Aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System

GPS is short for Globle Position System which is the system to locate the globle position. Aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System is a huge astronat and flight program that American government has spent 20years and 1200 billion dollars which is capable of providing information of the object on earth globly all the time so as to locate the datas of the exact location,spead and operation of the object.

This is a photo about aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System:

Aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System
Aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System

Audi A4 GPS Navigation System are consisted of 24 manmade satellites which are operationg 26560 feet high away from the earth.Every satellite is about to cycle planet every 12 hours which is divided into 6 orbital plane including 3 earth plane.Every satellite launches digital signal to earth constantly,and then the GPS user on earth figures out his location,speed and operation via receiving the information from the 4 satellites at the same time.

Maybe you don’t know that Aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System provides P and C/A location service.P offers accurancy location,expertising to serving for the military while C/A offers standard service which is for thoes non-military usage like navigation for voyage and vehicle.As for standard GPS service,the accurancy of the location is 25 meters,but if there is humen disturbance,it becomes 100 meters.

Nowadays,people come to realize the importance of its effect and the universe of its application field.Except for military,it has been wildly applied in flight,navigation,calculation and so on. As the Aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System is becoming cheaper and its function is improving.It becomes popular in the application of GPS system to against theft.When your Audi A4 is stolen,GPS can provide the car’s location constantly so as to help police to find your car very fast.

This is a video about this aftermarket Audi A4 GPS Navigation System’s all functions.Not only about the GPS Navigation fucntion,but also about many other useful functions. If you are interested in purchasing GPS Navigation System,please watch it.It is a wonderful entertainment and navigation system.

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