How to Replace (2006-2013) BMW Mini Cooper Radio with a Touchscreen Bluetooth Car Stereo System?

BMW’s Mini Cooper is one of popular models loved by many people. It has a sense of design regardless of its external shape or internal situation, while the radio system is one of amazing design.

Normally, the original car radio of BMW Mini Cooper is the combination of a large circular display meter and button-operated CD player, which in fact is with simple function and no special feature. With the innovation of car stereo technology, now we can find many new car stereos that come with various features and functions in the market to upgrade the old radio. This post is about how to remove old radio and install a touchscreen multifunctional radio in the (2006-2013) Mini Cooper. Let’s check whether you can do it yourself.

The original car stereo system.

The removal and installation steps

Preparation: New car stereo system (the one we used is a Seicane Android car stereo navigation system). Tools include plastic pry tools, screwdrivers. Power off the car before moving anything.

Step 1, Remove the two plastic pieces from the top air outlet

Step 2, Remove the fixing screws inside (one on each side)

Step 3, Use a pry tool to pry open the trim panel at the instrument position of the steering wheel, keep it loose.

Step 4, Press to open the right trim panel (arrow) by hand, and pry to remove the small plastic sheet (circle) at the right air vent position.

Step 5, Remove the fixing screws on the left and right sides of the air vents, take down the frame structure, and disconnect the plug.

Step 6, Remove all the screws that fix the trim board shown in the picture to make it loose.

Step 7, Pry to remove the fixed panel on the right side of the radio system.

Step 8, Unscrew the screws that fix the panel under the steering wheel, remove the panel.

Step 9, Then pry to remove the fixed panel on the left side of the radio system.

Step 10, Remove screws that fixed the start button panel to make it loose.

Step 11, To remove the button panel of the radio system: Firstly, remove the fixing plastic sheet at the bottom of the panel and unscrew the screw inside; Then unscrew the screws that fix the whole button panel on the left and right sides; Take out the panel and unplug its all connected plugs.

Step 12, Remove all the screws that fix the display meter and the CD player.

Step 13, Take down the display meter and the CD player, unplug all the connectors.

Step 14, Remove the black frame that fixed the display meter and the CD player. The frame will be used for the new stereo system.

Step 15, Check the wiring harness and other accessories of the Seicane car stereo system.

Step 16, Fix the screen and CD unit of the new car radio system with the black frame.

Step 17, Use the new cables to connect the new radio system (screen and CD unit) to the car. Being carefully and taking a look at the radio user manual will be great help.

Step 18, Next, turn on the car to test the working condition of the new car radio system.

Step 19, If it is confirmed that the new stereo system is working normally, install all the original car accessories including screws and panels back. If there is problem, check again the wiring condition to see if ok.

Brief introduction of Seicane car stereo navigation system

It comes with a 7 inches touchscreen that easy to operate and see information clearly. The most fantastic design of the product is it can support the fuel consumption display and Harmon Kardon Sound System, so it’s easy to plug and play for the installation.

With this multifunctional car radio, whenever and wherever you drive, you’ll get lot fun on the road. Not only can you listen to music, receive radios channels, you can also watch videos, surf the Internet via 3G/WIFI network. Most importantly, you won’t get lost by checking the latest navigation information to your destination provided by this radio. Besides, it helps you drive safer. For example, making Bluetooth calls instead of answering the phone with your hands; Easily to park and reverse the car with the help of rear images shown on display when there is rear view camera connected to the radio system.

In short, this Seicane Bluetooth car stereo system help improve your driving experience.