What you should know about BMW X5 E53 aftermarket radio

BMW X5 E53 aftermarket radio is actually a micro computer. Generally, navigation systems use PPC(2003,2005), sybian s60, SP(2003,2005) and PC(XP) operation system, and some car navigation system also use WinCE5.0 and WinCE6.0. WinCE offers a virtual hardware platform to allow testing some application systems. System WinCE6.0 supports ARM simulator, so we can test some interfacial pregame and some other simple pregame, we can directly test the new system in the ARM simulator, if it succeed, it usually can run in navigation. Thus, if we download a new navigation system and new map or other WinCE software, we don’t need to copy the downloaded into our SD card and insert the card into aftermarket radio navigator, frequently unplugging and inserting cards will harm to the navigation slot.

Aftermarket radio for BMW X5 can voice remind drivers the coming cross and navigation situations that you can decide if you need to turn your steering wheel. One important function from voice navigation is that drivers can arrive destination safely without watching operating terminal. At the radio operation terminal, BMW X5 E53 aftermarket radio will show you your current position, driving speed, the distance to your spots, and the planned routes, once you drive away from the planned routes, or drive on a wrong direction, the radio navigation system will design a new route for you. Radio GPS navigation is a high-precision, 24-hours service and global system, and works well for your different demand, even in the unmanned midnight.

For now, BMW X5 E53 aftermarket radio is rely on GPS technology to locate., and GPS system is make up of three parts: Ground control, the space segment, and users’ set. So GPS can receive signal just like a radio, perhaps something will influence GPS receiving signal, but technically, how wide you can see the sky, how much signal could your navigation gets. So when you should use navigation system in an open terrain.

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