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  • 1024*600 Touchscreen Radio DVD Player Android 6.0 GPS Navigation System for 2000-2011 Mercedes BENZ SLK Class  SLK200 SLK280 SLK350 SLK55 with Bluetooth Wifi Steering Wheel Control Backup Camera DVR OBD2 hi guys,finally your device has arrived and it looks as if it fit for my slk. Thank you first for it.You have a lot of adapters attached. The CS team response quickly,and give me an overview or concrete hints how I can use this, thank you so much. Anyway, to me is very important to let me know which signals of your wiring harness (see photo attached) are necessary to connect a camera,CS show me the wire diagram and point out which rca cable should be connected.Thank you for your help.I am totally enthusiastic about your radio, very good work, Built in and many functions were simply there, great.Wonderfull, it's OK.Thanks for your help on this matter.Thanks for all your explanations, you have helped me. And the unit works,There is sound and end everything is working.Thank you very much. I can do it now.
  • By Kader Santos, from Germany
    Aug 9, 2017
  • 10.1 inch HD Touch Screen 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 JEEP Wrangler Android 6.0 GPS Navigation Radio with Mirror Link OBD2 Digital TV Wifi Bluetooth Music Steering Wheel Control Rearview Camera Thank you for sending our unit. My radio and navigation works perfect now to be resultable ,thank you for the good service.I HAVE OPRNED THE CARTON WITH GREAT CARE.I WANT TO SAY THANK YOU YHE UNIT YOU SENT ME I AM VERY HAPPY WITH THE SETUP.Dvd works no problems,There was some power problem in the begin. It works now with the helpful customer service.Thank looks great,it works great. im not a big fan of android,but its fast enough.the usb works too,movies and music,.dialing from the navi,ect...its great .only one problem,the radio antenna doesnot fit with my car,I received replacement then. Everything is working perfectly. Thank you for your quick resolution. Outstanding customer service.BTW-Loved your product so much ordered one for my other car. See order #105284580. im already a big fan of seicane.
  • By Franky Cantu, from United States
    Jul 26, 2017
  • 9 inch Android 6.0 2004 2005 2006 2007 Jeep Cherokee Commander Compass Patriot Wrangler GPS Navigation System with Bluetooth 1024*600 Touch Screen TV Tuner USB AUX MP3 Steering Wheel Control Quad-core CPU Dual Zone I m really satisfact for this module
    Is a good quality and working perfect in my car
    Car Jeep Grand Cherokee 2007 I m super happy
  • By Alexr12010, from Spain
    May 22, 2017
  • 10.1 inch 2 DIN Universal 1024*600 Touchscreen Android 6.0 radio GPS Navigation System with WIFI 4G Bluetooth Music USB OBD2 AUX Radio Backup Camera Steering Wheel Control All came very quickly. very pleased with the radio, everything works, Radio Antenna connector standard, reception confident as a native. the seller answers to all questions. I recommend.
  • By Gonzalez, from United States
    Apr 20, 2017
  • 10.1 inch HD Touch Screen 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 JEEP Wrangler Android 6.0 GPS Navigation Radio with Mirror Link OBD2 Digital TV Wifi Bluetooth Music Steering Wheel Control Rearview Camera I was looking at stopping at the dealer to figure out pricing of a new stereo that had Bluetooth and navigation. I was originally quoted 800 by the dealer to get the Mopar whatever version, so I decided to look around.

    First I've never heard of so spending 400+ on their website was risky in my book, but everything turned out fine.

    The product arrived promptly. I was expecting a bit longer from wherever they shipped from.

    The dash replacement quality:
    I would say that the plastics match perfectly for color and texture. The new wallet holder on top doesn't sit correctly, and I can see the edge more than I care for. I also had a hard time aligning the bits and pieces but eventually got it to an acceptable level for someone with OCD.

    The parts don't come with the white clips, so I had to remove the old ones and put on the back ends of all the dash parts.

    You also have to do a bit of drimeling to get some plastic out of the way for the gauges.

    This thing came with no directions, but I was able to hook it up within an hour. the pictures on this site are accurate.

    I am honestly impressed with the hardware, and I am writing this review to let others know that this is definitely the radio upgrade to go with..

    Here's the little things that annoy me :)

    The Android platform is the older version than what they are claiming. That's fine but there are a couple of apps that just don't work on this platform (kodi, Waze). These do work: Audible, Spotify, beyond pod, google nav, and those are the reason I bought it. Pro tip. It's also nice to have the car service record right in the dash. I am using acar I think, and that works too.

    I also connected a large USB but syncing my audible, podcasts, and spotify has been a nightmare. I believe the issue is in the android platform and apps themself. Frustrating that apps dont use exteral storage better.

    to make this thing the most useful you really need a hot spot or 3g connection.

    I bought the TV adaption for the US, and it just did not work correctly. I was able to get it up and running, but the quality that came through was terrible. It also caused a weird issue with the audio where it would just turn off for no reason while driving. I'm not really sure why that is. I eventually just removed it, and everything is back to working great. The TV was to get the weather in the morning from fox news. My boss, total idiot, watches it religiously and having a heads up on the day would be nice. but really, who watches tv anymore anyway so dump purchase on my part.

    The player uninstalls Waze and doesn't allow for me to change the bottom row of apps. I don't listen to the radio; I don't want the default navigation app, etc, etc.

    Even though installation of the tablet took an hour, I am having one hell of a time trying to program the buttons on my steering wheel or change a couple of other settings like the backup camera kicking on even though I don't have a backup camera. I'm sure there are settings for this, but I can't find them.

    I have the upgraded sound system, and I do get sound through my sub. I know one guy mentioned that he wasn't able to so I thought I would address that.

    Seriously though those are all small issues and having this as a car stereo is just awesome. I can't wait for my next road trip across the flyover states. I'll knock out an entire season of GOT.

  • By Kyle Starkey, from United States
    Apr 20, 2017
  • Seicane S127508 Quad-core Pure Android 5.1.1 Autoradio DVD GPS Head Unit for 2004-2011 Mercedes Benz CLK Class W209 CLK270 CLK320 CLK350 CLK500 CLK550 with Radio RDS Bluetooth 3G WiFi Mirror Link OBD2 16G Flash I installed this unit in my 2009 CLK-350 back in September of 2016. From the onset, I was disappointed no one offered me a Converter to be able to retain the stock Fiber Optic Amplifier. So I ended up ripping out the 5-Channel Harmon Amp and replacing it with two conventional units. I have a 4-channel 200W running the door speakers and a 2-Channel 100W for the sub channel.

    After having lived with this unit's "quirks" I wasn't sure whether Android 5.1.1 is fully developed and problem free. The Volume Control has delays almost as if this wasn't done with Interrupts. I was NEVER able to simultaneously get my Phone and the Bluetooth OBDII Adapter to pair with the unit. The Radio Application only has 6 Presets and reception is not stellar. I deleted some Phone Contacts in the unit, only to find out my SD Card with Music got scrambled. Also the SD Card which holds the GPS got scrambled, so I had no GPS for months while Seicane sent me another SD Card for $25 which took two months to arrive. On the PLUS side, the unit fits the car nicely and you are hard pressed to see it's not a factory unit.

    Nevertheless, I ended up buying another Android Unit for my son's van. This unit by Corehan is superior. The Volume Control has no delays and the Radio Application has 18 presets. Somehow Corehan did a better job! Corehan's tech support is also far better.

    Would I recommend this unit? Only if you are a patient person and willing to put up with its quirks.
  • By Robert, from United States
    Mar 29, 2017
  • OEM Android 5.1.1 2004-2010 Toyota Sienna Radio DVD GPS Navigation System with Bluetooth HD Touchscreen Mirror Link 4G WIFI AUX DVR 1080P DAB TPMS Backup Camera A few weeks ago, My work was so intense, so I decided to find some handyman's work to relax my brain, then I found this unit. I asked sales department a question to make sure that it would fit into my auto sound system, after received confirmation I ordered. waited a lit bit longer, well, it came from China, a far away, after I received it, I installed it in 2 1/2 hours, it worked beautifully, everything works fine so far except How to set steering controls. I was thinking to myself, I should get this unit years ago. Thank you Seicane for your products, and of course, thank you to those who replied my e-mails and messages. the only thing I would like to suggest is the unit should comes with a manual.

    Thanks again.
  • By Yi Sheng, from United States
    Feb 27, 2017
  • 2002 2003 2004-2006 Dodge RAM 1500 2500 3500 Pickup Truck Radio Bluetooth Navigation Head Unit with HD Touch Screen 3D GPS AUX CD DVD Player MP3 TV Tuner IPOD Please feel free to post the following on any website that would appreciate content. The first two attachments are pictures of my new Seicane unit. The third is the original radio, for “fit and “finish” match.

    I have purchased and had many aftermarket radios to installed in my vehicles. I have never received the extraordinary experience that I did in working with Seicane. In the process, I had the pleasure of working both Sales and Customer Service after installation for clarification for the “blue tooth” feature. I read online customer reviews, which made it easy for me to make the purchase.

    From my first “online” look at the my unit, I was impressed. The purchase process was simple. On installation, my unit fit right into the existing space with extraordinary “fit and finish”, and the look of “original equipment”, without any customization. This is a hard act to follow. After purchase/installation customer service exceeded my expectation.

    We have all read and heard “war stories" about the purchase of an online item, and problems that ensued. Seicane is the most honorable, easy vendor I have ever transacted with online. I have already recommended Seicane to two friends and will continue to promote the product, backed by extraordinary customer service.

    Based on the foregoing...who wouldn't want to purchase a radio from Seicane?
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  • By Barry Bagus, from United States
    Feb 27, 2017
  • Seicane S09201 OEM Android 4.4.4 Radio GPS Navigation system for 2002 2003 Dodge Durango with Touch Screen WIFI DVD Player Mirror link DVR TV Video USB SD Rearview Camera Quad-core CPU OBD2 Bluetooth This device is incredibly easy to install. For the price it's incredibly affordable, and totally worth every penny. The device doesn't even look like an aftermarket radio, essentially the product is what it advertised and more. I've been using this product everyday for the last 5 months and has held up flawlessly. I've had only one issue with the product freezing, I contacted the company and they sent easy instructions to solve the issue. There engineering team was on top of any question I had. The company does care about their customers and especially your quality assurance in the product. I am extremely impressed with company and product overall. I've recomended this product to many others and assure to whom ever is reading this review that you'll be overall impressed with the product. I really wish I went with more of the options like the tv antenna, OBD II, or even the DVR camera, just so I have more toys to play with. I recommend to get all the options available for the component, you wont be disappointed.

    I do recomend that if you're not technically and/or mechanically inclined, get the product done by someone who is... aka a professional.

    If you are technically and/or mechanically inclined the product is super easy to install yourself. The engineers really do their homework on each vehicle. They give you just enough slack in the wires to get the job done, essentially there's no extra wires to bunch up. Also the connections are super easy, they give you the converters so essentially you just need to plug everything into the back. The only splicing that needed to be done was for camera portion of backup camera, easily done and they give you more slack to play with. Overall you'll notice that the product is really well designed and manufactured, you'll notice nothing is done cheaply the overall quality of the connectors and even the wires are top notch.
  • By Ted Dorsz, from United States
    Feb 13, 2017
  • 9 inch 2016 Jeep RENEGADE High Version with Capacitive Touch Screen Android 6.0 Radio GPS Navigation System 3G WIFI Bluetooth Mirror Link Steering Wheel Control Tpms DVR AUX OBD2 Rear Camera This radio is the reason why i love my jeep renegade even more love it
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  • By Carlos, from United States
    Jan 24, 2017

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