How to Install the 2013-2018 Cadillac Car Radio GPS Navigation System from Seicane by Yourself?

My family is planning for a road trip next month, and at present, we need to take our Cadillac for a comprehensive check and upgrade some parts to avoid breakdown. While when I look at the car radio player, to be honest, I think it won’t be much suitable for my trip, so why not also upgrade a new one since it won’t cost much?


After doing lot of searches, I finally got an awesome 2013-2018 Cadillac Car Radio GPS Navigation System from Seicane. It’s easy to install. Now I would love to share the installation guide with all of you.


Before doing, please note:

  • Make sure the power has been cut off before installation to avoid any danger.
  • Prepare the needed tools, and keep all accessories complete.


1 Get the unit


2 Get an aluminum sheet.


3 Fix the aluminum sheet to the unit, then fix the heating panel to the aluminum sheet.


4 Tighten the 9 screws of the back cover.


5 The whole unit was assembled.


6 Install the brackets.


7 Low and medium protocol box for 2013-2018 Cadillac.


8 Connect the cables to the protocol box.


9 Connect the protocol box to the unit.


10 Connect the original car LVDS plug to the one of protocol box.


11 Find out the port of original car screen unit and the power, take off the screen unit and connect the new unit to the power.


12 The original unit is in the co-pilot, connect the cables as the below picture.



13 After connecting the cables and powering up, click on the “car settings”, choose the “factory setting password”, click on Daojun, according to your own car model, choose the corresponding one to upgrade the agreement.


14 Click “application”, choose “original car interface” and click “support the function of original car”. Then test the car radio system whether works or not.


As you can see, below picture shows the effect after the installation.


Compare to the original radio, the Seicanes Bluetooth Car Radio GPS Navigation System for 2013-2018 Cadillac has more features and functions.


  • The 9.7 inch IPS screen is eye-friendly. No light reflecting under 360 degree direct sunlight, super fast response, and no watermark when touch.
  • Integrated with BC6 Bluetooth module, it support phonebook sync, hands-free call and music steaming from your phone.
  • Besides, it supports FM/RDS and carplay.
  • There is built in GPS module that supports both online and offline navigation app from Google Play app market. Keep you a smooth trip.
  • This car player is able to support a 360 degree camera and AHD night vision rearview camera, help you drive safe anytime.


With the new GPS car stereo system in my car, I believe our family trip must be more fun and happiness. If you want to upgrade your car radio, I highly recommend you to choose Seicane.







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