How to buy car dvd player with gps

Now own a car DVD Player will make your driving more safe and happy, but many  owners don’t know how to buy car DVD player,Now Seicane will tell you the note notice of buying car dvd player.

How to buy car dvd player with GPS?

1 Performance

The performance here refers specifically to the ability to receive GPS signals; the signal strength is good or bad is that we must first consider the question, good GPS navigation devices, must have strong signal reception ability. There are many factors determine the signal, GPS navigation chip is equipped with the most important, currently used Sir Star III high sensitivity chipset products tend to have better signal capability, such products to receive the signal even difficult to distortion, can well avoid “drift” phenomenon. In addition, search star speed, number, signal strength and stability can reflect on this product in the signal reception performance, we should pay more attention to the time of purchase and trial.

2 Configurations

A good product in hardware performance must be satisfactory, if the hardware performance is too low; GPS navigation systems will appear slow to respond, crashes, instability and even found less than satellite, and so adverse conditions. Currently on the market performance products are generally equipped with a frequency above 400MHz CPU, 64MB or more memory to run and support more than 2GB capacity SD or SDHC memory card, a lot of products are also built-in flash memory; these are the guarantee of stable operation of equipment. In addition, the product of the work (shell material / button feel / support structure), screen (resolution / size / scale / effect), speaker (volume / effects), anti-electronic jamming performance, waterproof and shockproof performance and battery life, also use the specific performance of a very significant impact. As for Bluetooth, FM transmitter, rear view additional features such as icing on the cake, the user can choose according to their needs.

B. Software and Maps

If the hardware is a GPS navigation device body, then the built-in navigation software and GPS navigation electronic map that is the soul, and even determine the merits of electronic map of the GPS navigator will give us the use of experience. A good set of electronic maps to do:

1. Accurate and detailed road information;

2.POI rich points of interest detail, the small building on the map are reflected;

3. display intuitive and convenient, such as 3D maps can provide great convenience;

4. vendors update the map quickly, able to adapt to rapid changes of urban roads and buildings change. If you can do more than four points, then this product should have better performance. The current Car GPS Navigation one machine mainly uses the following map: Nariño, Kay Rucker, inter-city links, long to Articles (Can), spiritual figure.

This is among the Seicane car dvd gps navigation