A Big Surprise:the best Car Stereo Systems DVR with Video Recorders

If you have viewed something about what I referred before,you will not be strange to DVR function in one car DVD player.We have  entered an new car accessories age after the appearance of 3G & WiFi.You may think that only android head unit can use 3G & WiFi.The answer is absolutely negative.There is a car DVD player which isn’t equipped with android system while you can use the 3G or WiFi module to achieve network function.That is really A Big Surprise:the best Car Stereo Systems DVR with Video Recorders.This is just the tip of the iceberg.Some new functions have been added to the car audio head unit.Such as the DVR function,the 3-zone POP function,the video recording function and so on.We all know that there is just a DVR in our car to record our driving journey.Now it is contained by car radio DVD player.At the same time,it also considers the user’s experience for interface.Then,the 3-zone POP function appeared in a short period.Let’s enjoy the newest car nav machine at first.

The main menu of Car DVD Player with multi-touch dvr functions
The main menu of car DVD Player with multi-touch dvr functions

GPS dual-zone entertainment is not a fresh element in a car DVD sat nav system.Bluetooth,radio and TV functions are the basic members in the big multi-function family.

Car Audio stereo systems after installation
Car Audio stereo systems after installation

You must be curious about these new members in the advanced car audio machine.A video will be the best introduction instead of a dry description.

This multimedia navigation system is one of the most fascinating high-end all-in-one autoradio GPS. The latest powerful configuration for CPU will bring the highest running speed.The Main frequency is as high as 1GMHZ. Congratulations for you!You are experiencing the feeling of flying if you can’t wait to have snapped up one for your beloved car.We are very proud of the best car stereo systems we sale. 4GB hard disc and built-in 20 disk virtual CD changer can solve your problem of lots of material.It also make your machine obtain a faster moving.In fact,it integrates personal computer,mobile phone,iPod & iPhone and television in a quite small car head unit.You can enjoy your driving journey and relax yourself as well!Unique 3D flash graphics accelerator will bring you a almost real environment.It will take you to the true road or highway and you will not be lost in such a familiar scene.You can record the video from the playing menu of DVD/TV/AUX/SD/USB.It will be unnecessary to worry about your bad memory of not taking a disc.When there is not a good networking,you can watch the video off-line you prepared before.Saying too much is not a good choice in front of so great car accessories.You can know about all of its charm through using it.

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