What should we do to prevent the radiation of Car Radio DVD GPS Navigation

What harms will the car DVD player Sat Navi brings when its radiation is excessive?In general,the radiation of car nav is similar with the mobile phone.If you are unfortunate to have bought one car DVD navigation with excessive radiation,you must be careful.Its radiation intensity is equivalent to a phone call.Long-term use would adversely affect human health.Then what should we do to prevent the radiation of Car Radio DVD GPS Navigation?In fact,not more than the car radio navigation system,most of the electronic products have different degrees of radiation.Such as the TV,the computer,the cellphone and so on.While we have obvious enter the high technology electronic era.We are not be able to stay away from these electronic products.So what we can do is just to prevent the radiation from hurting us as little as possible.

the car radio function of the dvd player with GPS
the car radio function of the dvd player with GPS

One of the original car’s CD looks like this.You can take this photo as a reference.If your car is just this one,the machine must can fit your car.And the car model and year must be right.

the original car'sCD before installing the car nav
the original car’sCD before installing the car nav

Before taking measures to prevent the radiation,we had better know about the reason for the excessive radiation.It can let us learn the resource of the problem.Then wen can remedy it more effective.

1.Car DVD player GPS navigation must be achieved by receiving satellite signals to locate the body.Then to achieve the needs of the user navigation.So in normal use, the body is bound to the presence of electromagnetic radiation.

2.Compared to ordinary household appliances,car DVD navigation products are in the working environment which is poorer than them.Confined, small environment, big shock, cooling difficulties are all of its disadvantages.

3.Cross-radiation.In the car, navigation DVD products, mobile phones and other products are very close to owners.Electromagnetic waves between various electronic products can interfere with each other.Electric centralized put together will result in overdose radiation.Thus it will be easier to bring dangerous.

Maybe the use of the car DVD player will let you know more about the information.

At last,we will learn about some precautions.Many measures on the car radio GPS navigation are similar with the prevention of the computer radiation,TV radiation and so on.For example, wearing protective clothing, radiation protection aprons or reducing the use time of the electronic equipment in the car.In addition,owners can add more foods which are rich in vitamin A and protein.Such as carrots, cabbage, tofu, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat, etc.It also can help prevent radiation.However,we still love the head unit so much despite the much radiation on it.But everything will have some bad effect on us.The advantages it brings is huge and we get much convenience from the car DVD player.Only if we pay some attention to the bad effect,we can get the most of the enjoyment and the minimal hurt.

The advantages and disadvantages of Car Radio GPS Navigation DVD Stereo

Comparing with the original car’s CD or DVD,the newest car DVD player can be said as high-grade atmosphere.The car nav has become the necessary weapon for the riders especially in the self-driving travel.With the development of car DVD Sat Navi market,a variety of businesses join in the big family.Selling all kinds of car DVD player through different ways.You must be  dazzled while purchasing one car DVD player with GPS.Here we will tell you how to judge a high quality and right DVD player through those parameters among the car DVD player ocean.At first,I should ask you:Do you know the advantages and disadvantages of Car Radio GPS Navigation DVD Stereo?We all hope that what we use is the perfect unit without any disadvantages.But nothing is perfect.We just can choose the better one among these car dvd players.In fact,we just need judge one good car dvd gps navigation from two aspects:the screen and the parameter table on the product.

The different appearances between the original car radio and the newest car DVD player
The different appearances between the original car radio and the newest car DVD player

The big touch screen will bring much convenience for you just like this:

The rearview function showed by the car DVD player
The rearview function showed by the car DVD player

You needn’t worry about your bad reversing technology any more.The car DVD with GPS will tell you the precise location and distance.The scene of pass the wall will not happen any more.The detailed way to use it has been shown in the video below:

The advantages for the head unit are much more than the disadvantages it exists.At first,the visual experience is so cool after installing the wide size touch screen.We can see the clear picture through the machine and enjoy a happy journey with the pleasant music via the Bluetooth or the Ipod.The car radio is upgrated.You can receive much more radio station through the car radio function the DVD player built-in.Then the touch screen will make the use much more simply.You don’t need to press the button with difficulty.In fact,this advantage needn’t be introduced by us.Just taking the cellphone as an example.The high intelligence has make much convenience for us.With the development of science technology,this head unit will become the best assistant for the car industry.And the traffic jams will decrease sharply.For example,the rearview function will help you revise the car rightly.What’s more,it is optional.The  flexible configuration will satisfy various of owners.However,it also brings some disadvantages.As so many functions are builted in the car nav DVD player,the driver will probably be influenced by them.Especially watching the video is forbidden while driving a car.But maybe there are some drivers will ignore this point.As a result,it will bring very bad consequence.Anyway,the enjoyment this unit brings will make you fall in love with it.You can know about all of its information by clicking the link above.And you can ask the custom service directly.