Hummer H3 Stereo upgrade for Bluetooth

Stereo built-in Bluetooth is an in-car wireless hand-free system that relying on wireless Bluetooth technology. It aims at applying drivers hand-free phone talk during driving, and this technology decrease the traffic hidden trouble in a certain extent.

However, if we want to buy a good quality and convenient radio, we need to consider some aspects of it. For example, good sensitive of receiving signal and compatibity and stableness of software and hardware. Secondly, the operation panel must be human oriented design. Thirdly, it needs excellent mechanical anti-vibration and electronic shock protection, and good resolution of screen.

Hummer H3 stereo fits to Hummer H3(2006-2009), for Hummer H3 users, the original screen’s function is very limited, they complained that the original screen almost becomes a decoration for vehicle, and they finally would have sellers in auto Dealerships or auto remodeling factory upgrade the vehicle to get more functions, but it spend much money if you have someone to add one, you can do it yourself.

The video for hummer h3 stereo