How to Quickly Add A Carplay Radio to 2003-2007 Honda Accord 7?

You can see that almost no one uses a button-type phone with a small screen now, the fact is the big touch screen phone is the best. It’s super easy to operate by finger clicks, also shows all information very clearly. So, if you also have such touch screen multimedia player on the dashboard in the car, isn’t that awesome?

If you haven’t had touch screen radio head unit, it’s time to invest one to your car, I am sure you will have more great driving experience.

To help you install an aftermarket touch screen radio by yourself, here we show a guide, its a replacement installation guide for the 2003-2007 Honda Accord 7 radio, just see how to do.

car radio for Honda Accord 7

Beginning tips:

1, Prepare the needed tools like plastic pry tools, screwdriver etc.

2, During the removal & installation, the car power should be off to ensure safety.

This is the original car radio system.

Step 1, Pull up the emergency, use a pry tool to pry this plastic frame, then unplug its connectors.

Step 2, Remove these two screws, then go to remove a small piece inside the panel cover.

Step 3, Remove screws that fix this frame, then take it out and disconnect its plugs.

Step 4, Remove screws that fix this storage box and take it out.

Step 5, Next, we go to remove the A/C outlet panel, you can set it aside.

Step 6, Now we can remove these screws that fix the original radio system, three on the top, and three are under.

Step 7, Pull out the radio system, and unplug its connectors.

Step 8, At this moment, we can install the new radio head unit of Seicane to the car. If you are not sure the wiring, check the manual for help.

Step 9, After connecting the Seicane radio system, you should turn on the car to test whether the head unit works normally. If everything goes well, then you can install back all the car part accessories.

2003-2007 Honda Accord 7 radio system

Compared to the original radio system, this new Honda Accord radio stereo system provides you with lots of amazing benefits.

  • It has a 10.1” large touch screen, very easy to operate, giving you perfect view when watch videos and use the navigation.
  • With the Carplay function, you can easily use the phone apps like call, music, map, keeping a safer drive. What’s more, you can just use the steering wheel button to operate the radio, so convenient.
  • When you connect a rear view camera, the radio screen will automatically switch to the rear images so that help you reverse and park the car safely and quickly.
  • For the way to entertainment when you drive on a long journey, you can listen to music by Bluetooth or online after connect to WIFI net. Besides, since it supports FM/AM radio in different countries, you can also get a lot of fun from that.

Once you start to use a touchscreen car stereo, your driving style will be greatly change and this is better.

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