Lamborghini Gallardo DVD Player

This month one new product come to our online store.It is “Car DVD player for Lamborghini Gallardo with gps radio tv bluetooth”

Lamborghini Gallardo DVD Player can contribute the most useful feature, as it can easily give you the correct route to your destination when you are traveling to a new place, as well as nearby restaurants, hotels, hospitals, gas stations, and more detailed information. DVD, CD, radio, and television features, listen to music and radio, watch television, live events and films, all of which are for you to stay in the car. If you are a music lover, you can easily connect the player, DVD-player via cable or adapter iPod, so you can enjoy hundreds of high-quality songs, as well as working on the screen DVD. When it comes to safety, first of all we have to say, GPS navigation, because it can help to reduce the speed on the straight path, to get lost. Next is embedded Bluetooth, speakerphone to avoid using only one hand to control the steering wheel, which greatly increases the safety of driving through the built-in microphone. Also, if your car DVD player camera input, once the camera is connected to a home car dvd, you can easily watch your car back of the case, reversing and parking easier and safer to avoid the accident, after the accident.

Following is the Lamborghini Gallardo DVD Player product describe:

Fit to : Lamborghini Gallardo (2003-2013)

1. TMC (Optional)
2. pip
3. DVB-T Mpeg4,single frequency and double frequency (optional)
4. ISDB-T or ATSC-MH (Optional)
5. IPOD,support IPOD insertion, and can operate IPOD in DVD interface
6. Car info,Temperature,Range,Avg speed,Avg oil wear,Syn Time

Main function:
1. 7.0 inch digita car dvd player(800*480)subwoofer output,connect the original car subwoofer
2. high speed camera alert function Or connect reversing radar function
3. E-book function–E-book:read,browse pics and games
4. Bluetooth:BT-music,phonebook,call
5. Mucic:MP3,MP4,IPOD
6. Tire Pressure Monitoring System:compatible for those which with tire pressure monitoring function cars
7. SD card:store NAV software or multi-media new type SDHC card,biggest 32GB
8. offer USB2.0 Jack,can read U disc,card reader
9. the language of OSD have 19 kinds: English,German,French,Spanish,Dutch,Hungarian, Czech,Danish,Turkey, Iran Norwegian,Swedish,Portuguese,Italian,Finland,Roumania, Greek,Russian,Poland
10. Radio Area:China,USA,Latin America,Europe,Ressia,Japan
11. Compatible with DVD,VCD,CD,MP3,MPEG4,CD-R,WMA and JPEG playbacks
12. Built-in FM/AM Radio, RDS, movie,Time, calendar

configuration parameter:
1. CPU:RAM11,600MHZ
2. 6.0 CORE
3. Amplifier output:4*41W
4. The DVD loader use Sunplus SPHE8202T decode chip
5. Using the FM module with TDA7540 built-in
6. Using the CSR car-mounted bluetooth chip BC3 which makes the phone voice quality clearer.

Now, with the improvement of living standards, more and more families are the owner of a private
automobile. Now, people are becoming more demanding driving. Among them, the owner of the car
entertainment needs are particularly evident. In this case, in-car entertainment systems, car DVD player,
and has become very popular over the last few decades, it must be wonderful in the vehicle dull and
boring driving experience.In addition, car DVD player, you can bring the convenience and safety of the driver. For example, a car DVD player is usually equipped with known GPS function. This feature can guide you to your destination, to provide you with useful information, the nearby gas station or restaurant, or even contingency plans ready for you. In addition, the control function steering wheel will let your driving easier and safer. If the car rear view camera function, the screen will automatically switch to the back of the picture, if you connect a DVD player, reversing camera system. This will help you to avoid an accident. Car DVD player is not only for entertainment but also for security and convenience.

If you have love in your life, and have your own car, or sitting or driving a car, you allow yourself to
stay away from the outside world. What do you want? News, music? If you want to listen to music, stereo,
DVD player, a good car can not be ignored. Buy a good Lamborghini Gallardo DVD Player, things to keep in mind.
Car DVD players are becoming more and more popular, their value dropped drastically. Now consumers can
afford one player at a moderate price. Has been the subject of criticism and debate, but because many
people think, a DVD player in one of the cars is overkill. Obviously, if you are the only one driving the
car, it would be silly to have a DVD player, because I can not see while driving.

Car DVD player car audio and in-car entertainment products prosperity. A car DVD player is very
convenient, not only can the use of your car, and in your own home, in the space of the motel, or where
you want to go. Perhaps the biggest advantage of Car DVD is to keep the kids entertained on long drives.
It lets the children quiet. In this context, a car DVD player can actually help security.DVD player, car owners are looking for something. Online reviews will give you the information highly scalable, and selection of the best car dvd.

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