MB G Class W467 GPS Navigation System

This is a topic about MB G Class W467 GPS Navigation System.This GPS Navigation System has supplied the newest IGO8 map which contains the function of schedule,address book,track,system help,turn off function and so on.If you press the “turn off” button, the system will prompt you “turn off” or not.

By using the map,we can easily find the location we are and the place we need.When you are searching for some places, you can use the method of PINYIN input or Bihua input with the 26 letters on the screen.By the way,the map will also exhibit the distances and time (you can set up the time 24h or 12h format).

MB G Class W467 GPS Navigation System
MB G Class W467 GPS Navigation System

Acoording to the track of the car,the map can exhibit iton the screen.At the same time,you can search other services around yor location.The regular operations also contain:Navigationmodel,schedule explanation, cancel the path ,track records,usually-used locations,and back off,This map can exhibit the speed of the car.If you have drove above the speed of car,if you have drove above the speed,it will give you a voice signal,It can also find some places with intelligent functions,such as metrol station,park place,restaurant,washing room and hotel.Now,this MB G Class W467 GPS Navigation System use the technologe of C-CAR map which make it possible for 3D.

The voice of navigation and radio can combine together to navigation and play the radio at the same time.It is very convinent for you to listen to the radio while in the navigation.This product support various kinds of sofware that you can read text and see the pictures in your car.It just look at that you have owned a car computer.

In order to satisfied the needs of customers,this MB G Class W467 GPS Navigation System: http://www.seicane.com/in-dash-car-dvd-gps-navigation-stereo-for-mercedes-benz-g-class-w467-with-radio-tv-bluetooth-ipod-si-9311-1 has installed the 4G SD card.You can play music or video with mp3 or mp4 formats.You can receive the call in any time because it has bluetooth,exhibit of coming call,telephone record and search of telephone records.

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