New Upgraded Android 4.4.4 Car DVD Head Unit for 2005-2011 Opel Zafira

About New Upgraded Android 4.4.4 car DVD Head Unit for 2005-2011 Opel Zafira,many people don’t know about it I think.The speed of updating for electronic science technologies is higher and higher.Maybe Android 5 generation will come out just next year.Don’t believe it?Let’s see.Android 4.4.4 is the latest operation system of car DVD player at this moment.Which means that at next moment,the android 4.4.4 will not be the latest one probably.Come on,we can’t fall behind other persons.We want to be the smartest ones.To this point,most people may be curious about the newest car radio head unit.What is the difference between android 4.4.4 OS and android 4.0?We must admit that this operation is not a revolution in car nav machine’s features.But this upgrade bring us some new experience and we can enjoy a more comfortable and convenient car service and entertainment head unit.Hardware and software will make you feel your heartbeat.If are you worrying about the backward configuration and small  ugly screen without touch function?After reading this article,you will open your eyes and mouth and take one as soon as possible.

At first,I will introduce the various of optional functions it equipped.It has so many options that I must list one inventory:

2005-2011 Opel Zafira android 4.4.4 car dvd player main menu
2005-2011 Opel Zafira android 4.4.4 car DVD player main menu

2.External 3G Module
3.Mirror Link(Only support iPhone and android phones)
4.Rearview Camera
5.External DVR
6.External OBDⅡ

These options like 3G Module,Rearview Camera,DVR,OBDⅡ are all external which make you very convenient choose one car DVD player.You can choose the functions you need and abandon those you don’t need and want.


Many owners don’t know about what is the OBDⅡ.I have explained before but I will repeat one time for those who are the first time to enter our big family.It is a diagnostic system to monitor the car’s fuel consumption, intake pressure,water temperature, revolving speed,air flow, environment temperature, throttle position, computer load, car speed etc.It can show the fault information to ensure right operation. DVR is short of Digital Video Record as we all know.Then we us will explore the attractive features the latest car radio bring to us.

New Upgraded Android 4.4.4 Car DVD Head Unit for 2005-2011 Opel Zafira voice chat
New Upgraded Android 4.4.4 Car DVD Head Unit for 2005-2011 Opel Zafira voice chat

All the interfaces are android based not only the GPS navigation system.Multi-touch Screen will bring very interesting use experience.It can support 5 points touch operation for zooming in and out.1.6 GHz Cortex A9 Dual-core is obvious the fastest and newest one among all of the dual-cores. Chipset is imported from Switzerland and you can enjoy the good quality it has.Samsung DDR3 1GB RAM and 8G Nand flash will absolutely meet your desire for all kinds of videos without any obstacle.With this android 4.4.4 car DVD head unit,you can enjoy convenient e-life whenever and wherever for online entertainment such as TV,films,music(pop,classic etc.) radio,Twitter,Skype,Facebook and so on.3D GPS is not a new and attractive function of course.1080P high definition video will let you appreciate a sharp image and video experience.File Management function can make you work at anytime and anywhere you drive at if you have to.At last,I will talk about one thing that almost every owner will ask us.It’s the steering wheel control.Steering wheel control is a important configuration for owners because it will bring much convenience for you especially while you are driving.Even it is necessary for a driver.Then the question comes when installing the car DVD player.We all worry about that the car DVD machine will influence the SWC function after installing in our car.I can tell you for sure that It will not affect the function of your SWC to control your car’s function keys except some few car models.So you had better ask the details before placing the order.

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