The Best Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD Player gps navigation

In Dash Navigation for Mercedes Benz is a special DVD player with built in GPS at affordable price for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 cars. The Best Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD Player gps navigation we introduced here has 7 inch high definition touchscreen and built-in Bluetooth, supports AD2P, users can play music through Bluetooth and make hands free call, because Bluetooth has a universal standard developed by a consortium of interested companies, almost all Bluetooth handsets should have some functionality in Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 vehicles. However, because of the differences in the quality of the handsets and Bluetooth chip programming, drivers may encounter different levels of functionality from one phone to another.

It can fit to

Benz CLK W209(2004-2005)

Thinking that you are travelling on the wild road, enjoy the sunset with the wind blows, the music that played from the multimedia system of Mercedes Car Navigation, this must be the most memorable moments we have. The driver can control all of these features by switching between two suspension modes, “Comfort”and “Sport”. Also aiding handling performance is 4MATIC all-wheel drive, electronic traction and stability control, and electronic steering.

Inclusive Positioning Harmony (GPS) is an area-supported total ride dominion program that provides tried longitude and hope skinny in all endure and always and where on or near the Cosmos when, and where there is an unfolded tack of the eye to four or more GPS satellites. With GPS twin property you can teem with refrain or listening to the broadcasting while with GPS. The offers are safer and happier trekking for you.

What is RDS?RDS, or Radio Data System, is a communications protocol standard for embedding small amounts of digital information in conventional FM radio broadcasts. The RDS system standardizes several types of information ransmitted, including time, station identification and programme information.

Make a car trip more fun for you and your family or friends by packing it with the best car entertainment devices available. Known as the DVD Player Special for Mercedes-Benz CLK W209, this entertainment package is compatible with your Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 car and has the following features.

7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen
Built in GPS navigation
Build in Bluetooth for hand free (Coming Tel No. display function & Call out directly by touch screen)
Steering wheel control function
Can display 2 functions on a screen
Microphone built in external
Adjustable parameters can be memorized automatically, and resume back to the default

Driving around your Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 will be safe and easy with the built in Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD gps navigation because it provides you with direction and maps of streets and cities. Locating the place or address that you are looking for will be very easy. It also helps the driver find a route which is less congested. This helps
him save time that is wasted when navigating in a road with a traffic jam. It also increases receiver’s capability.

The Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD gps navigation makes car travel fun for kids who like to be entertained while traveling. The 7-inch digital touch screen displays sharp and well-defined pictures. Children can watch cartoons and other movies while you are driving towards your destination. The television can display two pictures at a time.

Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD Player gps navigation has two SD card slots; one is for GPS map, and the other for media file. Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD gps navigation has built in GPS, supports most of GPS maps that can work on Windows CE 6.0 and it also gets steering wheel control, electronic and mechanical anti-shock system, CE&FCC, FDA approval and 1 year warranty. Buyers can enjoy favorite music while navigating due to its dual-zone function. Mercedes-Benz CLK W209 DVD gps navigation has unique and cool button design iPod control (Tested on iPod touch 3rd generation). In addition, with analog TV that ensures buyers to watch analog TV while they are parking, they can add a TV antenna as an accessory. Back Video function allows you to know the back circumstance while rolling back vision if you ahve installed a Backup Camera. In this case, you don’t have to pear through the mirror and run the risk of hitting around.

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