Update your Audi A8 car radio

Christmas Day is coming.Do you want to update your car radio before Christmas Day?If your car is Audi A8,we will recommend one device for you. This Audi A8 car radio looks amazing!Assembly is very good, excellent quality plastic. Big, good readable 7 inch touchscreen. Functions variety is amazing. Gorgeous, fast interface. GPS works fine,can show your location in few seconds. It justifies its price by 100%. The sound is perfect, the pictures, the graphics are beautiful. excellent quality.just be installed take like 30 minutes to get it done very easy to install.This Audi A8 car radio looks it came with the car and the different setting and colours it gives is the best.

AUDI A8 car radio
AUDI A8 car radio
This Audi A8 car radio can fit perfectly in the dash. Sound has the same characteristics as the factory stereo. Here is one photo of Audi A8 after installaton:
AUDI A8 car radio after installation
AUDI A8 car radio after installation
The CPU of this AUDI A8 car radio is SiRF Prima ARM11 which Main frequency is 600MHZ. So strong!!!
The touchscreen is very responsive.Also has screen protector!It is 7 inch 16:9 800*480 digital high definition TFT LCD touch screen.
The radio area is worldwide.It can be automatic or manual.
The bluetooth function works great!It is hand free for safe driving.It can display coming Tel number,also can call out directly by touchscreen.Can play music in your phone via bluetooth.
It has Built-in GPS navigation system which can take you to anywhere.You also can enjoy music while using GPS.This function is special.We named it Dual zone function support.
There is many other key functions.Just like disc play.It also can play the songs which is stored in the SD card or in your USB disk.It also can play the songs which is stored in your Ipod,and it can charge your Ipod too.Meanwhile,you can watch TV in your car.It also support rear camera input,can quickly and automatically switch to rear camera when revese the car.VideoPlayer,Ebook,Photo browser ect Support!!!
So many many functions! So low low price!  You will totally be satisfied with the quality, the price and the service.Get the Audi A8 car radio right here at seicane! http://www.seicane.com/car-dvd-player-for-audi-a8-s8-with-gps-radio-tv-bluetooth-srd-8818