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  • 7 inch Auto Retractable Touchscreen 1 Din Universal Radio GPS Navigation system Support DVD Player MP5 USB SD Bluetooth I installed this item in a small car (Renault Dacia Sandero) Happy to find this car stereo 1-DIN with this huge 7" screen. I made a review in french language, on a french website.
    I made too a short vidéo "in real situation"
  • By nicolas, from France
    Oct 14, 2017
  • Android 7.1 10.1 inch 1024*600 HD Touchscreen Radio Head unit for 2011-2017 JEEP Wrangler with GPS Navigation system Bluetooth Music WIFI USB Mirror Link 1080P Video After receiving my unit. I unpacked a well packed unit. I started taking apart my dash to prep the dash for the new install. The unit fits perfectly and the install took me about 3 hours. I made sure all my wires were ran and secure along with being out of site before I resassembled the dash. The unit works better then I thought it would. It’s clear and very upgradeable. I purchased the back up camera. The front camera. I am also going to be purchasing the tv tuner as well. If you like android based products and operating system. Then you need this unit. It literally has everything you need. The gps , the camera hook ups, it sounds amazing, and you will not believe the look when you are done.. my video and pictures will be attached when I can get them all together and upload them.
  • By Dj tom, from United States
    Oct 11, 2017
  • 10.1 inch HD Touch Screen 2015 2016 2017 JEEP Wrangler Android 7.1 GPS Navigation Radio with Mirror Link OBD2 Digital TV Wifi Bluetooth Music Steering Wheel Control Rearview Camera I have had this product for about a month or two. I made an unboxing video:

    I also did a 2 part install:

    I also did an overview:

    Overall it is pretty good. I had no issues with Bluetooth or any apps. I didn't care for the default launcher, but that is easily replaced. I also ran Malwarebytes and it came back clean, no spyware located.

    Seicane liked my videos and gave me a discount code. Get 5% discount on anything at by using Coupon Code: 5after12
  • By Mike-Mike, from United States
    Sep 21, 2017
  • 8.8 inch Android 6.0 Radio for 2009-2013 BMW X1 E84 sDrive xDrive 18i 20i 25i 28i 16d 18d 20d 23d 25d GPS Navigation DVD player with Bluetooth Music TV 3G WIFI Backup Camera USB OBD2 DVR It is always best to use OEM parts when installing Navigation Systems and radios, but I have to tell you that after having a very bad experience with another very similar product from a completely different company, I am very happy with the outcome of installing this Navigation Unit/Radio/Android system in my BMW X1.

    I didn't want to spend over 3500 for the BMW System - that would be crazy expensive - and the unit I originally installed from a different company was a royal P.O.S. to be completely honest with you. SO i was a little nervous about installing this unit but I really wanted to get a better radio and navigation system for my BMW X1. So I but the bullet and made the order.

    Thanks to the guys at Best Buy, the unit was installed very well and looks as good as if it came from the factory. The Android system allows me to use programs like I Heart Radio and Pandora when I travel long distances - the sounds that come from the Radio and CD Player is EXCEPTIONAL! Great sound - strong base - clean highs. FM Radio is awesome.

    The only problem I am having is the AM Radio. I can't find any AM Stations. I contacted customer support (who have been very helpful helpful by the way) and the suggested a couple of different fixes which I will try when my Installer can get me into the shop later this week. I did have to change the factory settings so that US Radio Bands were selected - but even with that adjustment, AM Radio still won't find stations. Hopefully the fixes suggested by Customer Support will fix this once and for all -

    Oh, I should mention that the Navigation Maps work every well. Great 3 D graphics which are easy to view when driving - and voice prompts are very helpful for making turns while I follow directions from the navigation system.

    All in all I am very pleased. Despite seeing some comments from others who have given less than positive reviews on this system, either I got lucky or Seicane has taken heart and made improvements to their products. THis system is working very well and I couldn't be happier.
  • By Richard, from United States
    Sep 12, 2017
  • Android 7.1 10.1 inch 1024*600 HD Touchscreen Radio Head unit for 2011-2017 JEEP Wrangler with GPS Navigation system Bluetooth Music WIFI USB Mirror Link 1080P Video I have had this screen installed a little over a month now. It runs smooth and does everything I need it to do. Installation was about as easy as it gets and quality of parts was incredible. I would recommend this to anyone with a Jeep looking for that aftermarket look.
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  • By Jay, from United States
    Sep 7, 2017
  • 9 inch 2014 2015 2016 Subaru WRX forester Android 7.1.1 Radio DVD Player GPS Navigation System Bluetooth Touch Screen 4G WiFi DAB+ TPMS DAB+ DVR OBDII  The wire harness that came with the head unit is complete, with only the step down converter and a modification of the stock harness to support a RCA out for the oem rear view camera to work. Install was smooth and the unit's built in amp works well with my kicker speaker upgrades. highly recommend if you like android.
  • By tim, from United States
    Sep 5, 2017
  • 2012-2015 Mazda ATENZA 6  9 Inch OEM Android 6.0 Radio GPS Navigation system with Bluetooth Capacitive Touch Screen TPMS DVR OBD II  USB SD Rear camera AUX 3G WiFi HD 1080P Video Lieferung war schnell.
    Navi Qualitat ist Super,und 100% passt auf Original Navi Platz.
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  • By Sandor, from Germany
    Aug 27, 2017
  • Aftermarket Android 6.0 Radio GPS Navigation system for 2011-2014 Toyota Sienna with Capacitive Touch Screen TPMS DVR OBDII Control USB Bluetooth 3G WiFi Video AUX Rear camera  Great product. Fitment is great. Seicane responded to my emails when I had questions. Love the android operating system. This head unit even made my stock system sound better! Thanks guys! Will definitely buy from again if I'm in the market for another head unit for a different car.
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  • By HD67 , from United States
    Aug 25, 2017
  • 8 Inch Aftermarket Android 6.0 Touch Screen GPS Navigation system For 2005-2015 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA Support Bluetooth Radio TPMS DVR OBD II Rear camera AUX Headrest Monitor Control USB  HD 1080P Video 3G WiFi The product is very good but to connect and use the other options, you need help from Seicane service .
    Conclusion: user manual Very succinct/summary

  • By Vasile, from Romania
    Aug 17, 2017
  • 1024*600 Touchscreen Radio DVD Player Android 6.0 GPS Navigation System for 2000-2011 Mercedes BENZ SLK Class  SLK200 SLK280 SLK350 SLK55 with Bluetooth Wifi Steering Wheel Control Backup Camera DVR OBD2 hi guys,finally your device has arrived and it looks as if it fit for my slk. Thank you first for it.You have a lot of adapters attached. The CS team response quickly,and give me an overview or concrete hints how I can use this, thank you so much. Anyway, to me is very important to let me know which signals of your wiring harness (see photo attached) are necessary to connect a camera,CS show me the wire diagram and point out which rca cable should be connected.Thank you for your help.I am totally enthusiastic about your radio, very good work, Built in and many functions were simply there, great.Wonderfull, it's OK.Thanks for your help on this matter.Thanks for all your explanations, you have helped me. And the unit works,There is sound and end everything is working.Thank you very much. I can do it now.
  • By Kader Santos, from Germany
    Aug 9, 2017

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