Fiat Croma Sat Navi

More and more in-dash special dvd players have come to market now. Today we have a new one 1 din Sat Navi.It is Fiat Croma Sat Navi.This all-in-one machine fixed in navigator means that the machine matched GPS Sat Navi with electronic-dog.Then get perfectly compatible through adjusting.

This Fiat Croma Sat Navi has many kinds of useful functions.And it can fit Fiat Croma 2005,2006,2007,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012 year.If your car is just Fiat Croma,and the year is from 2005 to 2012,then this unit can fit your car perfectly.Let’s look at one picture of this unit:

Fiat Croma Sat Navi
Fiat Croma Sat Navi

Internet Point is often say POI(Point of interest) which is the information included by map production company.The included information is used for auto car friends to search destination,such as building and so on.This Fiat Croma Sat Navi also has the function of route planing.Route is the data planned in GPS memory storage that contained a starting-and-ending coordinate,also contained the coordinate which has some middle points.In a word,route is a refference way supplied for friends that drived for the destination.

The most important function of this unit is early warning in Sat Navi.This Fiat Croma Sat Navi has early warning function.Early warning is divided into fixed early warning and moved early warning,and there are great differences about working principle.Fixed early warning is off line data information that comes from wiped information by software,when the fixed position reaches the early warning position,the navigator will ask driving friends to drive as driving princeiple.Moving early warning is often fitted in electronic.Fiat Croma Sat Navi is fixed electronic detector inside,and it warns driving friends the presence of speed-testing photograph through the function of detecting the wave section shot by electronic nearby.

This is a video about all the functions of this Fiat Croma Sat Navi


At last,we will introduce you another important function of this Fiat Croma Sat Navi. It is double screen show.When navigator poses crossing road,merging road or rotation during the operation,GPS will show double screen pattern which contains normal route way in one position and maxible road choosing initate pattern.Now present navigation map emerged another double-screen that is divided into two.How useful of this cuntion!

Afterall,Fiat Croma Sat Navi also have many kinds of other important functions.It will bring great entertainment to you for your driving.And the useful functions are GPS,DVD,USB,SD,Radio,Bluetooth and so on.Do you like this Fiat Croma Sat Navi? If you like it,please refer to this link for more information: If you have any questions about this unit,please contact us online.We are ready to help you online.Hope we can help you make a decision to buy it if you are still hesitating about this.Only USD$450 for fast shipping.It really worth your money.Buy it now,place order on our website directly now!

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