screws on the both sides.

5.Knock the screw down and pull out the monitor.

6.Pull out the monitor and disconnect the power cable.

7.Pull out the power cable and USB wire from the right side.

8.Connect original LVDS wire together with the new assembly box, the new LVDS wire and the original video power wire(only 4.0 system).

9.Install the new base and fix the screw.

10.Fix the nut cover and connect original car power cable with new power cable.

11.Plug in the new power cable.

12.Install the head unit and fix the 2 screws.

13.Connect the emergency light wiring harness and install the air outlet panel.

14.Connect the wiring harness and install the screen.

15.Fix the two screws to finish installation.

After finishing the whole installation, you can test the function of the car stereo on your own and check whether it can perform as well. As long as you tried all the steps above, you will have your clear plan about how to install your radio at the same time. But if you still feel it hard for you to finish this whole procedure by yourself, you can ask for your car dealer directly who will offer the most professional advice for you. In addition, you can also find various tutorials and relevant resource here on the Internet. Here I want to share one of the most impressive product from Seicane, 2010-2015 Mercedes-Benz E-Class car radio, which owns different functions and act as brilliant as other radios.

Unlike other operation system, it is equipped with the latest operation system Android 10.0, which ensure the best using feeling and care for each user’s need. What’s more, with multiple point high-sensitive touchscreen, it can bring smooth operation and you can enjoy visual feast on this 10.25 inch 1280*480 resolution display.

Built in GPS module, it support both online and offline navigation app from Google Play app market, which means you don’t need to worry about whether you will get lost during the driving with the help of the updated data from these apps.

Besides, integrated with BC6 Bluetooth module, it supports phonebook sync, hand-free call, and music streaming from your phone. And there are also other outstanding functions here such as the rear view camera, which supports RCA AV connector type rear view camera signal input, automatically switch to parking image when reversing gear engaged.

All in all, never hesitate to buy if you really desire it and embrace what you love now !