OEM Car DVD Player GPS Stereo:the best choice to upgrade your car accessories

With the advent of all kinds of new products,many owners don’t want to fall behind at all.There are so much equipment to choose that they are not sure how to get them off the ground.But I will say that: OEM car DVD Player GPS Stereo:the best choice to upgrade your car accessories.You may want to know the reason why do I say this.After reading this article and scan the website information,you will not be suspicious of what I said.If you want to buy a universal car DVD,it’s very easy.Because such machine is plug and play.You can install it without any drilling.Its convenience indeed attracts many people to pay attention to it and get one at last.While if you intend to  place a order which is special for your car,you also needn’t worry about the installation.You can just have the professional install it.The cost will not be too high.And it can connect with your original car’s dashboard perfectly without any kit added to it.If you are interested in the powerful car radio and want to save some money,you also can install it by yourself.But we will not suggest you do it.With so many functions builted in the small car nav stereo,the structure is a little complex actually.As a result,the installation must be treated carefully.Once there are one cable or pin port connected incorrectly,the machine will not work or some function will not work normally.

The size of one OEM Car DVD Player GPS Stereo
The size of one OEM car DVD Player GPS Stereo

The Android version DVD player comes out recently.We have to say,the replacement and upgrade speed of technology products is much higher than our hummer.From computer to mobile phone,from mechanization to intelligentization and so on,we are still standing here and witnessing all this happen.should we be proud of our tenacious vitality or be ashamed with our slow process of life?Yes,we can’t answer this question but we have the ability to use the high tech to enjoy our limited life.The car dvd gps navigation is a very representative example.Look at its great functions below:

I have to ask you that what model your car is?If your car is Mercedes-Benz,BMW or Audi,congratulations,the installation of the car DVD player will be more complex than other car models.If you mean to install it by yourself,you can get more chances and time to contact with us stuff.We will dedicate our time to help you experience the entertainment it brings successfully.Solving the problem is our common target.The target will put us together.Though the distance is far even separated by the Pacific Ocean or Indian Ocean,the advanced communications make our distance closer.The overseas call can help us hear our voices each other.The Internet make us continue the tradition of “letter”.Email will bring much information for what we want.

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  1. I live in France and I own a Mercedes GLK 320 . Year of model October 2008. It has Navigation system and 6 DVD player and Radio. Has a compact flash reader. No TV. No back view camera.
    I want to upgrade to a model with Digital TV. Your model must be compatible with original GPS and map. Which of your models is compatible for my car ? TV and DVD must work when driving.

    • “Dear,
      This is Seicane.com.
      Thanks for interested in our product.
      Could you please send us the photo of your car’s dashboard to [email protected]?  
      And could you please tell us the model and year of your car?
      Then we can help you check if this unit can fit your car or not ,hope you could cooperate with us.
      Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
      Thank you & Best regards!

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